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File 139481824473.jpg - (500.77KB , 600x829 , Operation-Victory-Arrow.jpg )
6857 No. 6857 ID: 84d735
It's time!!!!
Autumn 2014!!!!!
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>> No. 6859 ID: 8f0e83
File 139482673729.gif - (967.58KB , 380x262 , 1367352593117.gif )
>> No. 6860 ID: 14955b
OVA (Operation Victory Arrow) will be 3 30 min episodes featuring 501st.

No further information was given about the T.V.A (Tactics of Vanadis Attack) will be about. Same old things still apply, we know it won't be "a sesason 3", but we know it will be a TV series.
>> No. 6861 ID: eb7de6
File 139483849855.png - (178.82KB , 358x352 , 34008628_p2.png )
no new jfw, no world witches, not even a full season, talk about a giant fucking letdown, just the same shit with the same girls for 3 episodes

>> No. 6862 ID: 14955b
Dude, don't get your man-panties in a twist.
I can't believe how many times this shit has to be repeated in this small imageboard.
We have known for months the OVA will be just a short OVA featuring 501st.
The T.V.A. (Tactics of Vanadis Attack, check it on wiki or something) will be the next, full length, Strike Witches TV series.
Too early to flip your shit, the T.V.A. can still be the dream series you're waiting for.
>> No. 6863 ID: abf259
The OVA takes place between S2 and the movie.

This means there's a chance that the 502 and 504 will appear, since Eila and Sanya were with the 502 and Shirley and Lucchini were with the 504 until the start of the movie.
>> No. 6864 ID: b79e98
>tfw Mio will appear in the OVA with heijikata, her husbando
>> No. 6865 ID: 1c0849
File 139484990798.jpg - (127.62KB , 1023x723 , yukkuri pile.jpg )
What? We've known for a long time that OVA will be about 501st JFW.
TVA is what you're waiting for, I assume.

Take it easy~
>> No. 6866 ID: a301b9
Well, well, as expected.

I would like to see some wacky hijinks OVAs. They can get that out of the way so the main TV series can be pure awesome.
>> No. 6887 ID: d3c135
Don't get your hopes up, anon. While that's the most logical thing that should happen, I don't expect it to take that kind of turn.

Perhaps, if we're lucky, we'll see Mio working on Miyafuji's striker. I'd like to see the 502nd and 504th as well, but I'm not getting my hopes up.
>> No. 6895 ID: d743e2
>Eila and Sanya were with the 502 and Shirley and Lucchini were with the 504 until the start of the movie.
Wait, where did you get that from?
>> No. 6896 ID: bced04
The movie stops short of confirming it, but the four are portrayed with their respective squadrons.
>> No. 6957 ID: a301b9
Still no news about S3's focus? I mean, they must be animating it now if it's set for the Autumn 2014 season, right?
>> No. 6958 ID: c31a5b
>> No. 6960 ID: eb7de6

The entire thing is going to be focused on the lesbian relationships between the witches of different JFW, with segments devoted to shots of the girls flying from behind and entire episodes devoted to bath and beach scenes, the final 2 episodes will be a giant battle against a neuroi hive from the point of view of a camera stuck in the cleavage of a well oppai'd witch
>> No. 6961 ID: a301b9
It's like you're actually from the future.
>> No. 6963 ID: abf259
I thought the OVA was set for fall 2014, while the TVA is still unannounced.
>> No. 6965 ID: c31a5b
The OVA is set for fall 2014, but being only 3 chapters, I guess it is too soon to any announcement.
>> No. 6988 ID: 89d2bd
File 140206751099.jpg - (130.82KB , 494x700 , 21727983_p16.jpg )
So the Ch.1 of the OVA has been announced, finally.
Titled "Thunder of Saint Trond"
Release date is set on Sept. 20, 2014.
There will be a theatrical release as well as DVD/BD sales.
Ticket for the theatrical release is already on sale.

Expect some Heidi for sure.
>> No. 6989 ID: e25b8f
File 140208599383.png - (69.59KB , 505x152 , box.png )
What's this? http://w-witch.jp/ticket/
>> No. 6991 ID: 1eb43c
Looks like a collapsible storage container. Pretty handy.
>> No. 6992 ID: 1eb43c
Sounds like either Perrine (Thunder, plus it's in Belgium which borders France and has French-speakers) or Heidi could be involved (The Spook of St. Trond).

Yeah, I do totally hope for more Heidi. She's so cute.
>> No. 6993 ID: 89d2bd
Here's a little translation of teaser text on the OVA website.

"Thunder of St. Trond"
>Against the giant Neuroi hive that appeared directly above the Venetian Duchy, the Allied Forces executed Operation Mars on July, 1945 with full effort.
>Thanks to the outstanding actions of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing "Strike Witches", the Hive was vanished and Venetian Duchy was liberated.
>Soon after, the units was disbanded and the witches returned to all over the globe.

>Half a month later---
>The witches are still in the sky.
>To protect what each of them love---

So it seems the OVA will take place almost right after the second season and way before the movie.
>> No. 6994 ID: 14955b
Strike Witches - Operation Victory Arrow Vol.1: The Thunder of St. Trond

Open to the public: 20th of Septemper

The OVA website was renewed

The container is part of a limited edition set, the set includes the movie ticket and costs 7000 yen.
Also, they are now selling various other things, Erica/Gertrud/Minna SD rubber straps, Poster and Deluxe Digital Canvas
>> No. 6995 ID: 1eb43c
It's funny since I'd assume the OVAs would be very slice-of-life, but the promotional image is quite aggressive/action-oriented.
>> No. 6996 ID: 0366a7
I just hope that the third season be starring with another JFW....like 502st Brave Witches

If there will be a COMPLETY 100% FULL NEW WITCHES it will be very bad, because we still without knowing about others Joints Fighter Wings
>> No. 6997 ID: 89d2bd
At least the first announcement did confirm the new TVA will not be about the 501st.
Apparently it will be a "new series" and not season three.

I'd personally welcome brand new witches to be the focus of the new anime though.
Focusing on more popular JFWs like 502 and 504 will create certain "expectations" about their character from already familiar fans and create a wide reception gap between them and those who just started watching from the new series.
So instead I'd love to see the introduction of brand new, or at least not as popular witches (such as 505th or 508th) to create a blank slate for the anime to develop its characters.
>> No. 6998 ID: 14955b
I don't know what anime OVA you're basing that assumption on, but OVA really doesn't imply slice-of-life in any way. OVA just means they won't air it in TV right when it comes out. Sometimes OVA are the most action packed and high quality pieces of anime since they're working on their own budget and don't have to accommodate themselves to certain broadcast standards.
>> No. 7123 ID: 14955b
「ストライクウィッチーズ Operation Victory Arrow Vol.2 エーゲ海の女神」

"Strike Witches - Operation Victory Arrow Vol.2: Goddess of the Aegean Sea"

Coming January 10th 2015
Cast members include among others Lucchini, Shirley, Marseille and Raisa

>> No. 7125 ID: 14955b
File 140803353355.gif - (7.16KB , 400x220 , 20140814.gif )
Title card

A thing to note: the silhouette appears to be Lucchini
>> No. 7193 ID: 14955b
File 141129887230.png - (55.46KB , 250x141 , Neumann.png )
Short synopsis has been given on vol2:
While on a holiday on the Island of Sicily, Shirley and Lucchini get an unexpected call. They are summoned to the Crete base in order to participate in a Neuroi extermination mission with Marseille and Raisa of the Storm Witches. Can the four protect Lucchini's island of memories while they quarrel with each other amidst their war.

Also, Neumann
>> No. 7196 ID: bce463
File 141132862468.jpg - (6.98KB , 170x208 , newman.jpg )
When will we start to see a cross between these two?
>> No. 7215 ID: c76b1a
Vol2 Teaser is out!!
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