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File 140314384970.jpg - (90.65KB , 1280x720 , STRIKE WITCHES 2 - 09 - Large 36.jpg )
7011 No. 7011 ID: a678df
Just want to get a general number of how many people frequent this board....
>> No. 7012 ID: 968a19
Not a lot but it's not dead either. Picks up when there's news and such.
>> No. 7014 ID: c95a07
It's pretty quiet here, but there are people who check every now and then for news and whatnot.
>> No. 7019 ID: d99c82
I stop by frequently. Hopefully things will pick up when the OVAs hit.
>> No. 7021 ID: fc65ce
Reporting for duty, sir.
>> No. 7022 ID: 2e3373
I visit once or twice every few days, but I don't post very often.
>> No. 7023 ID: 8601ff
I check every day.

But then again I'm also the owner..
>> No. 7024 ID: 6f455a
Reporting for duty
>> No. 7025 ID: 6f455a
Reporting for duty
>> No. 7026 ID: 148887
I check once daily for updates, but I haven't posted in months.
>> No. 7027 ID: b1cf7c
>> No. 7029 ID: 9007f6
I try to keep up with the previews of the two ongoing mangas.
>> No. 7030 ID: 4151fb
I stop by on a weekly basis. More often when I have extra free time for witches.
>> No. 7031 ID: 86e346
Pretty sure everyone who frequents 4chan/a/ love threads also visits helma regularly.
>> No. 7033 ID: a83787
If that is the case, then couldn't you just shift to Helma, rather than shitting up /a/ with an endless circle jerk.
>> No. 7034 ID: eb7de6
why not both?
>> No. 7035 ID: 14955b
+1 people
>> No. 7036 ID: 7c7935
I check every other day.
>> No. 7037 ID: c2051e
I usually check in once a day.
>> No. 7040 ID: 86e346
I wouldn't mind either way, but there is are important differences between /a/ and helma. This board has permanence (the very first threads are still active on the board) unlike /a/ and a very small hosting budget.

4chan /a/ is better suited for the endless idle chatter.
>> No. 7056 ID: 1574fd
Everytime I remember to.
>> No. 7072 ID: 2e9b69
Count me in.

I actually enjoy slower/smaller imageboards quite a lot. They remind me of the earliest days of 4chan.
>> No. 7375 ID: ef0544
just found this thread today.

i've been sick for the last 5 years, and watched strike witches last weekend.

it got me through the weekend and gave me a nice feeling inside.

i'm reading past archives now. yoroshiku minna!
>> No. 7376 ID: 74ba5c
I usually check once or twice a day for new posts. That likely accounts for most of the site visits from Canada.
>> No. 7380 ID: 17ee85
Checking in. I don't know why I haven't until now.
>> No. 7381 ID: 86601e
i'm here from mejico
>> No. 7383 ID: 3001e5
Switzerland reporting in.
>> No. 7384 ID: ef0544
why is it quiet in here compared to 4chan /a/?

isn't here just generally nicer?
>> No. 7385 ID: 511e91
I think many prefer to be here too, without all that pestering about killing the love.

But the image board is lacking in features as compared to other chans, which makes browsing a little difficult.
>> No. 7388 ID: 17ee85
There's no image dumping here, which is mostly what the /a/ threads are.
>> No. 7389 ID: 7345b4

what is image dumping?

file -> browse or embed -> google is not image dumping?
>> No. 7390 ID: 1ba170
>why is it quiet in here compared to 4chan /a/?

...Because this is a tiny board and 4chan is huge?

What kind of a question is that?
>> No. 7392 ID: 7345b4

i mean specifically for strike witches fans.
why people dont hang out here instead of 4chan since this is a specialized forum for strike witches.

not to mention people are generally nicer here
>> No. 7395 ID: d860c8
At this point I don't even care if people make image dump threads as long as there's posting going on.
>> No. 7405 ID: 7345b4

im new. im the person who posted that im invalid for the past 5.5 years

so ill be here with you admin!

4649 onegaishimasu
>> No. 7407 ID: d860c8

Always good to have a new face around here!
>> No. 7413 ID: 7345b4


im probably going to ask a lot of questions on helma.

idk how many of you are still visiting helma regularly in 2014... but i just watched SW last weekend.

it accompanied me through the night so im glad for it
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