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File 14138650514.jpg - (22.64KB , 300x299 , 300px-IMG2_0004.jpg )
7252 No. 7252 ID: a678df
So, I've been listening to the drama CDs and wondering Sanya X Eila is confirmed after the second album? Eila confesses that she loves Sanya, but there is not a decent response after that. Just wondering if that's cannon.
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>> No. 7253 ID: cad64a
To me, it seems more one sided from Eila's side. After being a fan for numerous years, I believe Sanya does not reciprocate the feelings that Eila so strongly demonstrates
That's just like, my opinion, man.
>> No. 7254 ID: cad64a
I mean to say "as strongly as Eila demonstrates"
>> No. 7255 ID: a678df
The only issue is trying to interpret her embarrassment toward the issue. Then again, it may just be a case toward proving that Eila definitely has a thing for Sanya, while also providing a means for the writers to remain neutral on the "are they a couple thing". Also, she says it multiple times in the third drama CD and it seems to have a more positive response by Sanya. The only issue is I cannot find audio of the third one, so there is the issue of the tone in which it is being stated...
>> No. 7256 ID: be6c35
Here is the audio cd you're talking about http://www.mediafire.com/download/dtzzyyhzwjm/Strike+Witches+-+Hime+Bana+CD3.rar

>providing a means for the writers to remain neutral on the "are they a couple thing"
This. I personally believe they are a couple, Sanya never rejects Eila or is angry at her, just embarrassed that she had to annouce it to the whole world. With someone so reserved it's about as close as you're going to get.
>> No. 7257 ID: a678df
Thanks for the help! I will spend some time listening to these for something to do. It's also nice to see that people are still active posters.
>> No. 7258 ID: 26e811
The link is down..!!
>> No. 7273 ID: d7d1b4
File 141433187515.jpg - (208.93KB , 340x1449 , 1283835522923.jpg )
We had this same thread a while ago. Check the older pages if you want to see more discussion on the topic.
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