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File 141739534073.jpg - (39.79KB , 291x400 , Flash_in_the_Fuso_Sea.jpg )
7311 No. 7311 ID: 5fd279
Strike Witches Zero: 1937 is being scanned. I'll have it all done by Christmas, and hopefully with better quality around the spine. https://mega.co.nz/#!tg9W1JiJ!F9072QUJIgvUOFZnnOnEi0ADD5UQPCdwPxzvyNYC7yQ
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>> No. 7454 ID: 17ee85
Season 2 fanbook is up.
>> No. 7455 ID: 8aae68
Duly noted. I'm kinda busy at the moment, so it will take some time before I have the chance to update it.
>> No. 7456 ID: 7345b4
thanks good sir!

i wanted to buy the artbook, but i have to import them from japan.

im not really well financially from being sick for the last couple of years.

i still wanted to buy it, but i found that importing books will be checked for pornography, gay, lesbian, transgender, religious materials.

so there's a chance customs won't release it either.

so i thank you for uploading this!!
>> No. 7457 ID: 7345b4

btw, by any chance, do you happen to have the 2014 art of strike witches book as well?
>> No. 7458 ID: 17ee85
File 142070357184.jpg - (50.68KB , 350x500 , NEOBK-1573705.jpg )
This one? Yea, it will be uploaded in a few days, most likely tomorrow.
>> No. 7459 ID: 17ee85
Thanks again. Can you check if SW Zero: 1937 is on the paste when you do that? Link to it: http://www.mediafire.com/download/flf6fhaoh5z0sg9/Strike_Witches_Zero_1937_Fuso_Sea_Incident_chapters_5-13.7z
>> No. 7460 ID: 7345b4

i saw the season 1 official fan book, after colour pages, it started at page 39.

so does that mean the first 30 or so pages are all texts and no pictures that's why you don't upload it?

or does the book just have jumping number of pages?

cheers, and thank you for doing this!
>> No. 7461 ID: 1fa676
1937 is already on the paste before this, and is currently being translated by YuriProject. The first four chapters are listed, along with a mish mash of magazine scans. Are your scans translated or raw?

Also, thanks for the fanbook scans.
>> No. 7462 ID: 7345b4

im the person who was thanking you above..

i read your readme file. i can't translate japanese to english, but would you upload all the pages of your SW artbooks?

for one as posted above, there's a chance customs won't release the materials, and two.. im not financially well either due to being an invalid for the last 5.5 years.

i can still afford to buy you a virtual beer though. As my thank you for your efforts... should you decide you'll upload the rest of the japanese text pages. via paypal perhaps?

>> No. 7463 ID: 17ee85
They're official translations. I believe Yuri Project dropped it because it was picked up officially.

The pages I skipped were either all text or screenshots from the show, so they aren't useful.
>> No. 7464 ID: 8aae68
Ah, so that was why YuriProject dropped it. Thanks, I'll get it sorted out as soon as possible.
>> No. 7465 ID: 7345b4

can i ask which store in japan where you bought the season 1 official fan book?

i couldn't find new when i googled them, only used.

>> No. 7466 ID: 17ee85
I bought them on mandarake. They were used, but in almost perfect condition.
>> No. 7468 ID: 7345b4

After i read your post, i tried checking out the http://ekizo.mandarake.co.jp/shop/en using "strike witches" and "ストライクウィッチーズ" but no luck for the first fan book.

thanks for the direction though!
>> No. 7482 ID: 17ee85
Thanks for the work. What needs to be added from my scans are:
Art Works of Strike Witches by Shimada Humikane
Kazuhiro Takamura Animation Works
Strike Witches Rei 1937 Fuso Sea Incident chapters 5-13 (translated)

I've taken from other places (with a source provided):
Shimada Humikane - Artworks
The World Witches

Other things I have that I'll leave at your discretion are:
A really butchered version of "Double Fighter Knight" by Eino Ilmari Juutilainen, which is various excerpts from the archive.
Strike Witches Quest, which is fan made and I haven't read yet.
>> No. 7484 ID: 7345b4

do you (or anybody) have this booklet called [complete records of 501 JFW]?
it's also called (501 統合先頭航空団 全記録 (501 JFW Zenkiroku)
it's a booklet bonus from the blu-ray edition season 1, 2 and the movie.
anybody has the files or torrents for it?

can i ask for the links?
>> No. 7500 ID: 6ff975
>Art Works of Strike Witches by Shimada Humikane
>Kazuhiro Takamura Animation Works
>Shimada Humikane - Artworks
Are these Art Books? For the moment I have placed them under Additional Links.
>> No. 7501 ID: 17ee85
File 142113807761.jpg - (552.76KB , 2550x3480 , File126.jpg )
Yea, they are. Here's a sample.
>> No. 7502 ID: 6ff975
Thanks, they have been updated accordingly.
>> No. 7505 ID: 9f4f91

Hi mate,

the first fanbook has 3 stories in it isn't it?

Strike Witches Short-Shorts: After the Sky
1.Ichimen no Ao
2.Kaze ni Tanabiku Shiroi Are
3.Koganeiro no Soup

Would you mind uploading those pages to the mediafire as well?
>> No. 7506 ID: 9f4f91

Forgot to add, there is one from the movie fanbook as well...
Strike Witches the Movie Visual Short Story.

Could you upload that as well?

>> No. 7507 ID: 17ee85
Sure, are you a translator? If so, there are also "500 over in Africa" and "insider secret talk" from the season 2 fanbook.
>> No. 7508 ID: 17ee85
There are also location huntings and staff interviews. Some of the text is very close to the spine, so I might have to take a phone picture to supplement those.
>> No. 7510 ID: 9f4f91

Somebody already put the raw of 500 overs on the internet. Only the short stories from the Official Fan Book 1 and The Movie is fine.
I can't translate though, are you alright with that?
I'd like to collect the short stories for the sake of completion.
Also, don't take it the wrong way but, I really don't mind buying you a virtual beer or two to thank you for taking the time to take those pictures i asked.

Also, um do you have the physical BD for the season 1 and 2 as well? There's actually artbook of sorts bundled with the blurays. It's called "A Complete Record of 501st Joint Fighter Wing II" or "501統合戦闘航空団 全記録". Nobody has upload that three BD bundled artbooks to the internet yet i think.
>> No. 7512 ID: 17ee85
>Also, don't take it the wrong way but, I really don't mind buying you a virtual beer or two to thank you for taking the time to take those pictures i asked.
It's fine, I'm doing this for the community. They're on the mediafire in the "short stories" folder.

>Also, um do you have the physical BD for the season 1 and 2 as well?
I don't, but I know a guy who might upload the art book from the first OVA.

Can you link to 500 overs? I'd like to add that as well.
>> No. 7513 ID: 9f4f91

Thanks mate! Appreciate it.

500 overs is in the mangafoxlite raw folders.
A little hidden. It's in the Mangafoxlite -> raw -> novels directory

After your uploads, according to information that i could gathered with google, the only SW canon / semi-canon materials that's not available on the internet are :

- Strike Witches: Chiisaizu
- Strike Witches: Chii Sanya
- Strike Witches: 501 Butai Hasshinshimasu!
- The three Complete Record (Zen Kiroku) Booklets from the BD bonus. The booklet is around 100 pages each.
>> No. 7515 ID: 17ee85
>Strike Witches: Chii Sanya
Some of it is scanned, but only half of that is translated. Go on g(dot)e(dash)hentai(dot)org and search for "artist:wasu".

>Strike Witches: 501 Butai Hasshinshimasu!
I think this was just a retelling of the show.
>> No. 7516 ID: 9f4f91

Do you mind uploading page 65 of the SW movie artbook one more time mate?
The bottom right of page 65 are a little unclear. The kanjis written there are kanjis with lots of strokes so it's hard to read.
Your scans are really good though. Most everything is clear enough to be readable.

i'm sorry i can't translate though, i can only read hiragana and katakana, i can guess the simple sentences but i can't translate anything. I can tell you a little tidbit on it though.

On page 71, under the Koganeiro Soup title, the passage written there is about perrine cooking something for sakamoto that she admired, but...

page 72, on the big texts, it's written "It's good. this, it's really good!"

page 73, "...... Not at all, it's not like i'm at all happy being praised by you".
I'm guessing page 72 is Mio talking, and page 73 is perrine talking, maybe being happy she's praised by Mio.

On page 66 of the short-shorts under the Ichimen no, Ao title, "The following day after Shirley broke the speed of light. Luccini and Shirley doing striker unit's maintenance again. One more time, looks like they're conspiring to renewing the record but....."

That's as much as i can translate them.
>> No. 7517 ID: 17ee85
File 142127694584.jpg - (1.45MB , 2592x1456 , WP_20150114_003.jpg )
The scanner can't reach that far, but here's a phone pic.
>> No. 7518 ID: 9f4f91

Thank's for the pointers on both.

I found a photobucket collection of SW arts. I don't know from what book that came from. i was about to post them here but then helma probably have automatic banning for posting photobucket link, so here's the partial link to it.

user/stickerclub/library/Strike Witches?sort=2&start=all&page=1

If somebody happen to know what booklets or books those arts came from that'd be great.
>> No. 7519 ID: 4f8225
>>Strike Witches: Chii Sanya
>Some of it is scanned, but only half of that is translated. Go on g(dot)e(dash)hentai(dot)org and search for "artist:wasu".

Actually... as far as I know, the Chii Sanya book published by Kadokawa is not the same as the Chissanya doujinshi.

Or perhaps the published book just has new pages like other SW-doujinshi-that-became-official rereleases, I'm not entirely sure.
>> No. 7520 ID: 0564b3

The kadokawa chiisanya books comes at more than 150 pages per book.
Checked out the g.e-H there's only the english version. Do you know where i can find the chiisanya raw?

I know that the spelling of the title on the cover page is sort of different. the g.e-H spelling is chisa-nya. the kadokawa books are chii sa-nya.

I don't know whether it's different books or not though...
>> No. 7525 ID: db5764
They're different. Probably. I have some of the doujinshi and the content of the Kadokawa books appear to be different, judging from previews. Or maybe the previews are just from the parts I don't have.

The official Kadokawa publication is titled "CHIi SANYA" latin alphabet whereas the doujinshi was "小さ~ニャ" (lit. chiisanya), so the name is more or less the same.

The doujinshi version spans more than 9 books and there's also 2 compilation re-releases of them.
http://doujinshi.org/book/101086/ Chiisanya 1!!
http://doujinshi.org/book/103858/ Chiisanya 2!!
http://doujinshi.org/book/113341/ Chiisanya 3!!
http://doujinshi.org/book/142728/ Chiisanya 4!!
http://doujinshi.org/book/144958/ Chiisanya 5!!
http://doujinshi.org/book/151666/ Chiisanya 5.5!!
http://doujinshi.org/book/309178/ Chiisanya 6!!
http://doujinshi.org/book/374377/ Chiisanya 9!!
http://doujinshi.org/book/387726/ Chiisanya 10!!
http://doujinshi.org/book/463685/ Chiisanya 2009 summer collection
http://doujinshi.org/book/389129/ Chiisanya 2011 spring collection
>> No. 7529 ID: 664f7a

The doujinshis are 小っさ~ニャ
The kadokawa books are 小ぃサーニャ

The "sa" on the doujinshis is in hiragana while the "sa" on the books are in katakana. Also, っ on doujinshis and ぃ on the books.

You could be right. It might not be the same. Also, the author of the doujinshis is listed as wasu, the books writer is tachiki yamato.
>> No. 7536 ID: a176f7
The author is the same - it's just that the Kadokawa publication likely has some new material.
>> No. 7540 ID: 17ee85
The link for the art book for season 2 isn't correct, can you change it to this link? http://www.mediafire.com/download/2hnh4477h6cb7oz/Strike_Witches_2_Official_Fanbook_(properly_rotated).7z
>> No. 7541 ID: 6ff975
Updated, cheers!
>> No. 7546 ID: 17ee85
Some of the translations to Double Fighter Knight are in a really old .txt file. The link is now dead, but does anyone have it?

>> No. 7548 ID: 94ff14
Was it compiled in the link at >>7453 ?
>> No. 7549 ID: 17ee85
That's the butchered version I put together after going through the archive. It should have at least most of the translations, though.
>> No. 7630 ID: 557243
Chii Sanya is on sadpanda and partially translated. Some of the raws and Finnish translations are there as well. I could have sworn I saw more raws before, but can't seem to find them.

I believe Strike Witches: Andorra no Majo overlaps with Unknown Witches: Secret File, so one of them can be removed.
>> No. 7669 ID: 17ee85
Has this doujin of Agahari's been scanned? A search on sadpanda seems to come up blank. If not, I'll upload it so long as pixiv takes US currency.

>> No. 7743 ID: 17ee85
Could these links be added to decaydance?

Maidens in the Sky (Tenkou no Otometachi) 9-11 (translated)

Installation instructions of the PSP game Hakugin no Tsubasa

Chii Sanya 1 and 2
>> No. 7744 ID: 70f0d6
Updated. Did I miss anything?
>> No. 7746 ID: 17ee85
That's everything, thanks for the update!
>> No. 7899 ID: 17ee85
File 14318959022.jpg - (405.21 KB , 1496x2124 , cover1.jpg )
The manga Strike Witches: Chii Size has been scanned.
>> No. 7931 ID: 17ee85
File 143278717314.jpg - (1.18 MB , 2874x2106 , File33_.jpg )
Pages 64-65 were missing. This is the missing file, and the fixed batch is below.

An anon suggested uploading everything to sadpanda, so I'll look into that soon.
>> No. 7934 ID: 361948
Link to sadpanda version

It's expunged, so it can only be accessed via direct sadpanda links/favorites.
>> No. 7987 ID: 771f97
The Kadokawa Chii Sanya books are new material, at least nothing repeated from the doujins 1-5, 8, or 9. There's a Chinese translation on Baidu of the first volume and it has a different start (it's all Eila's fault) and different stories. Also two 4koma per page instead of one.
>> No. 7989 ID: 17ee85
Could you link to the Baidu scans?
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