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File 141828068627.jpg - (23.65KB , 362x800 , nopic.jpg )
7333 No. 7333 ID: 9007f6
So some of you may recall the witch generator from a few years back (2010). There you could add a name and it would spit out some deterministic witch details for you.

Well I couldn't leave it alone and rewrote it in javascript to cash in on this "Web 2.0" thing. I think it will be a big hit; I hope it is "web scale".


I found a bug in the original generator that cut off the familiar list. The new generator fixes this and provides slightly different results.

Give it a try and break it. If something is wrong or missing, post it here and I'll try to update it or make an updated list with better data.
>> No. 7962 ID: 9007f6
Heroku is changing their free plans to only run 18 hours per day. So I am moving it to Github.


If you want to see any changes, let me know. Here are some basic ideas:

* Include country flag images
* Include images of strikers, or planes if striker isn't available
* Add links to wikia for each item
* Fix the terrible data structure for the generator data
>> No. 7970 ID: 361948
>Fix the terrible data structure for the generator data
What's so terrible about it? Just curious. I'm not a programmer, I just know enough basics to understand source code (syntax permitting) and occasionally make simple scripts for my own use. I took a peek at the js and it looked very clear and functional. Both the data and how you access it.

If anything, I wouldn't have strikers/weapons as properties of nation objects. Also, holy crap you have a comprehensive dataset.
>> No. 7973 ID: 9007f6
Thanks for taking a look at the source.
My main issue with the data structure is there is a lot of duplication. In the original generator, each weapon and striker had a list of nations instead. It works the same but I'm not sure which way I like better. I suppose if the assets are compressed then the duplication doesn't matter too much.

Most of the data was hammered out on wikia in 2010. It came from the Wiki article that listed the weapons each country used in WWII, and I selected the countries that (at that time) we knew existed in the Strike Witches universe. It does take awhile to go through and update.

I made some recent changes now that some countries have been named:

Bulgaria -> Moeasia
Kiwi (New Zealand) -> Kiwiland
Belgium -> Belgica
Australia -> Australis
>> No. 7974 ID: 361948
The pleasure's all mine. It was clearly written, commented and all that jazz.

To be honest, the data duplication doesn't matter either way to end-users. Github has fast servers and it indeed gzips http requests. The current unminified 48KB data.js is only about 8KB transfer. Shit's lightning fast, yo. All those js libraries are much larger. So choose whichever structure you find easier to update and work with.

The witch generation is also fast enough to run within one frame on any kind of toaster, as long as the toaster in question has a modern browser. If you want to tweak user experience, you could preload the flags (and any other images you might use in the future). Right now they're requested only after the output is rendered, so they will take a short but noticeable time to load.
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