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File 142029154988.jpg - (104.01KB , 900x600 , 47922057_p0.jpg )
7379 No. 7379 ID: 3b1099
Dear admin,

I couldn't find a way to contact you properly, so here goes. I've been here for some time, and I find the site, while functional, lacks a lot of features. For example, auto updating

If possible, I'd like to help improve the site generally. I believe there are some other Anons that have the necessary skills too, so I hope we can somehow work this out together.

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>> No. 7929 ID: 392579
Alright, thanks for your input guys. I'll make sure the older Embeds are unaffected by the update.
>> No. 7957 ID: 361948
Random feature request: add tomorrow theme. None of the current dark css themes look as good.
>> No. 7961 ID: eb93f4

Tomorrow theme?
>> No. 7963 ID: 361948
You know, the most popular[citation needed] dark theme for imageboards?

I don't know where to find it for kusaba, but at least yotsuba, tinychan and infinity have it. FoolFuuka's midnight theme is also very similar to it.
>> No. 7965 ID: 122dc7
I could probably just take the color values and make a new theme based on one of the current ones.
>> No. 7966 ID: 2410dd
Idea!! Just a silly little thing to make Helma more unique, but design and name themes after witches!

Imagine, if you will, a Helma theme! Similar to Zenburn, but with her infamous camo pattern in the bottom of background and her eye color instead of cyan in some elements.

The faint blue Burichan/Yotsuba Blue with slight changes would obviously be Suomus or one of the suomus witches.
>> No. 7967 ID: 122dc7

I actually had something like that planned when I first started the site, never got around to it though.
>> No. 7968 ID: f75d36
File 143372507746.png - (302.04 KB , 1024x1536 , capture.png )
The current plan I have is to port the other existing CSS styles. Of course, its not exactly a high priority task.
Burichan and Futaba are already in (although I largely based it off their Yotsuba counterparts).
If possible, I would like to include custom CSS as well, but we'll see how things goes first.
>> No. 7998 ID: 03bf35
Hey Admin, sorry to trouble you, but could you send another copy of the current system to my email? Things have gotten pretty messy on my side, and I need a fresh copy to sort things out.
>> No. 8000 ID: 46380b
>> No. 8005 ID: 682cf3
Hi Admin, has the update been applied? Just asking since I'm trying to keep track of the development.
>> No. 8006 ID: 46380b

Sorry, more things came up. Just now finished updating.
>> No. 8007 ID: 534254
Not a problem at all, take your time!
>> No. 8127 ID: a2ca81
>password for the whole site
>> No. 8128 ID: 7edacd

Another *chan website that isn't going to be named decided that /int/ was its personal CP dumping ground. Since I'm the only admin, it went unnoticed for like 5 hours. It got 35k hits in that time.

This is a temporary measure until I can either:
A: Get new moderators (all the old ones left)
B: Get some new scripts up and running to make removing shit like that easier.

The password system will probably be active for around 2 months at most.

I don't know a single person in the SW community, so if anyone knows someone that has even the slightest reputation, I would be interested in making them a moderator. Pretty much the only thing they would have to do is remove bot posts and "illegal content" if it's ever posted.
>> No. 8129 ID: a2ca81
A raid? Damn, I thought helma was small enough to slip under the radar of kiddies.

I wish I could help, but honestly I don't visit helma on a daily basis. I've occasionally reported spambots before you had a chance to delete them but this CP raid thing slipped past me completely.
>> No. 8194 ID: af898c
File 144018798515.png - (28.05 KB , 720x1280 , Screenshot_2015-08-21-12-07-44[1].png )
Hello. This seemed like the place to post this, so... here it is. :)

I tried replying to a thread earlier today Firefox on my android I kept getting "Invalid password". I tried several times, with and without attaching a picture and also after changing the delete password.
I have no idea what the problem was but I thought you'd want to know.
>> No. 8195 ID: 55c60f
Just tried it out myself on firefox. From what I can tell it's because your android is going directly to /board.php which I don't think is recognised by the password script.

For a workaround until this gets addressed, you could try entering the password, then manually going to http://www.helma.us/sw .

You might not have the side frame, but it should work. I don't have a mobile device so I can't test myself. Either way, I'll send an email to our coder about this right away.
>> No. 8197 ID: 000ae7
testing from android opera
>> No. 8198 ID: af898c
File 144021919931.jpg - (184.45 KB , 1134x668 , 89978657869.jpg )
>Just tried it out myself on firefox. From what I can tell it's because your android is going directly to /board.php which I don't think is recognised by the password script.

I think we have a misunderstanding about where/when the error happened. I was past "aliveandwell" and onto the board itself. I can navigate the board normally. I was on /sw/ and trying to reply to a thread. After hitting Reply the page in the screenshot would load.

I'm not using any kind of adblock or other content-disruptive apps on the phone.
>> No. 8200 ID: 213c04
Dev here. At first I was curious on why it had failed. >>8197 was my test on Opera in Android. I wrote up a lengthy post on possible solutions and boom, it occured to me as well.

This was discussed with HelmaAdmin before, but I have not thought that this issue was this severe. In short, the password cookie was restricted to helma.us only. The posting form is to www.helma.us, where the cookie is not in effect.

We'll patch something up as soon as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience, and thank you for your report!
>> No. 8201 ID: b28190
Patch has been applied.
>> No. 8202 ID: 213c04
Alright, this post, if successful, should confirm that it is working. However, the old cookie should still be in effect and cause the same problem. Luckily, the cookie will expire in 30 days.

If any user should experience the same problem, please clear your cookies, and type in the password again.
>> No. 8204 ID: af898c
File 144024634233.png - (0.96 MB , 840x1179 , 1423885995573.png )
Testing, cookies and cache cleared...
>> No. 8205 ID: af898c
We has success. Thank you, Dev. ^_^
>> No. 8209 ID: b28190
>> No. 9591 ID: e7171d
Is there a way we can make the sidebar directory hidden?

Up until recently I was able to browse Helma without it showing but I can't figure out how to do it anymore. It's especially annoying on mobile because the bar will take up a good 1/3 to 1/2 of the screen.
>> No. 9594 ID: 7326ec
File 145704553992.jpg - (19.21 KB , 200x200 , 1219288796161.jpg )

Ah man, right when we finished updating it. I'll see what we can do.
>> No. 9595 ID: d5ff6e
File 145704760711.jpg - (143.22 KB , 600x600 , Eila pokes Lynne.jpg )
Quick replying wheen?
>> No. 9596 ID: 7326ec
File 14570487907.png - (94.53 KB , 200x200 , eventually.png )
>> No. 9603 ID: b2367c
Its a bit hardcoded at the moment, but yes, we are working on a short fix.

Do note that this sidebar fix is temporary. In the future, we hope to add a toggle for the sidebar, and make it a lot more mobile friendly.
>> No. 9604 ID: 7326ec

Just applied the fix.
>> No. 9607 ID: 2ea840
File 145714585461.jpg - (79.69 KB , 1280x720 , 1378826002042.jpg )
Alright, with >>9604 applied, you can try reloading your mobile browser. Let us know if it still persists.

That is a little more complex, but its in the plans. Please be patient.
>> No. 9632 ID: 4d4e55
For now, anyone using Stylish or similar browser addon can use the following userstyle to get rid of the sidebar:

@-moz-document domain(helma.us) {
body { padding-left: 8px !important; }
iframe { display: none !important; }
>> No. 9670 ID: 7326ec
Just added a toggle for the sidebar in the upper right corner.
>> No. 9672 ID: f5a932
File 145751791916.jpg - (142.79 KB , 752x580 , 1725144.jpg )

Clicking on board links in the sidebar now loads the entire page in the sidebar.
>> No. 9677 ID: 7326ec

Yeah.. I'm having some problems with it too. I'm going to roll back to the last version in a couple minutes.
>> No. 9680 ID: 7326ec
Roll back complete.
>> No. 9682 ID: f5a932

Still seems broke, except on the front page.
>> No. 9683 ID: 7326ec

It's working for me, try force refreshing with ctrl f5.
>> No. 9684 ID: f5a932

Still no. Seems to work in Chrome though.
>> No. 9685 ID: 7326ec

Did you have this problem before today?
>> No. 9686 ID: f5a932

Nope. Just a few hours ago.
>> No. 9687 ID: 7326ec
Just tested in:
Firefox 19.0.2
Firefox portable
Internet explorer 11
midori 0.5.9 32
Chromium 48.0.2554.0
Chrome 48.0.2564.116 m

All of them worked fine. I think it might be some left over files in the cache causing problems. Try clearing that, it might fix it.
>> No. 9688 ID: f5a932

Cleared cache, still acting silly.

It must be my end though, I'll just see if it ungoofs later today or something.
>> No. 9689 ID: 7326ec
Sorry I couldn't be more helpful, not really good at this sort of thing.
>> No. 9690 ID: a79de9
Apologies EMT guy, I messed up again. The cache now is rather aggressive, set at about one day.
Clearing the browser cache might not affect it as the cache storage I'm using is a bit new.
To clear this cache takes a little technical knowledge, but I think its a lot to ask, for the users to do this.

I'll try to think of an alternative with HelmaAdmin.
>> No. 9693 ID: 7326ec
Update and the fix have been applied. Sidebar toggle is back again.
>> No. 9694 ID: e7171d
Awesome, thanks for fixing it.
>> No. 14905 ID: b520e0
File 157726119367.png - (23.99 KB , 630x338 , helma.png )
Hey helmadmin, this is not a big deal, but...
It's almost 2020. Any chance of getting HTTPS?
Throwing the site under free Cloudflare is probably the easiest way of getting it done if your webhost doesn't offer free ssl.
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