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File 142040591478.jpg - (156.57KB , 506x600 , 13926932_p0.jpg )
7391 No. 7391 ID: 1ba170
>OVA is announced
>tons of speculation
>OVA is released
>dead silence

Is this what finally killed the love?
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>> No. 7393 ID: 7345b4
i just watched strike witches the past 2 weeks.

im an invalid for the past 5.5 years. so it feels nice to watch something to get through the night.

i really like strike witches now. it's light enough but also quite charming.

i came here from the SW wikia. before this i've never visit 4chan at all.

why does SW fans hangs out more on 4chan than on helma.us?

i mean, we have specific forum for SW. might as well talk here...

does some of them not know helma.us or something?
>> No. 7394 ID: 74ba5c
I'll be honest.
I had different expectations for the OVA.
The drama between Erica and Ursula felt so forced. Erica seemed very out of character to me. To me, the premise of the episode was weak. While I appreciate there being new SW content, the OVA did not have the same vibe as the 2 seasons. I am not sure why I feel this way, but I don't like not liking the OVA.
>> No. 7397 ID: d860c8
Didn't even know the subs were out until I saw this thread. Guess that's what I get for not checking /a/ anymore.
>> No. 7399 ID: 66f396
>Erica felt out of character

I'm assuming that you mean how Erica acted like a bitch and uncooperative for most of the OVA.

Well then, there is a very good explanation for that. You know Erica's Archetype? Erich Hartmann? Besides being known for being a fun loving guy who was also a goddamn supersolder, he was also well known for another thing: loathing jets with a goddamn passion.

- During the war, he was invited / promoted to a squadron that flew the first few jets in the war. TWO TIMES. He refused this offer, TWICE.
- After the war, upon plenty of recommendations, he became the commander of Germany's first official Jet Fighter Wing. That said, he still hated the damned jets with all of his being, claiming that they were inefficient and dangerous. (A claim which was true, because Jets at the time were still a young technology and saw far more pilot casualties outside combat rather than in combat)
- Due to his negative views on Jet fighters and some added political hijinks during that period, he was forcefully retired from his position early.

Long story short, Hartmann and Jets did not mix together well at all. Likewise, in the vein of keeping as much historical authenticity as possible given the setting that Strike Witches is known for, it was only natural that Erica will also inherent Erich Hartmann's inherent hatred for anything Jet related.
>> No. 7400 ID: 66f396
There were alot of threads on /a/ the moment subs got out. Those were a few days ago. A 28 episode OVA where not much happened can only sustain discussion for so long.


Rather than being out of character, Erica actually felt more fleshed out and in-character more than ever.
>> No. 7401 ID: 9007f6
There was some complaining on /a/ about unofficial subs (or subs translated through another language) but they seemed good enough. Not sure if there was an issue like back in season 1 (?) where the subs made Eila more bitchy than what she actually said.

As for the OVA I liked it, too bad it was so short. Heidi ended up being mostly a cameo. Hearing more from Ursula was cool even if she sounds overly serious.
>> No. 7406 ID: 7345b4
the subtitle is good enough.

there's no main points missing from that subs.
idk about titles and ranks and stuffs. but other than that, it's good
>> No. 7417 ID: 17ee85
There isn't much discussion since there's still a split between people who have and haven't watched the OVA. The subs were fine, a typo here and there, but nothing to keep waiting over. I was pretty sad that Heidi got about as much time in the OVA as she did in the PV.
>> No. 7426 ID: 74ba5c
Thank you both for elaborating. I had not idea before. It makes much more sense now!
Thank you very much!
>> No. 7427 ID: 7345b4

it's dual layered. one is commentary on japan's apprehension to new technology. despite having high-tech cities, japanese in generals are very low-tech and have apprehension to new techs.

though slowly changing, many things still done "by hand and paper". Also because japan's population, there's far more older generations than younger generations.

2) it's also based on erich hartmann's apprehension on jet engine.

i think i read it on some websites, i can't remember where.
>> No. 7442 ID: f7da54
>During the war, he was invited / promoted to a squadron that flew the first few jets in the war. TWO TIMES. He refused this offer, TWICE

Because he was still loyal to his JG-52 comrades.

>That said, he still hated the damned jets with all of his being, claiming that they were inefficient and dangerous.

Bubi was only hate the F-104 Starfighter (AKA The Widowmaker/Witwenmacher) which were replacing the Canadair Sabre.
>> No. 7476 ID: 820788
>Heidi ended up being mostly a cameo

Alas, that's wasted potential. Still, I'll enjoy the eye candy.
>> No. 7477 ID: 820788
Pray tell, where can I find the subs? I'm used to getting everything from Tokyo Tosho since my college days when I watched fansubs more often, but don't see it there. Thanks.
>> No. 7481 ID: 17ee85
Nyaa. This is the version I used, but you can get the raws, which are larger, and slap the subtitles onto that. http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=637441
>> No. 7543 ID: 7d71c3
>Is this what finally killed the love?
No, fansubbing has been dead for a long time. Time to wake up to the harsh reality... all we've had for the last few years is horriblesubs stealing funi/cr subs and a few groups marginally improving those rips. There are no more fansub groups left, only encoders. Anime fansubbing community, the decades old community that even predates the internet ... it's dead. It's a sad thing, but the worst for me is that I don't really feel sad about it. I've been slowly moving away from anime ever since fansubbing started dying.

>about Erica being OOC
It's not only about her representation in this particular OVA, it's the lack of consistency between TV, Movie and OVA. Like three different characters. You can hamfist only so much change into a character.
>> No. 7544 ID: dc714d

there's definitely the issue that there is, to my knowlege, only 1 decent sub for the ova and it's like 1.18gb for a half hour episode, also that with an ova release schedule it's harder to maintain excitement and momentum than if we had weekly episodes.

also as far as activity goes, i don't know about other people, but i spend far more time lurking than i used to as opposed to actively posting, if other people are doing that than i could see why there isn't as much traffic as there was.
>> No. 7545 ID: 3001e5
File 142203981216.jpg - (263.30KB , 2768x377 , 6ab0e7628fdc9e1015f81cf54b4a0cd0.jpg )
Has the love been as dead as it is now before?

It really hurts knowing that you missed 5 years of Strike Witches threads on /a/ because you watched in in 2013.
>> No. 7547 ID: 17ee85
File 142204678430.gif - (164.54KB , 500x363 , d89c5902.gif )
I really wish I watched it sooner, too. I'm sure there's some content that I won't ever see unless I go through every old thread.
>> No. 7653 ID: 6fc306
File 142393342468.png - (178.50 KB , 250x355 , p9LQz9R.png )
Does anyone have pic related in hires?
>> No. 7724 ID: 7f870b
File 142628212516.jpg - (119.36 KB , 600x600 , MED-DVD2-27311.jpg )
This was posted earlier today on one of the Strike Witches Facebook pages. OVA 2 is out.

>> No. 7725 ID: 06aabd
Raws when?
>> No. 7726 ID: bdabec
I'm still waiting for the OVA Hime Uta
>> No. 7752 ID: 100f7c
There are subs now: http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=668020
>> No. 7760 ID: 4fec41
File 142723480663.png - (3.05 MB , 1920x1080 , [Eila] Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow Vol_.png )

Well, that was... better? The flying sequences in both OVAs have been spectacular, often outstripping the series but beyond that the writing seems to be holding to roughly the same fluff-level as the show. At least this time we didn't have anyone acting bizarrely out of character just to create some awkward tension (yes, I read >7399.) Instead we get tension from bitchy Africa Witches. Other than that and fan service if I didn't know about season 3 I'd wonder why they keep getting shovelled into these OVAs while other 501st members are left out.

Maybe the writers will get their shit together for OVA 3...
>> No. 7763 ID: 17ee85
>the writing seems to be holding to roughly the same fluff-level as the show
I really can't see the show pushing any boundaries with an OVA, seeing as it's likely a goodbye to the 501st. TVA has more potential for that, although it probably isn't likely. What would be interesting to hear is what direction the 506th LN took.
>> No. 7765 ID: 19581b
I just want to see Sakamoto wrecking shit in a zero. Too bad it will probably never be animated outside of the intro.
>> No. 7814 ID: f75028
Finally I have the OVA Himeuta, but in Himeuta OVA2, Lucchini only have a duet with Shirley (I was expecting Chiwa-chan singing Italian song).
>> No. 7865 ID: 461a43
So theres an event in June 28 that acts as a Thank you celebration by the staff for the OVAs and theres also going to be a big announcement as well.

Considering that OVA3 did not contain any teasers. I suppose they will finally reveal details about the elusive TVA / S3 in said event.
>> No. 7866 ID: 3e3b73
I hope they didn't trolling us.
>> No. 8130 ID: cb0719
File 143901838281.jpg - (150.10 KB , 1280x720 , 1438348296576.jpg )
What a lovely view
>> No. 8132 ID: 2410dd
>bitchy Africa Witches
Slight correction: a bitchy Africa Witch.
>> No. 8157 ID: e9bb50
File 143977348681.png - (3.44 MB , 1920x1080 , [philosophy-raws][Strike Witches][07][BDRIP][Hi10P.png )
Rips of OVA 3 are out!

>> No. 8158 ID: 4acf3b
I thought this was the best out of all 3 OVAs. It had some seriousness but also was really funny.

I have to admit, though, I'm actually kind of sad this was potentially the end of the 501st because as someone who hasn’t delved into a lot of the non-anime media yet, they’re the ones who I’m the most familiar with. I realize that they're overused compared to the other witches, and from what I've heard the movie takes place near the end of the war with not much left afterwards anyway, so it makes sense that they would choose to focus on another group of witches for the next season of the show. Still, I hope that sometime in the future, even if it’s another few seasons down the line, the 501st will show up again.
>> No. 8165 ID: fe3507
Iwonder if the scenario would be like this:
501st = Britannia, Romagna/Venezia.
502nd = Scandiavian & Orussian region (alongside 503rd & 507th).
Joint Assault = Karlsland.
>> No. 8166 ID: fe3507
"it's also based on Hartmann's apprehension on jet engine."

But he loves his Sabre.
>> No. 8169 ID: 98de99
File 143984896993.png - (2.82 MB , 1920x1080 , [Eila] Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow Vol_.png )
It's bizarre watching Perrine not act like a hyperyuri sociopath. This may be the first time I haven't wanted to hit her with a shovel.
>> No. 8170 ID: 98de99
File 143984949939.jpg - (287.90 KB , 1919x1080 , pg-13.jpg )
Subtitling fail detected. xD
>> No. 8172 ID: 034cf9
She's already like that since S2.
BTW, can you captured the same screencap as>>8130..?

That's soft translations..
>> No. 8173 ID: 98de99
File 143989004048.png - (3.09 MB , 1920x1080 , [Eila] Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow Vol_.png )
How's this? A few frames later but 'things' are closer to the camera...

>That's soft translations..
And that was humour. Dropping 'shit glasses' into this show, even if it was in the original moon, would be a little too crude imho.
>> No. 8175 ID: 6579f7
Well, this is a well-hidden circlejerk compared to 4chan /a/ where new fans can easily find the franchise.

The hardcore SW fans lurk here fairly regularly and will post whenever there's something to post about.
>> No. 8176 ID: c1ab8b
>> No. 8179 ID: 39e935
File 14399300177.png - (3.03 MB , 1920x1080 , thataway mang.png )

Circlejerk in progress...

>> No. 8189 ID: 39c173
File 144011840042.jpg - (608.19 KB , 1600x1600 , hopgtwdngfbglhfdbvfewxs.jpg )
A few posters in an /a/ thread earlier today complained that the only rips available right now of OVA 3 are the big 1080p ones. This doesn't work for them due to issues like bandwidth and weak hardware.
So if anyone here shares those issues and is looking for an alternative, I've re-encoded the [Eila] 1080p rip, reduced it to 720p and 223MB.


No viruses, no funny business. Just the uncut OVA and the two subtitle tracks that [Eila] included. I hope this helps somebody out there. :)
>> No. 8190 ID: 2410dd
>No viruses, no funny business
You do realize that specifically mentioning that and using mega instead of a public torrent tracker makes this very suspicious, right?
>> No. 8191 ID: 3e3414
The LOL moment is when you realized that Perrine's butler is Might Guy and Rommel is a certain stoic teacher.
>> No. 8192 ID: af898c
File 14401876108.png - (1.92 MB , 1920x1080 , [Eila] Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow Vol_.png )

Yup, I realized that. But I figured whether I stated it or not, the link would be suspect. It felt like better manners to just make the statement rather than not. I tried to do something for fans with limited means.
I didn't use a torrent b/c my pc isn't on 24/7. With Mega the file is always available and transfers won't be impaired by my slow DSL, casual use or other torrent uploads.

Anyway, people will download it or they won't. If someone's super worried they can use a virtualbox to check it. Not much more to say - it's the internet and I could be full of shit.
>> No. 8196 ID: 55c60f

Don't let them get to you. Everyone wanted a smaller version and you did a good thing making it.
>> No. 8199 ID: af898c
File 144021970070.jpg - (37.42 KB , 500x822 , 10151559647918.jpg )

It didn't get to me. I was expecting it to come up. The same remark was made when I posted the link to /a/ and I was expecting it then, too. I'm not sure of what else I could do to reassure except maybe use a hash, but that feels like making things too complicated when all people want to do it watch a short video.
I think I'll put it on Youtube and see if they block it. Can't hurt.
>> No. 8203 ID: af898c
File 144024581863.png - (2.94 MB , 1920x1080 , [Eila] Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow Vol_.png )

Uploaded! And it's working and doesn't appear to have any blocks or claims against it. Enjoy!

>> No. 8207 ID: b7351c
Finally we're able to see another Lynne's caring side.
>> No. 8211 ID: 5e1055
I've watched ep3 (in Orussian sub, unfortunately)
>> No. 8483 ID: 2127a8
File 144642204758.jpg - (191.49 KB , 1920x1080 , [Eila] Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow Vol_.jpg )

There was a request posted to OVA 3 for OVA 2, so I added it. :)

>> No. 8489 ID: de9aef
Why not include the first as well? Much appreciated by the way.
>> No. 8490 ID: 3b723d
File 14465887078.jpg - (208.47 KB , 1920x1080 , Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow - 01 ( BD 1.jpg )

Because I figured other people would have already posted it there and also no one asked. I searched for the OVAs just now and everything I'm finding is either raws or the quality is awful. I'm kinda shocked.

Alright, I'll re-code and post OVA 1, then. :)
>> No. 8492 ID: 3b723d
File 144660281570.jpg - (147.39 KB , 1920x1080 , [Eila] Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow Vol_.jpg )
While I'm doing that, I think I'll also put rips of the OVAs into that Mega folder that has the Hime Uta mp3s.

To any of you out there that would want this, what particular thing is it that you're concerned about? File size? Resolution? Bitrate? I'm going to be making fresh rips for this and tailoring them for the people most likely to download them would be smart. :)
>> No. 8502 ID: be6968
File 144668981621.jpg - (234.30 KB , 1920x1080 , [Eila] Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow Vol_.jpg )
OVA 1 is now up but for some reason it only shows in 360p. The video I uploaded is 1920x1080, like the others. I'll give it a day and see if Youtube straightens out on its own.

>> No. 8503 ID: be6968
File 144669176960.jpg - (198.68 KB , 1920x1080 , [Eila] Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow Vol_.jpg )

I posted too quickly - it's available up to 1080p now. ^_^
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