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File 142096827477.jpg - (141.94KB , 1068x660 , 10922786_556308401172593_2011623583068027423_n.jpg )
7483 No. 7483 ID: e1da17
Look so familiar
>> No. 7485 ID: d9dfd1
Most people here don't like KanColle at all.
I just have a feeling this could potentially start a flame war, just saying
>> No. 7486 ID: 7345b4

completely fine with it.

you can make a case for many things looking familiar in anime.

if you come here for strike witches, all is good bro!
>> No. 7487 ID: 17ee85
I actually like it, although half of my support comes from Humikane being involved.
>> No. 7488 ID: 291708
I'm just pretending they are in the same universe or something, so I'm really enjoying this new "Water Witches" anime.
>> No. 7489 ID: 505f49

i directly watch it after knowing it's fumikane's design...
>> No. 7490 ID: 17ee85
Only a few characters were designed by him, but it was plenty of motivation for me.
>> No. 7491 ID: 505f49

it was pretty good. really good actually the battle scenes..
>> No. 7492 ID: 4730f0
There's a thread in /ot/ if you'd like to discuss Kancolle further.
>> No. 7493 ID: 505f49

I'm good. Thanks for making the site, admin! :)
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