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No. 7494 ID: 1ec5e6
  Hi, I'm Ikazuchi.

I work at a military store and we sell military patches along with guns.

My boss was thinking of expanding his line of patches to anime themed ones. I know nothing about Strike Witches as I didn't watch it. However, I know a lot about Kancolle and Girls und Panzer. Since I'm the only one in the store who watches anime, the boss instructed me on doing some research. He wants to know if anime themed patches are profitable.

Here's what I'm trying to do:
I'm going to bulk order 640 patches. There will be 40 of each design, so 16 designs in total. I already chose a patch company that has made unlicensed patches in the past. I guess they don't care if they're copyrighted or not.

Second of all, I'm going to use Patch-kun's designs to make the patches. Here's the link: http://www.helma.us/sw/res/4304.html#4823 I tried contacting Patch-kun via email as well as Kickstarter, but I doubt he's going to reply back. Worst, I can't find a way to contact /ak/ scanlations (Patch-kun is from there, right?)

Third of all, I'm going to create a patch based on the Kancolle Logo. If anyone can find me a filthy big logo that I can vector the hell out of, that'd be well appreciated.

Fourth of all, I'm also making patches based on the 6 schools in Girls und Panzer.

Finally, all patches will be Vinyl and in 3.5x3.5 inches. Sounds good?

The store I work at is located in Ontario, Canada. So if you're from the US, shipping will probably be $1-3 if you buy from us. I'm also trying to sell the patch for $6 each or lower. I'm currently negotiating on the price with the patch company.

I need a lot of feedback to make this work. I don't need Kickstarter to back me up. And I bet Indiegogo will suspend me if the project ever succeeds.

Please let me know if Patch-kun's designs are off. I'll ask my Graphic Arts friend to do the adjustments.

Thank you.
>> No. 7497 ID: 89d2bd
>going to use Patch-kun's designs
not bad, not bad....

>patch based on the Kancolle Logo
May want.

>6 schools in Girls und Panzer

>no upotte

also, >patches will be Vinyl
Al least make it PVC...
>> No. 7498 ID: b152ad
PVC = Vinyl according to the patch maker. Since some people don't like it, I'm trying to search for companies that make quality embroidered patches. If you can name one, let me know.

C3 and Upotte are a small market. Not sure if they're going to sell well. Not many people are asking for C3 or Upotte patches.
>> No. 7499 ID: 17ee85
>40 of each design, so 16 designs in total
Be careful with the quantity of each. Kancolle will probably have much more interest than the others.
>> No. 7503 ID: 1ec5e6
Kancolle is still pretty fresh in the West. I boosted up the numbers to 50. Let's wait and see.

Meanwhile, you can join the discussion in the following boards:
>> No. 7504 ID: 17ee85
Can you centralize all these updates in one place? There are a lot of threads up.

Also, is there an exact count of interest somewhere? I really want the night witches patch mentioned on /k/.
>> No. 7509 ID: 1ec5e6
Here are all the past threads:

This is the current thread: http://boards.4chan.org/a/thread/119795034

Please refer to current thread for updated description. Night Witches will be created when someone provides me the proper design (apparently, the current design on the spreadsheet is wrong.)

All I know, is that everyone currently wants either Strike Witches, Girls und Panzer, or Ace Combat patches. Those are the most popular.
>> No. 7511 ID: b152ad
https://8ch.net/a/res/139088.html ← Current thread on 8chan's /a/
>> No. 7521 ID: 92e82d

ever since patch kun took my money and ran.

I'll buy all the strike witches patches. Also where in Canada are you. and why is your boss specifically going for the anime market when only you watch anime. seems odd. but hey you'll be selling to niche but open market.
>> No. 7528 ID: 1ec5e6
Oh, forgot to post the spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QFPp2SforxWmZDvfhUt_uJdhziOZk2Q1N9T7nzjPYOE/edit#gid=0

I'm not going to disclose my information so that the copyright holders won't know where I live or where I work if they were to send me a CoD letter. After all, these patches are based on copyrighted work. You know how much of an asshole companies like Funimation are.

Boss is interested in anime because he has friends who sell anime related goods in the city I live in, and is curious how profitable the anime/manga market is. Therefore, he tasked me to do some research first.
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