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File 142733122651.jpg - (162.91 KB , 1024x576 , image.jpg )
7766 No. 7766 ID: 6a3b98
Today is March 26, 2015 (at least in Japan anyway)

10 years ago today, on March 26 2005, a new magazine was published, called CompAce.
In it was an illustration column called "Strike Witches: World's Mechanized Aerial Infantry"
This was the first appearence of Strike Witches in a published media.

Conflaturations on the 10th Anniversary, Strike Witches!
Love is alive and well!
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>> No. 7767 ID: 17ee85
File 142734493729.jpg - (144.05 KB , 990x800 , 1417859014650.jpg )
It makes me sad that I've only been here for a year. Here's to another 10 years and beyond!
>> No. 7770 ID: bf8759
Happy 10th anniversary!
>> No. 7771 ID: ecf4e9
File 142741690963.png - (1.36 MB , 1208x678 , im-ok-with-this.png )
Congratulations to the franchise! May it have a traditional Karlsland celebration.
>> No. 7772 ID: 291708
File 142742666450.jpg - (298.92 KB , 841x1200 , ef9087dc.jpg )
Happy 10th Anniversary!
I'm so glad it came this far, and congratulations to comp ace too.
Let's all give the Witches lots of support these next 10 years as well.

Since were on the subject, does anyone have any info on the first comp ace volume? Their website doesn't go back nearly that far and I can't seem to find the cover on jp google.
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