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File 131526899060.jpg - (93.00KB , 800x450 , 800px-M1903Barrel.jpg )
778 No. 778 ID: 899b0e
"Witches? Just a bunch of glory seeking kids."

So how would you think normal soldiers feel about the Witches?
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>> No. 779 ID: f03502
File 131528001277.jpg - (112.43KB , 1280x720 , Band of Brothers - Ep 03 - Carentan_mp4_snapshot_0.jpg )
Well hello Patton Girls!
>> No. 784 ID: 4d2005
They were well-liked in the Afrika doujins. I can imagine it would be similar in other theatres.

Maybe the magic wears off for those who work with them too much.
>> No. 790 ID: f03502
I think most soldiers would be humbled since they're best equipment only has a fraction of a chance compared to a witch.
>> No. 791 ID: b82920
i think it would be a similar love/hate relationship to any other situation in the military, IE, pogues and grunts, army/navy/airforce, et cetera.
>> No. 799 ID: 64c4e0
Hey, military poster here (Navy), and if they are anything like our pilots, they would become either a joke, or if they are like the Air Force pilots who own the base I'm stationed to, they would become a target of humor/jokes/plane otaku/fanboys.
>> No. 800 ID: a13c60

But the question is, are your pilots the only ones that can effectively fight against alien invaders bound to annihilate the human race?
It's okay if you can't talk about confidential things.
>> No. 801 ID: 79cdf8
At the least, there would probably just be jealousy. Like soldiers feeling resentful because they weren't lucky enough to be born with magic powers. And the fact that even though they don't have the advantage of magic they still have to fight, and in far more brutal conditions than the witches with heavy losses and no pampered living.
>> No. 802 ID: b52217
Besides some higher-ups people seem to only have positive thoughts towards the witches in the media. I know it's fun to think about SW sometimes more realistically, and perhaps as more dark, but this franchise isn't really like that. I say the soldiers are like the civilians, they're grateful and have massive fan clubs for the witches.
Witches only get bad looks from the evil men whose hatred is driven by the convenient plot.
>> No. 812 ID: 64c4e0
I joke about the airdales that they provide us enough cover so missiles don't hit us or mines (Submariner here), but it would be like our jokes about how the Air Force doesn't really deploy, though I could see the Marines adopting tank witches. My marine and army friends talk about their random iraqi dogs, I could imagine a tank witch becoming a mascot/child substitute for the married/trooper with kids. Man, I could so see submarines becoming even more important in SW then they are in mainline reality because since Neuroi Hate Water, submarines would become a main means of transport, and since witches can STVOL pretty easily, an I-400 class would become ...well cheaper, and much less vulnerable than a normal carrier would be.
>> No. 839 ID: 7526d6
I think it would also depend a hell of a lot on the country. Japanese defense forces would be more respectful than American Marines, for example (or the time period equivalent)
>> No. 957 ID: 899b0e
File 131815657168.jpg - (221.33KB , 816x979 , 1317362087435.jpg )
Kinda reminds me of this image.

Infantry: "This sucks"
Tank crews: "I like the way this sucks"
Tank Witches: "I wish this would suck more!"
Strike Witches: "Sure does suck down there"
Navy: "What? Minna's not singing? This sucks."
>> No. 1005 ID: ffb3d4
The witches are worshiped. You can see that in the first volume of the novels, for example.
>> No. 4756 ID: 14ea2d
File 135147207264.jpg - (38.93KB , 511x384 , image1717752.jpg )
I would assume that the Air Force would be like this:

"They think they're so special; We can be bad too!"
>> No. 4760 ID: 12cb96
As a rank-and-file I would cream my pants literally if girls without pants were to fight for me.
Otherwise I will curse them if they aren't where I was posted to.
>> No. 4761 ID: d2f9dc
File 135151599895.jpg - (40.18KB , 852x606 , roe.jpg )
"What do you call those people again? Those girls with magic powers?"

"Witches. You know, grandma was a witch"

"Your grandmother? No shit?"

"She was, laid her hands on people and cured them. Took away sickness, wounds, you name it."
>> No. 4768 ID: f03502
File 135158813891.jpg - (33.69KB , 500x369 , 87.jpg )
I think your grossmutter laid more than a hand on people!
>> No. 4985 ID: e76c3b
File 135303309573.jpg - (252.58KB , 1024x576 , slide-04-1024.jpg )
Oh no he didn't!
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