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File 142787515388.png - (42.10 KB , 400x450 , helmacomputer3.png )
7788 No. 7788 ID: bfe4b9
After several months of hard work, I have finally created the front page for this site that I have always envisioned. There are still a few unfinished sections, but I definitely think it's worth showing off!

Be sure to check it all out, and let me know what you think about our new front page!

-Anonymous Admin
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>> No. 7789 ID: 6976ad
File 142789653912.png - (37.75 KB , 200x176 , capture.png )
It's glorious Admin, thanks.
>> No. 7790 ID: 17ee85
File 142791576480.gif - (82.93 KB , 274x279 , 1398974394713.gif )
The fanfictions were amazing. The muffin man's story would be a good addition to it.
>> No. 7791 ID: 41144e
I can't believe that there's even music!
>> No. 7792 ID: 06aabd
File 142793312850.jpg - (270.24 KB , 781x1920 , 115144548412.jpg )
>> No. 7793 ID: e8f916
File 142794485996.jpg - (270.51 KB , 960x1200 , 6573933.jpg )
Goddamnit, Helma. You got me. Should've checked here yesterday.

>plot link is 404
Hahaha. Too much, just too much.
>> No. 7794 ID: bfe4b9
Glad you guys enjoyed it! I'm going to keep the page archived at helma.us/index.php for anyone that missed it.
>> No. 7798 ID: 381afd
File 142814999730.jpg - (52.34 KB , 800x330 , but-then-i.jpg )
>> No. 7799 ID: 100f7c
Wow, does that bring me back.
>> No. 7800 ID: 100f7c
What's the MIDI from the Gallery section? That is jamming.
>> No. 7802 ID: bfe4b9

It's an old midi of "Control" by T-Square that I remixed using a Sega Genesis soundfont.


My version:
>> No. 7804 ID: 012722
File 142818004320.jpg - (78.71 KB , 1280x720 , [Coalgirls]_Strike_Witches_2_Episode_01_mkv_snapsh.jpg )
This is a work of art.
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