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File 142815856553.png - (330.02 KB , 1000x500 , by あひる 44637995_p1.png )
7801 No. 7801 ID: 100f7c
There's going to be a Mecha Musume panel at Anime Boston today, with SW mentioned in the description. I'll report back later. Hopefully it won't just all be KanColle.
>> No. 7805 ID: 100f7c
Nevermind...I ended up playing a card game with a friend and lost track of the time, and just got to the panel on time. It had hit max room occupancy, so I couldn't get in. I guess that's a good sign.
>> No. 7807 ID: 7c7935
;-;7 I salute you, at least you tried
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