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File 142897506640.gif - (367.03 KB , 298x315 , 1411976582609.gif )
7817 No. 7817 ID: c04b11
Strike Witches just got a shout-out in a VICE article about the JSDF.

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>> No. 7818 ID: 291708
The video is pretty cute.
>> No. 7819 ID: 06aabd
Didn't Humi draw something for JSDF recruitment a little while ago? I'm not sure if I'm remembering correctly but they were like personifications of the service branches used for recruitment.
>> No. 7820 ID: 4730f0
"Military hardware is unthreatening, fun, and above all cute!"
I love this so much.
>> No. 7824 ID: 59e15c
File 142912954676.jpg - (180.28 KB , 1921x1007 , stop-waving-at-the-enemy-you-nub.jpg )
>> No. 7826 ID: e8f916
File 142927526445.jpg - (346.88 KB , 1087x777 , RAPE IMMINENT.jpg )
I think they're doing it wrong... military otaku already love the *hardware*, but even they have enough common sense to realize military *life* isn't "unthreatening, fun, and above all cute".
>> No. 7827 ID: 89d2bd
File 142929007896.gif - (70.87 KB , 548x682 , 3cara.gif )
Yeah, he did design the promotional characters.
From left to right,

PFC Momoe Kibi, JGSDF
Assigned to Headquarters Company in armored unit with Type 74 MBTs

SA Mizuho Seto, JMSDF
Training for fleet assignment in Communications and System unit.

Amn Airi Bizen, JASDF
Assigned to Maintenance unit in an Air Wing.
Mainly works on the maintenance of F-15J.
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