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File 144281629272.png - (551.41 KB , 398x677 , sw game.png )
8289 No. 8289 ID: 17ee85
The mobile game has been released.
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>> No. 11951 ID: 89b4c5
File 147985356575.jpg - (146.35 KB , 640x800 , Card Marseille theatre.jpg )
Marseille's very flexible, just like Erica in her card.
>> No. 11952 ID: 89b4c5
File 147985379818.jpg - (143.44 KB , 640x800 , Card Shirley theatre.jpg )
Shirley doesn't lose either when it comes down to it.
Very nice dress and long black gloves suit her perfectly, and with that she concludes the theatre set.

Wonder what's next, besides the obvious Christmas cards soon.
>> No. 11962 ID: 450c96
File 148017440868.png - (137.38 KB , 261x847 , 5b837fda54bc27ec067f013555980594.png )
>> No. 11963 ID: 450c96
File 148017445796.png - (267.32 KB , 437x926 , c573feb387933e15704c9ea045708830.png )
>> No. 11965 ID: 4d25be
File 148027138846.jpg - (131.90 KB , 640x800 , Card Lynne maid.jpg )
Victorian Maid Lynne.
Would watch.
>> No. 12025 ID: bf6e62
File 148130923511.jpg - (182.16 KB , 640x800 , 201612091922305a2.jpg )
Don't bully the Perrine.
>> No. 12052 ID: 450c96
File 148157861439.png - (157.82 KB , 1024x1024 , 8c89bfa69b1d25550ba1a16540f4788b.png )
>> No. 12062 ID: 450c96
File 148174443224.png - (216.85 KB , 640x800 , b44466e58f086eef98db4bf550e4ebed.png )
>> No. 12137 ID: 73f52e
Does anyone have the 2016 Christmas cards? Also, why has this thread gone dead?
>> No. 12162 ID: 15e0a9
File 148308535462.png - (776.89 KB , 640x800 , 20161229191409bbc.png )
Cozy rare pair winter witches.

In part 2, Erica steals the potatoes.
>> No. 12272 ID: da6ebb

There's a wiki for this game, apparently, so enjoy.
>> No. 12273 ID: da3bb9
Don't mind me, just testing Helma's moonrune linking skills.

>> No. 12280 ID: da6ebb
File 148586632559.png - (929.87 KB , 640x800 , Eila Sanya bunny girls dmm_card.png )
God bless
>> No. 12512 ID: 29a7f2
File 14935748171.jpg - (311.09 KB , 640x800 , 20170430182800f87.jpg )
>> No. 12513 ID: f92b76
Idol Witches so far:

Sasha: Takane.
Nipa: Miku.
Eila: Anju/Maki.
Shizuka: Kotori.
Rossmann: Anzu.
Georgette: Momoka.
Kunika: Haruka.
Neumann: Azusa.
>> No. 12514 ID: f30eb9
>Rossmann: Anzu.
That's at least seven different kinds of hilarious.
>> No. 12515 ID: 3f5e11
File 149361531160.png - (417.12 KB , 627x1003 , 52623325_p0.png )

>>Rossmann: Anzu.

What did he mean by this?
>> No. 12516 ID: 29a7f2
Rossmann and Anzu are both voiced by Hiromi Igarashi
>> No. 12518 ID: 3f5e11

Oh, I see. That does make much more sense then.
>> No. 12707 ID: 8b9cbd
File 149904195595.png - (1.14 MB , 640x800 , y_card.png )
>> No. 12709 ID: ed7b3a
Does anyone have Sanya's 1st kimono card & Eila's 2nd kimono card..? (solo version)
>> No. 12712 ID: 120a7e
File 149912122969.jpg - (311.00 KB , 640x800 , mb card 55.jpg )

Sanya's in the Sanya thread, but you probably don't want to scroll through 1100 images. Although all 1100 are of Sanya, so it wouldn't be time wasted.

In the interests of posting Sanya in more threads and thereby making the world a better, comfier place, here ya go.
>> No. 12714 ID: d9e18b
File 149914460092.jpg - (297.12 KB , 640x800 , mb card 57.jpg )
And the other.
>> No. 12716 ID: f926a3
And also Eila's bakery card..
>> No. 12719 ID: ab1581
File 149946579717.jpg - (166.41 KB , 1176x1284 , 47356864t89e5.jpg )

This archive should have every card released so far.

>> No. 12763 ID: 38c5b9
File 150080669232.jpg - (277.72 KB , 640x800 , gree_card.jpg )
I have almost 20k of those crystal of thoughts things saved up over the last 6 months for Sanya's birthday. I hope they put some really good cards in that gacha when the day comes.
>> No. 13144 ID: ecd7dd
Why doesn't Minna have a cheerleading or medieval/ fantasy card? She's not the only one that's missing either. There's a few people missing from different card sets. Is there a reason for this or is there a card out there and I just can't find it.
>> No. 13145 ID: d89500
The cheerleader and fantasy sets haven't yet finished, that's why. It takes over a month or so for each set to finish once they start as they don't release all the cards instantly and they're the newest sets.
Those and the Halloween one that started recently as well.
>> No. 13146 ID: ecd7dd
Well the fantasy ones have been out for around 3 months or so I'm sure.
>> No. 13147 ID: d85d7e
Well, I did say 'takes over a month'. I checked my saved images and both Lynne and Minna are left in fantasy set and yeah it started around summer.
Things just take time.
>> No. 13177 ID: f6a10d
File 150968524384.jpg - (363.18 KB , 880x1200 , Untitled.jpg )
I made a post on /c/ but I might as well mention it here too, I bought the artbooks with card art from the game.

Nothing really fascinating to share, just big versions of card art, which are nice to look at in person so I am happy I bought them.
Each book also came with a code, I believe for a special card with the cover art. I know there's at least one anon who is into the game, I can post the codes if someone wants them.
>> No. 13178 ID: 4ee60f
Such a shame that game is so bad. If only it was something at least as okay as Azur Lane.
>> No. 13179 ID: a01f6e
The game is not bad.
>> No. 13180 ID: a01f6e
Did you try to play it to say that ithe game is bad?
>> No. 13182 ID: 4ee60f
Watching gameplay videos is enough to tell it's incredibly mediocre even compared to other mobage.
>> No. 13183 ID: a01f6e
Your opinion doesn't count if you only watched videos instead of playing the game
>> No. 13190 ID: 204681
Does the PR girls & Amelie have their own cards..
>> No. 13191 ID: 6045eb
PR girls?
But no, only 501st, Marseille and Junko have cards regularly.
>> No. 13192 ID: 779608
Pantaloni Rossi..

I hope this mobage didn't get folded as Million Live & Aqua Ritmo were and having a SIF All Star-esque sequel..
>> No. 13260 ID: fde470
Is this just me or we have yet to see Mio & Sanya's second bride cards..?
>> No. 13432 ID: 5b839f
Apparently this is getting shut down on Feb 28th.

>> No. 13433 ID: 7e6335
Or they'll focused to 502nd from Feb28 onwards..(Georgette cards when..!?)
>> No. 13467 ID: 9b09f0
File 151467764224.png - (0.96 MB , 640x800 , cards.png )
No it's definitely shutting down. They're even talking about no refunds.
>> No. 13469 ID: 6d0498
That's sucks..

No 502nd, Heidi, Rai-chan, Shizuka, Amelie, & Pantaloni Rossi's cards..

What a missed opportunity..(SIF has Muse, Aqours, & PDP and YuYuYui has all Heroes from NoWaYu to YuYuYu)
>> No. 13714 ID: f5a932
>> No. 13717 ID: e0f111
Google trans was gibberishy as usual.
>> No. 13721 ID: b555c4
What happened? Did the game died?
>> No. 13722 ID: e0f111
>> No. 13723 ID: cfedbc
Aye, it shut down week ago as anon said here >>13432
>> No. 13727 ID: 4ee60f
I have some hope they will now make a new one similar to AGA.
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