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File 144281629272.png - (551.41 KB , 398x677 , sw game.png )
8289 No. 8289 ID: 17ee85
The mobile game has been released.
Expand all images
>> No. 8291 ID: 17ee85
File 144281719179.png - (620.84 KB , 600x1852 , I tried.png )
Here is an unnecessary guide on how to sign up.
>> No. 8293 ID: 204642
I don't see an apk download nor anything else that looks like an app download link. Is this meant to be played through a mobile's browser?
>> No. 8294 ID: 58784e
Great, thanks for the tutorial, I go to check the preinscription reward *.*
>> No. 8295 ID: 17ee85
This is the browser version of the mobile game and can be played through a normal browser. Some people have had problems, but I'm putting a guide together in Paint, so I can't help.
>> No. 8296 ID: 70a952
where am I supposed to get the authentication number?
>> No. 8297 ID: 70a952
Oh, nevermind, it seems using Yahoo mail wouldn't let me get the code so I used my gmail instead.
>> No. 8300 ID: 0de8ce
File 144304409139.png - (717.55 KB , 506x900 , unnamed.png )
On a sorta-related note, there is a free Android game on the Play Store called Witches Flight. It's a dead simple zig-zag pew-pew shooter but it's Strike Witches themed. It appears to have been abandoned but it works fine on my tablet running Android 5.0.2.

>> No. 8302 ID: 17ee85
The link is now down until the official release.
>> No. 8440 ID: 17ee85
File 14459290876.png - (23.38 KB , 360x480 , common_chara_02_02.png )
The site is now back up. The game runs slowly and has a daunting number of buttons to learn. Even if you ignore the items and repeatedly sortie to see the dialogue, it's predictable and probably not worth playing unless a guide is made.
>> No. 8462 ID: 17ee85
File 144617622191.jpg - (8.34 KB , 256x320 , mb_card.jpg )
I used an image grabber to get some cards, but the quality isn't good.
menu>lightning bolt>what Google translates as "Strengthening to"
>> No. 8468 ID: ba3f77
File 144625049548.jpg - (91.93 KB , 640x800 , mb_card_php.jpg )
Just save them like any other image.
>> No. 8478 ID: 7db6b2
Tried it out and I'm having various annoying issues. Either on firefox I get a dialogue box shortly after Minna says something, cant click out of it. Or on Chrome I get passed it but it is insanely zoomed in. And there's no audio on both (is there supposed to be audio?)
>> No. 8480 ID: 3e2336
I wonder if we'll see S2 expansion pack for this..?
>> No. 8484 ID: 17ee85
I also get the blue dialogue box on Firefox and zoom problem on Chrome. There is audio.
>> No. 8493 ID: 3ce3a1
File 144660655335.png - (300.04 KB , 321x461 , all me fam.png )
Wait, this came out in September? I just got my pre-registration email a few days ago, so I thought it was still in development.

Anyways, this was my first 10 roll. Got both cards I wanted. I also just figured out about the skills. Still trying to figure out the combat, but I assume that the bottom left circle is a fatigue system, and when you get all (or at least the outer) in red, you lose and have to re-sortie.
It's not too bad figuring everything out. Granted I'm playing through my browser since it runs like ass on mobile.
>> No. 8494 ID: e19ece
This should have a Tumblr page.
>> No. 8495 ID: 814f29
File 144661837229.png - (459.79 KB , 1920x949 , swkidekinorondo.png )
excuse me, how I can fix this and how Ican enter the pre-registration code?
>> No. 8496 ID: bf9505

After I gave it my email, a new field showed up and that's where I put my code. You may have to re-enter your email to get to that screen.

There might be another way, but I don't know any Japanese so I can't tell.
>> No. 8497 ID: bf9505

What browser are you using with this? I've tried firefox, chrome, IE11, midori, Avant v11, and firefox portable (I have way too many browsers laying around) and they've all had problems getting past the tutorial which is weird since the initial release of it worked fine. None of them have sound either.
>> No. 8498 ID: 3ce3a1
File 144662519420.png - (310.29 KB , 405x562 , pic related.png )
Latest version of Chromium, haven't had a problem with it. Possible that you need to update flash? I don't know, but I have not had any problems with it besides the cutscenes being full screen, thus looking like shit. That and sound not work (works on my phone, though).
Menu > Wrench > Middle button
>> No. 8499 ID: bf9505

Look like chromium worked, thanks.
>> No. 8504 ID: 7e4b66
Thanks, I run the game with Chrome and has sound, FireFox is to buged and dont run (blue icon), and wiht Chromium run but dont has sound.
>> No. 8514 ID: bf9505
File 144687638283.png - (130.14 KB , 339x428 , burgerseverywhere.png )
No more, please!

I keep getting duplicate after duplicate for every witch except my favorite. Wish I could trade these away to other players.
>> No. 8533 ID: 17ee85
File 144730798982.jpg - (77.36 KB , 640x360 , h_ev_0001.jpg )
Here are some images from the game. The cards are incomplete, but I will add them if there is some way to access them.
>> No. 8545 ID: ff3170
Does anyone know if the account I'm using can be used on the Android version? And when is the Android version coming out?
>> No. 8565 ID: a6b0fd
I'll trade ya for one of those Shirley burger cards.
>> No. 8581 ID: 3ce3a1
It's out now and yes you can. If you have problems getting it to work, use chrome app to connect to the site. Firefox wouldn't work for me.
Is there actual trading in this game?
>> No. 8584 ID: 193208
I think so. I remember seeing something saying you can trade cards if I'm not mistaken.
>> No. 8618 ID: 9fb281
Man, saved up my points for like half the month in the hopes of getting event cards for my favorite characters. Finally the day comes where their cards are up, 47% chance of getting them, not bad! Spend the 2000 points and just get a bunch of duplicate A rank cards instead.

0 luck.
>> No. 8626 ID: 4acf3b
After playing for a few days, it's really nothing more than a run of the mill mobile RPG. It is addicting though, and the card art made specifically for the game is nice. Pulled that S-rank Sanya card with her and the penguin on my second 1000 point pull, which was pretty cool. I'm now in some guild where I'm afraid of saying anything because my Japanese is super weak and I don't want to sound stupid. I just contribute money.
>> No. 8663 ID: 7db6b2
File 144892064843.png - (690.38 KB , 600x750 , Card S_Erica 01.png )

I gift for my fellow SW fans! I've been collecting the artwork for the past few days or so. I will continue to update this when I collect any new artwork that comes out. :) Enjoy!
>> No. 8665 ID: 17e9a4
File 144892434131.png - (507.40 KB , 536x670 , Card A_Sanya 02.png )

Thank you for sharing these!
>> No. 8670 ID: 291708
File 144897869781.png - (634.83 KB , 600x750 , Card A_Eila 02.png )
Greatly appreciated.
>> No. 8671 ID: 7db6b2
File 144898589496.png - (845.69 KB , 600x750 , Card S_Eila_Band.png )
Updated to include the newly released musician pics! Also the folders are sorted a bit better.
>> No. 8681 ID: d5ff6e
File 14490668168.png - (128.52 KB , 510x650 , Fuff.png )
Thanks man, this is great.
>> No. 8694 ID: 7db6b2
File 144921503033.png - (862.90 KB , 600x750 , Card S_Trude_Christmas.png )
Christmas time is coming! :D
>> No. 8881 ID: 3ce3a1

Somewhat of a guide for anyone who still has trouble with the game. It's minimal, but it's something.
>> No. 8888 ID: bee415
How do you increase bonds? Mine can't go further beyond 2 hearts
>> No. 8890 ID: 3ce3a1
It does naturally, just extremely fucking slow. I'm not sure if there's something you have to do after 2 hearts to speed it up, but I have yet to find it. Tutorial just mentions sortieing together and using the special sortie attack when the gauge fills, though that may be referring to hearts effecting gauge rate.

I've been running the some comp since pretty much the first couple of mission and made sure all of my support cards for them were the same witches in my sortie and it still barely budges.
>> No. 8905 ID: 7c3677
Hi, I have a trouble how when I try log in the game. I log normally several days ago login with Google+ but I cant log now, When I click the blue buton this send me to mbga.jp and only option to pc is yahoomobgame, pleas if you know how to log this will be great.
>> No. 8913 ID: 3ce3a1

After you log out, log back in.
>> No. 8916 ID: 3526cb

Thank you, realy you save me ^^
>> No. 8968 ID: 7b798c
Thank you very very much! I came in here asking to see if anyone else had this issue, glad to see there was a solution!
>> No. 9060 ID: de070e
Hi,anyone know how to download the android app and(or) how to buy Mobicoin outside from Japan?

Thank you (^w^)/
>> No. 9096 ID: 322510
File 14530267159.jpg - (596.11 KB , 1295x1920 , 156083.jpg )
from Russia
>> No. 9097 ID: 322510
File 145302682529.jpg - (16.59 KB , 200x200 , 8nt9_CVMh8c.jpg )
from Russia
>> No. 9103 ID: 58c88f
Does anyone get Eilanya Christmas & new year cards..?

BTW, can I delete >>9096 & >>9097..?
>> No. 9108 ID: 3ce3a1
File 145314170793.jpg - (113.21 KB , 640x800 , 10540144.jpg )
Click the box in the top left of the post, then click the Delete button at the bottom left of the page. Might not work, though, since you are under a new ID, but that's how you do it.

I never got the New Year's card, but here's the Christmas one.
>> No. 9109 ID: 3ce3a1
File 145314225283.jpg - (113.10 KB , 640x800 , 10540144 S.jpg )

URL for future reference.
sz = size
fr = rarity (C-SS+)
od = border at bottom of card
iq = size(?) not sure but changing it to 1 also changes the size.
>> No. 9112 ID: d5ff6e
Dat Eila.
Dat white pantyhose styled hat.
Dat smugness looking at Sanya.
Sanya looking incredibly pretty as well (slightly Reimuish?).

Thanks anon.~
>> No. 9116 ID: c2ac55
Thanks, anon.

Do you know if any parameters can be used to output better quality images? The JPG artifacting on these is just bloody awful.
>> No. 9117 ID: 80444c
File 145325568490.png - (2.99 MB , 1280x1600 , 786iyt76578riuoty.png )

Different anon here, but you might be better off saving the images as they are and then enlarging with waifu2x.


You can enlarge by 1.6x or 2.0x. Click Submit Query to have the resized image load in a new tab or Download to just download it. If you are on Firefox and use Submit Query, use Ctrl+S to save the image. Right-click and Save As don't work for some reason.

Waifu2x is down some days. I don't know why. Porbably due to traffic. If it won't connect for you, keep trying.
>> No. 9118 ID: d5ff6e
Unfortunately Eila's face gets quite artifact rich even with waifu2x.
Besides that waifu2x makes magical work as always.
>> No. 9130 ID: 2410dd

I can't imagine anything more clunky than processing images one by one through some webapp.

If I wanted to use waifu2x, I'd use a local copy. waifu2x is shit tho so I won't.
>> No. 9135 ID: 88a3db
I can't access this link (not found).
>> No. 9145 ID: 3202a3
File 145351006722.jpg - (166.61 KB , 1018x683 , 142281185553.jpg )

404 for me as well. Give it a day and try again.
>> No. 9203 ID: 459d1b
Hi, i need to create account to Mobage now, but once i press sign in, it throws me to the mobage's home page, any idea where i can create account then?
>> No. 9214 ID: 3ce3a1
File 145431490441.jpg - (94.34 KB , 640x800 , mb_card 10540178_jpg.jpg )
I'm liking this card a lot.
>> No. 9215 ID: f5a932

Can't wait to see the full set.
>> No. 9218 ID: d5ff6e
We Valentines already.
>> No. 9360 ID: 246620
Hi, anyone knows a english speaking guild?
>> No. 9361 ID: d5ff6e
File 145548193137.png - (827.39 KB , 640x800 , Mio Valentine's baking.png )

I'm loving all these long dresses and skirts from this set.
>> No. 9368 ID: d5ff6e
File 145551282874.jpg - (98.36 KB , 640x800 , Perrine Valentine's dress.jpg )
What happened to this gallery?
It's giving out 404 now.
>> No. 9374 ID: 7b798c
Sorry about that! I was resorting the images and accidentally deleted it, haha. But here is a brand new link, and updated with all the newest cards too!


>> No. 9375 ID: d5ff6e
File 145559530952.png - (0.99 MB , 640x800 , Eila Kimono.png )
Aw yiss, thanks man.
>> No. 9397 ID: 3ce3a1
File 145579259425.jpg - (93.87 KB , 640x800 , mb_card_Eila_Valentines.jpg )
Taking Eila out on a date!
>> No. 9412 ID: 7b798c
File 145592837598.png - (0.98 MB , 640x800 , Card_Trude_Oni.png )

3 new cards added to the Google Drive collection

- Valentine Eila
- Valentine Shirley
- Oni Trude

I'll try to keep the drive updated more frequently in the future! : )
>> No. 9503 ID: d5ff6e
File 145661441744.jpg - (134.52 KB , 640x800 , Perrine birthday card.jpg )
It's Perrine day.~
>> No. 9506 ID: 9bcd1b
Does anyone get Eila's b'day card..?
>> No. 9507 ID: 46fdaf
File 145665374619.jpg - (83.81 KB , 640x800 , mb_card (18).jpg )
>> No. 9511 ID: 696229
Dat Finnish legs..
>> No. 9534 ID: d5ff6e
File 145678791490.png - (702.58 KB , 640x800 , Card Miyafuji and Mio angel.png )
Looks like a new set is out.
Not sure what's the theme, but I'm gonna go with angels.
>> No. 9535 ID: d5ff6e
File 145678797598.png - (664.71 KB , 640x800 , Card Perrine angel.png )
So elegant and white.
>> No. 9552 ID: d69eaa
White Day..?
>> No. 9559 ID: d5ff6e
Oh right. That could be it.
>> No. 9562 ID: b2e60b
File 145688186082.png - (431.66 KB , 403x580 , ruckyday.png )
Looks like my luck is finally starting to improve!
>> No. 9597 ID: 2ab07b
I just want to ask how are we supposed to upgrade the card skills?
>> No. 9663 ID: d5ff6e
Hope you're getting the white day angel cards.
>> No. 9766 ID: 3ce3a1
There's some brown book item that does it. It's RNG chance to increase either the main or support skill of the card.
>> No. 9793 ID: d5ff6e
Rip you.
Guess it's up to hunting the white day cards now.
>> No. 9802 ID: eeb371
File 145841570148.jpg - (92.05 KB , 540x717 , Cd63ppSVIAEqUBg.jpg )
Might need to boot it up again...
>> No. 9831 ID: d5ff6e
File 145866321625.jpg - (166.05 KB , 749x941 , Card Eila kimono.jpg )
Oh my, how sensual. Dem bare shoulders and a lucky ass statue..
What a odd timing for this card with Easter around the corner. I at least hope there's Easter set or something going to be around.
>> No. 9833 ID: 5a0975
Does anyone manages to get a Gallian & an Orussian one..?
>> No. 10070 ID: 96f603

>> No. 10096 ID: f5a932
File 146051267859.png - (864.15 KB , 640x800 , mb_card_201604072229395a6.png )
The Fastest Tsun in the West.
>> No. 10097 ID: f5a932
File 146051285410.png - (965.64 KB , 640x800 , 201604072229408b6.png )

Chief Dotes-On-Sister.
>> No. 10101 ID: d5ff6e
File 146051427649.jpg - (146.20 KB , 390x1300 , hngh.jpg )
>Pouting Indian Miyafuji
>> No. 10102 ID: f5a932
File 146051488457.png - (876.44 KB , 640x800 , 201604111814210c4.png )

My brain told me it was Trude. Silly brain.
>> No. 10190 ID: f5a932
File 146129311477.png - (1.03 MB , 640x800 , 05_2016042118091153b.png )
Even a boobie monster can appreciate Karlslandic engineering.
>> No. 10235 ID: 1b652c
File 146235627833.jpg - (88.82 KB , 640x800 , mb_card cowboy sanya no border.jpg )
I don't know how to get rid of the rarity, but here's cowboy Sanya.
>> No. 10238 ID: d5ff6e
This is great but, damn the cowboys. I want more beautiful Indian witches!
>> No. 10239 ID: a21991
You mean cowgirl..?
>> No. 10264 ID: d5ff6e
File 146241055638.jpg - (92.37 KB , 640x800 , Card Wild West.jpg )
Ah, yeah. Cowgirls was what I meant.
>> No. 10346 ID: 989c29
Tfw gallery manager MIA. All them special cards that have come and go and will be lost in time.
>> No. 10350 ID: 295a2a

Incidentally, Pierre Clostermann was trained as an auronautical engineer at Cal Tech after getting rejected by the AdlA after the battle of France.

Erich Hartmann learned how to fly Jet fighters at Luke Airforce Base after the Luftwaffe was reestablished in the 1950's, and had the single most enjoyable period of his life while he was living with Ursula in Phoenix.

So I guess what I'm saying is that the Cowboy gear is appropriate for those two in particular, arguably more so than any witches save for Charlotte (since chuck still lives in the Southwest)
>> No. 10354 ID: 989c29
Makes sense.
Haven't seen Shirley card, I wonder if she got one. She would be perfect for a cowgirl.
>> No. 10365 ID: 3817b4
I'll be damned if we'll see Erica with Sabre striker..
>> No. 10366 ID: f5a932
File 146307852880.jpg - (41.94 KB , 724x1024 , CbGLQXUUEAE1V69_jpg orig.jpg )

It would be wonderful, but I wouldn't expect it either.
>> No. 10380 ID: 399815
File 146322243991.png - (851.09 KB , 640x800 , file-1(4).png )
She looks pretty badass in this armor
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