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File 144281629272.png - (551.41 KB , 398x677 , sw game.png )
8289 No. 8289 ID: 17ee85
The mobile game has been released.
Expand all images
>> No. 8291 ID: 17ee85
File 144281719179.png - (620.84 KB , 600x1852 , I tried.png )
Here is an unnecessary guide on how to sign up.
>> No. 8293 ID: 204642
I don't see an apk download nor anything else that looks like an app download link. Is this meant to be played through a mobile's browser?
>> No. 8294 ID: 58784e
Great, thanks for the tutorial, I go to check the preinscription reward *.*
>> No. 8295 ID: 17ee85
This is the browser version of the mobile game and can be played through a normal browser. Some people have had problems, but I'm putting a guide together in Paint, so I can't help.
>> No. 8296 ID: 70a952
where am I supposed to get the authentication number?
>> No. 8297 ID: 70a952
Oh, nevermind, it seems using Yahoo mail wouldn't let me get the code so I used my gmail instead.
>> No. 8300 ID: 0de8ce
File 144304409139.png - (717.55 KB , 506x900 , unnamed.png )
On a sorta-related note, there is a free Android game on the Play Store called Witches Flight. It's a dead simple zig-zag pew-pew shooter but it's Strike Witches themed. It appears to have been abandoned but it works fine on my tablet running Android 5.0.2.

>> No. 8302 ID: 17ee85
The link is now down until the official release.
>> No. 8440 ID: 17ee85
File 14459290876.png - (23.38 KB , 360x480 , common_chara_02_02.png )
The site is now back up. The game runs slowly and has a daunting number of buttons to learn. Even if you ignore the items and repeatedly sortie to see the dialogue, it's predictable and probably not worth playing unless a guide is made.
>> No. 8462 ID: 17ee85
File 144617622191.jpg - (8.34 KB , 256x320 , mb_card.jpg )
I used an image grabber to get some cards, but the quality isn't good.
menu>lightning bolt>what Google translates as "Strengthening to"
>> No. 8468 ID: ba3f77
File 144625049548.jpg - (91.93 KB , 640x800 , mb_card_php.jpg )
Just save them like any other image.
>> No. 8478 ID: 7db6b2
Tried it out and I'm having various annoying issues. Either on firefox I get a dialogue box shortly after Minna says something, cant click out of it. Or on Chrome I get passed it but it is insanely zoomed in. And there's no audio on both (is there supposed to be audio?)
>> No. 8480 ID: 3e2336
I wonder if we'll see S2 expansion pack for this..?
>> No. 8484 ID: 17ee85
I also get the blue dialogue box on Firefox and zoom problem on Chrome. There is audio.
>> No. 8493 ID: 3ce3a1
File 144660655335.png - (300.04 KB , 321x461 , all me fam.png )
Wait, this came out in September? I just got my pre-registration email a few days ago, so I thought it was still in development.

Anyways, this was my first 10 roll. Got both cards I wanted. I also just figured out about the skills. Still trying to figure out the combat, but I assume that the bottom left circle is a fatigue system, and when you get all (or at least the outer) in red, you lose and have to re-sortie.
It's not too bad figuring everything out. Granted I'm playing through my browser since it runs like ass on mobile.
>> No. 8494 ID: e19ece
This should have a Tumblr page.
>> No. 8495 ID: 814f29
File 144661837229.png - (459.79 KB , 1920x949 , swkidekinorondo.png )
excuse me, how I can fix this and how Ican enter the pre-registration code?
>> No. 8496 ID: bf9505

After I gave it my email, a new field showed up and that's where I put my code. You may have to re-enter your email to get to that screen.

There might be another way, but I don't know any Japanese so I can't tell.
>> No. 8497 ID: bf9505

What browser are you using with this? I've tried firefox, chrome, IE11, midori, Avant v11, and firefox portable (I have way too many browsers laying around) and they've all had problems getting past the tutorial which is weird since the initial release of it worked fine. None of them have sound either.
>> No. 8498 ID: 3ce3a1
File 144662519420.png - (310.29 KB , 405x562 , pic related.png )
Latest version of Chromium, haven't had a problem with it. Possible that you need to update flash? I don't know, but I have not had any problems with it besides the cutscenes being full screen, thus looking like shit. That and sound not work (works on my phone, though).
Menu > Wrench > Middle button
>> No. 8499 ID: bf9505

Look like chromium worked, thanks.
>> No. 8504 ID: 7e4b66
Thanks, I run the game with Chrome and has sound, FireFox is to buged and dont run (blue icon), and wiht Chromium run but dont has sound.
>> No. 8514 ID: bf9505
File 144687638283.png - (130.14 KB , 339x428 , burgerseverywhere.png )
No more, please!

I keep getting duplicate after duplicate for every witch except my favorite. Wish I could trade these away to other players.
>> No. 8533 ID: 17ee85
File 144730798982.jpg - (77.36 KB , 640x360 , h_ev_0001.jpg )
Here are some images from the game. The cards are incomplete, but I will add them if there is some way to access them.
>> No. 8545 ID: ff3170
Does anyone know if the account I'm using can be used on the Android version? And when is the Android version coming out?
>> No. 8565 ID: a6b0fd
I'll trade ya for one of those Shirley burger cards.
>> No. 8581 ID: 3ce3a1
It's out now and yes you can. If you have problems getting it to work, use chrome app to connect to the site. Firefox wouldn't work for me.
Is there actual trading in this game?
>> No. 8584 ID: 193208
I think so. I remember seeing something saying you can trade cards if I'm not mistaken.
>> No. 8618 ID: 9fb281
Man, saved up my points for like half the month in the hopes of getting event cards for my favorite characters. Finally the day comes where their cards are up, 47% chance of getting them, not bad! Spend the 2000 points and just get a bunch of duplicate A rank cards instead.

0 luck.
>> No. 8626 ID: 4acf3b
After playing for a few days, it's really nothing more than a run of the mill mobile RPG. It is addicting though, and the card art made specifically for the game is nice. Pulled that S-rank Sanya card with her and the penguin on my second 1000 point pull, which was pretty cool. I'm now in some guild where I'm afraid of saying anything because my Japanese is super weak and I don't want to sound stupid. I just contribute money.
>> No. 8663 ID: 7db6b2
File 144892064843.png - (690.38 KB , 600x750 , Card S_Erica 01.png )

I gift for my fellow SW fans! I've been collecting the artwork for the past few days or so. I will continue to update this when I collect any new artwork that comes out. :) Enjoy!
>> No. 8665 ID: 17e9a4
File 144892434131.png - (507.40 KB , 536x670 , Card A_Sanya 02.png )

Thank you for sharing these!
>> No. 8670 ID: 291708
File 144897869781.png - (634.83 KB , 600x750 , Card A_Eila 02.png )
Greatly appreciated.
>> No. 8671 ID: 7db6b2
File 144898589496.png - (845.69 KB , 600x750 , Card S_Eila_Band.png )
Updated to include the newly released musician pics! Also the folders are sorted a bit better.
>> No. 8681 ID: d5ff6e
File 14490668168.png - (128.52 KB , 510x650 , Fuff.png )
Thanks man, this is great.
>> No. 8694 ID: 7db6b2
File 144921503033.png - (862.90 KB , 600x750 , Card S_Trude_Christmas.png )
Christmas time is coming! :D
>> No. 8881 ID: 3ce3a1

Somewhat of a guide for anyone who still has trouble with the game. It's minimal, but it's something.
>> No. 8888 ID: bee415
How do you increase bonds? Mine can't go further beyond 2 hearts
>> No. 8890 ID: 3ce3a1
It does naturally, just extremely fucking slow. I'm not sure if there's something you have to do after 2 hearts to speed it up, but I have yet to find it. Tutorial just mentions sortieing together and using the special sortie attack when the gauge fills, though that may be referring to hearts effecting gauge rate.

I've been running the some comp since pretty much the first couple of mission and made sure all of my support cards for them were the same witches in my sortie and it still barely budges.
>> No. 8905 ID: 7c3677
Hi, I have a trouble how when I try log in the game. I log normally several days ago login with Google+ but I cant log now, When I click the blue buton this send me to mbga.jp and only option to pc is yahoomobgame, pleas if you know how to log this will be great.
>> No. 8913 ID: 3ce3a1

After you log out, log back in.
>> No. 8916 ID: 3526cb

Thank you, realy you save me ^^
>> No. 8968 ID: 7b798c
Thank you very very much! I came in here asking to see if anyone else had this issue, glad to see there was a solution!
>> No. 9060 ID: de070e
Hi,anyone know how to download the android app and(or) how to buy Mobicoin outside from Japan?

Thank you (^w^)/
>> No. 9096 ID: 322510
File 14530267159.jpg - (596.11 KB , 1295x1920 , 156083.jpg )
from Russia
>> No. 9097 ID: 322510
File 145302682529.jpg - (16.59 KB , 200x200 , 8nt9_CVMh8c.jpg )
from Russia
>> No. 9103 ID: 58c88f
Does anyone get Eilanya Christmas & new year cards..?

BTW, can I delete >>9096 & >>9097..?
>> No. 9108 ID: 3ce3a1
File 145314170793.jpg - (113.21 KB , 640x800 , 10540144.jpg )
Click the box in the top left of the post, then click the Delete button at the bottom left of the page. Might not work, though, since you are under a new ID, but that's how you do it.

I never got the New Year's card, but here's the Christmas one.
>> No. 9109 ID: 3ce3a1
File 145314225283.jpg - (113.10 KB , 640x800 , 10540144 S.jpg )

URL for future reference.
sz = size
fr = rarity (C-SS+)
od = border at bottom of card
iq = size(?) not sure but changing it to 1 also changes the size.
>> No. 9112 ID: d5ff6e
Dat Eila.
Dat white pantyhose styled hat.
Dat smugness looking at Sanya.
Sanya looking incredibly pretty as well (slightly Reimuish?).

Thanks anon.~
>> No. 9116 ID: c2ac55
Thanks, anon.

Do you know if any parameters can be used to output better quality images? The JPG artifacting on these is just bloody awful.
>> No. 9117 ID: 80444c
File 145325568490.png - (2.99 MB , 1280x1600 , 786iyt76578riuoty.png )

Different anon here, but you might be better off saving the images as they are and then enlarging with waifu2x.


You can enlarge by 1.6x or 2.0x. Click Submit Query to have the resized image load in a new tab or Download to just download it. If you are on Firefox and use Submit Query, use Ctrl+S to save the image. Right-click and Save As don't work for some reason.

Waifu2x is down some days. I don't know why. Porbably due to traffic. If it won't connect for you, keep trying.
>> No. 9118 ID: d5ff6e
Unfortunately Eila's face gets quite artifact rich even with waifu2x.
Besides that waifu2x makes magical work as always.
>> No. 9130 ID: 2410dd

I can't imagine anything more clunky than processing images one by one through some webapp.

If I wanted to use waifu2x, I'd use a local copy. waifu2x is shit tho so I won't.
>> No. 9135 ID: 88a3db
I can't access this link (not found).
>> No. 9145 ID: 3202a3
File 145351006722.jpg - (166.61 KB , 1018x683 , 142281185553.jpg )

404 for me as well. Give it a day and try again.
>> No. 9203 ID: 459d1b
Hi, i need to create account to Mobage now, but once i press sign in, it throws me to the mobage's home page, any idea where i can create account then?
>> No. 9214 ID: 3ce3a1
File 145431490441.jpg - (94.34 KB , 640x800 , mb_card 10540178_jpg.jpg )
I'm liking this card a lot.
>> No. 9215 ID: f5a932

Can't wait to see the full set.
>> No. 9218 ID: d5ff6e
We Valentines already.
>> No. 9360 ID: 246620
Hi, anyone knows a english speaking guild?
>> No. 9361 ID: d5ff6e
File 145548193137.png - (827.39 KB , 640x800 , Mio Valentine's baking.png )

I'm loving all these long dresses and skirts from this set.
>> No. 9368 ID: d5ff6e
File 145551282874.jpg - (98.36 KB , 640x800 , Perrine Valentine's dress.jpg )
What happened to this gallery?
It's giving out 404 now.
>> No. 9374 ID: 7b798c
Sorry about that! I was resorting the images and accidentally deleted it, haha. But here is a brand new link, and updated with all the newest cards too!


>> No. 9375 ID: d5ff6e
File 145559530952.png - (0.99 MB , 640x800 , Eila Kimono.png )
Aw yiss, thanks man.
>> No. 9397 ID: 3ce3a1
File 145579259425.jpg - (93.87 KB , 640x800 , mb_card_Eila_Valentines.jpg )
Taking Eila out on a date!
>> No. 9412 ID: 7b798c
File 145592837598.png - (0.98 MB , 640x800 , Card_Trude_Oni.png )

3 new cards added to the Google Drive collection

- Valentine Eila
- Valentine Shirley
- Oni Trude

I'll try to keep the drive updated more frequently in the future! : )
>> No. 9503 ID: d5ff6e
File 145661441744.jpg - (134.52 KB , 640x800 , Perrine birthday card.jpg )
It's Perrine day.~
>> No. 9506 ID: 9bcd1b
Does anyone get Eila's b'day card..?
>> No. 9507 ID: 46fdaf
File 145665374619.jpg - (83.81 KB , 640x800 , mb_card (18).jpg )
>> No. 9511 ID: 696229
Dat Finnish legs..
>> No. 9534 ID: d5ff6e
File 145678791490.png - (702.58 KB , 640x800 , Card Miyafuji and Mio angel.png )
Looks like a new set is out.
Not sure what's the theme, but I'm gonna go with angels.
>> No. 9535 ID: d5ff6e
File 145678797598.png - (664.71 KB , 640x800 , Card Perrine angel.png )
So elegant and white.
>> No. 9552 ID: d69eaa
White Day..?
>> No. 9559 ID: d5ff6e
Oh right. That could be it.
>> No. 9562 ID: b2e60b
File 145688186082.png - (431.66 KB , 403x580 , ruckyday.png )
Looks like my luck is finally starting to improve!
>> No. 9597 ID: 2ab07b
I just want to ask how are we supposed to upgrade the card skills?
>> No. 9663 ID: d5ff6e
Hope you're getting the white day angel cards.
>> No. 9766 ID: 3ce3a1
There's some brown book item that does it. It's RNG chance to increase either the main or support skill of the card.
>> No. 9793 ID: d5ff6e
Rip you.
Guess it's up to hunting the white day cards now.
>> No. 9802 ID: eeb371
File 145841570148.jpg - (92.05 KB , 540x717 , Cd63ppSVIAEqUBg.jpg )
Might need to boot it up again...
>> No. 9831 ID: d5ff6e
File 145866321625.jpg - (166.05 KB , 749x941 , Card Eila kimono.jpg )
Oh my, how sensual. Dem bare shoulders and a lucky ass statue..
What a odd timing for this card with Easter around the corner. I at least hope there's Easter set or something going to be around.
>> No. 9833 ID: 5a0975
Does anyone manages to get a Gallian & an Orussian one..?
>> No. 10070 ID: 96f603

>> No. 10096 ID: f5a932
File 146051267859.png - (864.15 KB , 640x800 , mb_card_201604072229395a6.png )
The Fastest Tsun in the West.
>> No. 10097 ID: f5a932
File 146051285410.png - (965.64 KB , 640x800 , 201604072229408b6.png )

Chief Dotes-On-Sister.
>> No. 10101 ID: d5ff6e
File 146051427649.jpg - (146.20 KB , 390x1300 , hngh.jpg )
>Pouting Indian Miyafuji
>> No. 10102 ID: f5a932
File 146051488457.png - (876.44 KB , 640x800 , 201604111814210c4.png )

My brain told me it was Trude. Silly brain.
>> No. 10190 ID: f5a932
File 146129311477.png - (1.03 MB , 640x800 , 05_2016042118091153b.png )
Even a boobie monster can appreciate Karlslandic engineering.
>> No. 10235 ID: 1b652c
File 146235627833.jpg - (88.82 KB , 640x800 , mb_card cowboy sanya no border.jpg )
I don't know how to get rid of the rarity, but here's cowboy Sanya.
>> No. 10238 ID: d5ff6e
This is great but, damn the cowboys. I want more beautiful Indian witches!
>> No. 10239 ID: a21991
You mean cowgirl..?
>> No. 10264 ID: d5ff6e
File 146241055638.jpg - (92.37 KB , 640x800 , Card Wild West.jpg )
Ah, yeah. Cowgirls was what I meant.
>> No. 10346 ID: 989c29
Tfw gallery manager MIA. All them special cards that have come and go and will be lost in time.
>> No. 10350 ID: 295a2a

Incidentally, Pierre Clostermann was trained as an auronautical engineer at Cal Tech after getting rejected by the AdlA after the battle of France.

Erich Hartmann learned how to fly Jet fighters at Luke Airforce Base after the Luftwaffe was reestablished in the 1950's, and had the single most enjoyable period of his life while he was living with Ursula in Phoenix.

So I guess what I'm saying is that the Cowboy gear is appropriate for those two in particular, arguably more so than any witches save for Charlotte (since chuck still lives in the Southwest)
>> No. 10354 ID: 989c29
Makes sense.
Haven't seen Shirley card, I wonder if she got one. She would be perfect for a cowgirl.
>> No. 10365 ID: 3817b4
I'll be damned if we'll see Erica with Sabre striker..
>> No. 10366 ID: f5a932
File 146307852880.jpg - (41.94 KB , 724x1024 , CbGLQXUUEAE1V69_jpg orig.jpg )

It would be wonderful, but I wouldn't expect it either.
>> No. 10380 ID: 399815
File 146322243991.png - (851.09 KB , 640x800 , file-1(4).png )
She looks pretty badass in this armor
>> No. 10451 ID: f4a2d3
File 146414810415.jpg - (220.37 KB , 640x800 , mb_card (7).jpg )
>> No. 10452 ID: f4a2d3
File 146414812663.jpg - (205.80 KB , 640x800 , mb_card (8).jpg )
>> No. 10453 ID: f4a2d3
File 146414815251.jpg - (242.82 KB , 640x800 , mb_card (9).jpg )
>> No. 10454 ID: f4a2d3
File 146414819038.jpg - (243.57 KB , 640x800 , mb_card (10).jpg )
>> No. 10455 ID: f4a2d3
File 146414820762.jpg - (242.47 KB , 640x800 , mb_card (11).jpg )
>> No. 10456 ID: f4a2d3
File 146414822071.jpg - (229.69 KB , 640x800 , mb_card (12).jpg )
>> No. 10458 ID: f5a932
File 14641588346.png - (902.26 KB , 640x800 , 20160407222939.png )
Here's Erica for completion's sake.
>> No. 10460 ID: 989c29
File 146418452524.jpg - (219.43 KB , 640x800 , Card Charlotte western.jpg )
Thanks a lot anon! And Emtx5 too.
Posting the Shirley one here as well.
So Eila remains as the hard one to get eh..
>> No. 10461 ID: f5a932
File 146418611225.png - (157.96 KB , 256x320 , 20160430192843362.png )
Low res Eila.
>> No. 10464 ID: 662aae
I wonder if we'll see 502nd expansion pack..?
>> No. 10465 ID: 989c29
I certainly hope so. All them Nipas to be had.
>> No. 10468 ID: 23b1e4
With Sasha & Georgette..
>> No. 10469 ID: f4a2d3
I'd buy a Helma.
>> No. 10490 ID: d327cb

>no scope

>> No. 10508 ID: f5a932
File 146461589277.png - (456.21 KB , 640x395 , 1464588941657.png )
Oh man, these are something.
>> No. 10509 ID: f5a932
File 146461601457.png - (463.68 KB , 640x398 , 1464589105243.png )

The game was relaunched or something with new music and features and whatnot. I think there's a bath mode.
>> No. 10510 ID: 34c743
File 146461851157.png - (252.07 KB , 470x397 , 9Ty8O2y.png )
bath mode?
i'll need to start it back up if that's the case
>> No. 10511 ID: 916f39
>torn clothes
Oh my god yes!
Screenshots can't come soon enough.
>> No. 10512 ID: 2c80cb
Preparations for World Witches: Liberation of Karlsland..?
>> No. 10518 ID: 989c29
Makes me wonder how this can really happen to them since anime or manga doesn't have this sort of wardrobe disintegrating ever, also shields.
Well not that I'm complaining, tailors are getting more jobs now and Nipa doesn't feel as alone now with others breaking their strikers too, hahaha.
>> No. 10520 ID: f4a2d3

Been playing the game since October and I haven't heard anything about this. Is there some sort of news link to go along with those pictures?
>> No. 10521 ID: 989c29

I assume you mean this.
>> No. 10522 ID: f4a2d3

Guess so.
>> No. 10523 ID: 989c29
File 146464581485.png - (326.16 KB , 1280x870 , Card BG page.png )
And the actual page to the game site http://www.dmm.com/netgame/feature/strike.html
If only I had a smartphone..

I like how in this background image they subtly made it look like Lyn and Miyafuji are holding hands and Sanya is holding Trude's robe up.
>> No. 10524 ID: f4a2d3

Yeah found that earlier. Apparently it's up right now - but the site is region locked. I've never had any luck with proxies so oh well.
>> No. 10525 ID: 989c29
Does anyone know how can I save the original sized image from tweets with multiple images posted in one?
Like here https://twitter.com/hachimitub/status/737246966023753729
>> No. 10526 ID: f5a932

You right click and view the previews (don't view them individually, view the thumbnails you see in the main tweet view) and then add :orig to the URL.
>> No. 10527 ID: 989c29
But that gives a url looking like this https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Cjs6NOzVAAEx8-O.jpg when done that way, where do I put the orig then?
>> No. 10528 ID: f5a932
File 14646512109.jpg - (107.98 KB , 704x880 , Cjs6NOzVAAEx8-O_jpg orig.jpg )

...At the end of the URL?
>> No. 10529 ID: 989c29
Ohh.. I feel dumb now. Thanks for clarifying.
Somehow my mind had always seen the url differently than with individual tweets.
>> No. 10535 ID: 39303c
According to Google Translate, it's in its pre-registration period right now, similar to how the first version had a pre-reg period. I'm wondering if everyone's progress is going to be reset or if you'll have to download a new app. Doesn't matter much to me since I never had many great cards to begin with, but it'll suck if people who spent money on this game or had numerous good cards are going to have to start from 0.
>> No. 10536 ID: 989c29
You could spend money on this game? What does that give?
Either way even if it was full reset, they probably would get some sort of bonuses.
>> No. 10537 ID: 39303c
Like most F2P smartphone games, there are optional in app purchases. In this game, you can buy "Witch Coin," which then can be used to buy items. The biggest reason to buy WC is probably for the rolls of film, which is basically gambling currency that allows you a better chance at getting great cards. Certain people usually referred to as "whales" drop hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars into games like these.
>> No. 10539 ID: f5a932
File 146470430214.png - (448.46 KB , 433x529 , CjyhOdsVAAEnqeQ_png orig.png )
Oh my God this is the best, I need a full quality version of this asap.
>> No. 10540 ID: 989c29
Not even once. Jesus, but I see now. Thanks.

>The familiars are making an appearance now.
Oh man, that's sweet as hell. The card set is looking promising, I want to see Lucchini with her black panther already.
>> No. 10541 ID: 989c29
File 146470663360.jpg - (140.98 KB , 640x800 , Card wedding Lynne and Sanya.jpg )
>Bridal witches now as well.
They're trying to kill us now, aren't they?
>> No. 10542 ID: 989c29
File 146470684919.jpg - (151.55 KB , 640x800 , Card wedding Trude.jpg )
All of 501st fainted from laughter, amusement and sheer heart strokes upon seeing Trude like this.
>> No. 10544 ID: 34c743
be still my heart
>> No. 10545 ID: b09896
File 146473490147.jpg - (218.22 KB , 640x800 , mb_card (15).jpg )
>> No. 10546 ID: b09896
File 146473492311.jpg - (197.19 KB , 640x800 , mb_card (14).jpg )
>> No. 10547 ID: b09896
File 146473494316.jpg - (193.17 KB , 640x800 , mb_card (13).jpg )
>> No. 10549 ID: f5a932
File 14647430355.jpg - (63.95 KB , 600x402 , 3252299.jpg )

You're the best, anon. These are too cute.
>> No. 10559 ID: a4dba2
Hello! I updated the link to the SW artwork collection from a few months back, I've added about 90 new pics for your convenience!


>> No. 10560 ID: 989c29
File 14647759883.png - (773.23 KB , 640x800 , Card angel Trude bikini definition.png )
Sweet, you're alive.
Huh, really. Thanks for updating the collection, been missing lots of these delicious cards till now.

Also, among the cards this Trude one had extra pieces where the tummy is properly defined. Are these actually official too?
>> No. 10564 ID: a4dba2
You're welcome! As for those variations, an artist on Twitter did them and I decided to include it since they were very well done! Haha. Originated from here: https://twitter.com/hachimitub
>> No. 10567 ID: 399815
File 146488868724.png - (669.90 KB , 640x800 , file-1.png )
Thanks. There were even some I wasn't aware existed.
>> No. 10619 ID: 989c29
File 146497090338.png - (960.21 KB , 640x800 , Card Lucchini wedding.png )
Lovable Lucchini.~

Kinda interesting angle, really.
>> No. 10634 ID: b09896
Trying to get the wedding Sakamoto - get 4 wedding Eilas, and the S+ Lynette/Sanya instead.

I've never been so disappointed to get a S+ card.
>> No. 10635 ID: b09896
File 146516011831.jpg - (238.92 KB , 640x800 , mb_card 4241.jpg )
>> No. 10638 ID: b09896
Finally got lucky and managed to get the Sakamoto card. It also gave me another Eila, hah.
>> No. 10639 ID: fed693
Here's how you access dmm with ease to play the new game.
1. Login to DMM
2. Press F12, copypaste this into console
document.cookie = "cklg=welcome;expires=Sun, 09 Feb 2019 09:00:09 GMT;domain=.dmm.com;path=/";
document.cookie = "cklg=welcome;expires=Sun, 09 Feb 2019 09:00:09 GMT;domain=.dmm.com;path=/netgame/";
document.cookie = "cklg=welcome;expires=Sun, 09 Feb 2019 09:00:09 GMT;domain=.dmm.com;path=/netgame_s/";
document.cookie = "ckcy=1;expires=Sun, 09 Feb 2019 09:00:09 GMT;domain=.dmm.com;path=/";
document.cookie = "ckcy=1;expires=Sun, 09 Feb 2019 09:00:09 GMT;domain=.dmm.com;path=/netgame/";
document.cookie = "ckcy=1;expires=Sun, 09 Feb 2019 09:00:09 GMT;domain=.dmm.com;path=/netgame_s/";
3. After copypasting that, go here: http://www.dmm.com/netgame/social/-/gadgets/=/app_id=463345/

If that doesn't work, the next option is to copypaste the code into browser console every time before you go to a new page until you get to the game itself.
>> No. 10640 ID: fed693

If you are still having trouble, check that link.
>> No. 10642 ID: b09896

Awesome, I'll be sure to try that out. Thanks.
>> No. 10643 ID: 043897
File 146523149018.jpg - (17.31 KB , 256x320 , mb_card (1).jpg )
I can download an original quality of cards as long as I can see the card in game. If anyone have the card (image in post) please text me your ID account and remember to add it in your desk card.

Text you ID ac to the group Space: goo.gl/spaces/JPajGRo3mEKKaf4y5
>> No. 10654 ID: fed693
File 146536810230.jpg - (230.74 KB , 640x800 , eila bride mb_card.jpg )
My heart.
>> No. 10666 ID: 49ab0a
File 146546947060.jpg - (202.73 KB , 640x800 , mb_card (16).jpg )
>> No. 10684 ID: 3034a0
File 146552537927.png - (329.11 KB , 1700x650 , bg_head.png )
Guess they were going for that "full damage boatslut" look here
>> No. 10686 ID: da4a27
Damn Yoshika look what you've done. Now her dad has to write another letter from the leg dimension to get her a new set. That postage must be expensive.
>> No. 10690 ID: 0d0804
Dr. Miyafuji: Goddammit Yoshika, I'm trying to get some ghost pussy!!!
>> No. 10755 ID: 989c29
File 146607077228.jpg - (153.27 KB , 750x939 , Card Miyafuji and Perrine wedding.jpg )
Stay still heart, don't fail now..
>> No. 10758 ID: 0d0804
>> No. 10774 ID: 989c29
File 146629948067.jpg - (145.87 KB , 749x943 , Card Minna familiar.jpg )

Hoping to see the clear version of this soon, that and can't wait for Lucchini card with her black panther.
>> No. 10775 ID: db6d5b
File 14663043172.jpg - (212.49 KB , 640x800 , mb_card (17).jpg )
Slightly cleaner.
>> No. 10777 ID: 989c29
Thanks anon.
>> No. 10787 ID: 0d0804
Hot Minna is hot
>> No. 10829 ID: 34c743
File 146668118364.png - (654.13 KB , 640x800 , 201606231935041f7.png )
Trude dog best familiar
>> No. 10830 ID: 34c743
File 146668125131.png - (0.96 MB , 640x800 , mb_card_20160623193504e06.png )
Hopefully wet witches become a thing in the card game
>> No. 10831 ID: 989c29
File 146668611834.jpg - (69.69 KB , 600x450 , Lucchini rainbow towel.jpg )
''No.'' I wonder if there's ever gonna be a witch with Rottweiler familiar.

Oh mai gosh, they can't keep getting away with this. There's only so many hearts in humans. We're not cats like Lucchini with nine.
What a peculiar card art event, is this just unique to Lucchini now? Still waitin for that black panther familiar card..
>> No. 10832 ID: efdc5a
File 146670914798.jpg - (358.91 KB , 705x822 , 1466658752345.jpg )

I like genki Trude. That outfit is super cute.


Shima shima.

In other news, the LINE stickers are out. Not exactly related to this game but it's another mobile thing.
>> No. 10833 ID: efdc5a
File 14667092614.jpg - (315.61 KB , 689x826 , 1466658833137.jpg )

Micchan's big return.
>> No. 10845 ID: 6e681c
File 146679960646.jpg - (166.61 KB , 1018x683 , chibi 15.jpg )

The drive now says that access has to be requested. Is this intentional or a Google boo-boo?
>> No. 10849 ID: acf72e

That got it. Thank you!
>> No. 10865 ID: fed693
New game is officially up. Came with the damaged cards as the first Gacha.
>> No. 10875 ID: f7a0c4
What's that part of the game where they're at a bath?
>> No. 10878 ID: 5c0246
File 146714433859.jpg - (1.10 MB , 1920x2719 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )

That's called the "good part".
>> No. 10879 ID: 399815
I mean in the game, it's an outdoor spa bath.
>> No. 10893 ID: 39303c
It's really nothing special, you get a few lines of text and a stat boost for a particular character or characters. You can upgrade your spa by using cards, but you can only go up to level 2 right now.

I wonder why they did this re-release in the first place. It's the exact same game with a few minor differences and they didn't even bother to bring over all the older cards from the Mobage version, or at least they didn't yet.
>> No. 10895 ID: efdc5a
File 14673421085.png - (667.27 KB , 640x800 , 12_20160630214827c20.png )
Lucchini's new sonic OC cosplay.
>> No. 10900 ID: 34c743
File 146745997143.jpg - (133.34 KB , 640x800 , CmWp8W9UcAIb0dz.jpg )
I wanna play water polo with trude
>> No. 10902 ID: e45512
File 146748161560.jpg - (80.92 KB , 640x800 , dmm_card eila familiar.jpg )
How are you getting the images without the rank on them or are you just editing it yourself?
>> No. 10919 ID: 989c29
File 14676539705.jpg - (124.03 KB , 640x800 , Card Miyafuji summer swimsuit.jpg )
By this point I'm sure these cards of Miyafuji are trying to kill through diabeetus.
This look with a cute two piece swimsuit and the cutest puppy there is, is just hnnnnng.. and I got my blood taken today for tests so fainting is close now..

Oh yeah, it's cuuute after all this long wait but that Panther really looks like just a overgrown cat rather than actual Panther. Also looking tired of Lucchini's energy, poor familiar.

Some of the twitter people just upload without them, I don't play so I don't know how but it's a thing somehow. Also that Eila cutie has jpeg artifacts to it.
>> No. 10921 ID: efdc5a

That kind of swimsuit with the little skirt is my favorite. The jacket is cute too.
>> No. 10923 ID: 399815
File 146776568494.png - (774.17 KB , 640x800 , 10_2016070518070529a.png )
I really hope the next cards are pirate themed.
>> No. 10927 ID: 989c29
File 146782287343.png - (968.90 KB , 841x1542 , Card Miyafuji summer swimsuit trans.png )
Really love skirts with bottom parts as well. It really is, usually I am all in for one-piece swimsuits but witches really can sport anything. And seeing Miyafuji in two piece bikini is really fun too compared to her usual fashion.

Uh oh, someone's going for the booty.
Wouldn't be surprised if they follow up with pirate theme at some point given how season one(?) had the pirate visual card and second season had that treasure themed episode.

Also here's a waifu2x'd transparent swimsuit Miyafuji.~
>> No. 10932 ID: e45512
File 146790494138.png - (0.96 MB , 640x800 , dmm_card eila swimsuit.png )
Ah, I found out where they got them from, I think, but it requires you to own the card and have it as your first card on your favorited witch. Or just use http://s-witch-kiseki-dmm.akamaized.net/dmm_card.php?ic=i10540289.jpg&hs=cIGtCovUCzsd&_imgv_=70&sz=1&fr=99&od=2&iq=2 and swap out "10540289" with whatever url the card you want is.
>> No. 10933 ID: 989c29
Neat find there anon.
Also nuoh, the amazing two piece swimsuits just won't stop, it's great among the other things.
>> No. 10952 ID: 399815
The one with Perrine on it, right?
>> No. 10953 ID: 989c29
File 14680155481.jpg - (179.77 KB , 1217x677 , Perrinu Pirate.jpg )
Ayup. The theme is only matter of a time now.
>> No. 10959 ID: cd4619
Does anyone have the CG of Sanya without pantyhose?
I think there was one of Eila wearing Sanyas pantyhose too.
>> No. 10960 ID: cd4619
File 146814880068.jpg - (247.16 KB , 936x564 , image.jpg )
Specifically this Sanya CG.
>> No. 10998 ID: 989c29
File 146845321894.jpg - (160.45 KB , 640x800 , Card Mio summer swimsuit.jpg )

It feels weird to see her in anything but one-piece.
>> No. 11003 ID: efdc5a
File 146849486065.jpg - (212.73 KB , 750x1084 , CnUO9VJUEAAwg9E_jpg orig.jpg )
We were robbed of Erica in a two-piece. Robbed! Even she's looking disappointed.

It still looks nice though.
>> No. 11004 ID: efdc5a
File 146849508888.jpg - (207.26 KB , 750x1082 , CnUO9VPUEAQbusv_jpg orig.jpg )
Meanwhile, Minna wants everyone to know she's still young. Tanlines.

Witch emblem hats when?
>> No. 11005 ID: c22b7e
>no rips of the game sprites
What a shame.
>> No. 11008 ID: f741ae
I hope whoever drew these cards keeps drawing them instead of the og guy those bums look fantastic
>> No. 11009 ID: 989c29
Og guy?
>> No. 11011 ID: efdc5a
File 146850883817.png - (741.73 KB , 640x800 , 34_201607142006123b5.png )
I believe these are new as well.
>> No. 11012 ID: efdc5a
File 146850886381.png - (739.26 KB , 640x800 , 32_20160714195845a58.png )
>> No. 11013 ID: efdc5a
File 146850889143.png - (717.54 KB , 640x800 , 33_20160714195844084.png )
>> No. 11014 ID: 989c29
File 146850981843.png - (15.69 KB , 600x600 , empty.png )
Am I seeing this right, but is that a.. earring on Lynne's cat ear?
>> No. 11015 ID: ab7e5e
Very VERY cute Minna.
>> No. 11016 ID: f741ae
they might just have a higher budget but the butts didn't look as good in the original mobage
>> No. 11017 ID: 989c29
I think you're just imagining it. If anything most of the cards over the mobage's timeline so far have been really conservative and reserved shots always, something I've pointed out few times before with the clothing choices.
It's just now that it's summer they've gone for more sekushii shots I'd say. That and some of the recent themes with certain witches.
I'm definitely liking the fact that they've gone for more varied backgrounds too for special cards, it's nice to see.
>> No. 11018 ID: efdc5a
File 146851200098.jpg - (123.76 KB , 275x470 , 1373686119688.jpg )

What happens to it when she stops channeling her familiar?


Cute Minna, but I really was hoping Erica would get a swimsuit on par with Miyafuji's. I think Miyafuji ended up winning the swimsuitbowl.

A lot of the witches were in poses that were fun but didn't really show them off though. Maybe for the better, but kind of a waste when everyone got a unique swimsuit.
>> No. 11019 ID: f741ae
one of the things i don't like about the cards is they seem to be overdesigned

too many frills and unnecessary wristbands and necklaces

yeah i'm probably just imagining it. it's probably because minna and erica are dripping wet too.
>> No. 11020 ID: 3001e5
Wow, this has to be one of my absolute favourites of Minna!

They got her on point.
>> No. 11022 ID: e45512
File 14685212731.png - (961.44 KB , 640x800 , minna swimsuit dmm_card.png )
I would just like to correct my post, didn't see the random string that was also assigned to each card. So the easiest way to do this is to inspect element on the card you want to see and change "fr=x" to "fr=99". If something still looks off, change "sz=x" to "sz=1". If something still looks off, just copy paste this to replace the end of the url.
The original for this card (if inspected from the gatcha screen) shows "&sz=5&fr=4&od=2&iq=2".

With that said, I really like this card.
>> No. 11025 ID: 989c29
File 146852305192.png - (738.49 KB , 640x800 , Card Miyafuji drinking.png )
It drops.

I agree with you there, there's lack of that minimalist approach and instead they're trying to shove in way too much shit at once with everything. Miyafuji has the best summer card for now from how simple everything in that card is in general.

Also have I missed something but are Erica and Minna not getting a custom background card for the summer swimsuit edition?
>> No. 11026 ID: efdc5a

Background card?
>> No. 11028 ID: 399815
File 146852784740.jpg - (34.41 KB , 222x770 , 31028881_p0_1.jpg )
Still waiting on that pirate theme
>> No. 11029 ID: 989c29
You heard me, I mean the backgrounds for the summer swimsuit cards are all unique, though I guess the theme is more about swimming or being in water for the other ones that have them unique, while this EriMin is purely swimsuit presentation with same BG.
>> No. 11037 ID: efdc5a

The only differences between the backgrounds of the swimsuit card pairs I'm seeing are pretty small, stuff like the shark in Shirley and Lucchini's being in a slightly different spot or the horizon being rotated a different way in Trude and Miyafuji's.
>> No. 11080 ID: 989c29
File 146910714432.jpg - (133.38 KB , 640x800 , Card Perrine familiar.jpg )
The black cat of ill omen!
And pants.
>> No. 11108 ID: 9f7d43
I am in japan right now so i downloaded the game onto my android phone. Does one have to pay for in-app purchases following the tutorial?
Thabks for the help!
>> No. 11124 ID: e45512
File 146942806653.png - (744.69 KB , 640x800 , dmm_card.png )
>> No. 11126 ID: 34c743
File 14694490842.jpg - (142.04 KB , 640x800 , CoM-PjLUIAERRy_.jpg )
>> No. 11127 ID: 989c29
Amazing, they haven't forgotten Suwa Amaki.
Poor lil witch though.

Perrine sure does have the fanciest nightgowns and pajamas.
>> No. 11128 ID: efdc5a
File 146947138983.png - (843.97 KB , 640x800 , 07_201607251821471ae.png )

Perrine's bum: Alt Version.
>> No. 11132 ID: 5109b0
does anybody have an archive with all the card illustrations?
>> No. 11133 ID: 907e42
Don't know if it has all of them but i'ts gotta be close.
I still can't find a card or ripped CG of Sanya without pantyhose like in >>10960
>> No. 11135 ID: efdc5a
File 146970076025.jpg - (184.65 KB , 942x578 , CocZyrbUMAAJrtw_jpg orig.jpg )

And the prize goes to...
>> No. 11136 ID: 8e47b8
Navy Sanya..!!
>> No. 11138 ID: 23b1e4
File 146973233373.jpg - (271.59 KB , 640x800 , 968c1add-9791-4620-9946-cdbddc477ea4.jpg )
Illya vs Kuro, anyone..?
>> No. 11139 ID: 989c29
File 146973723948.jpg - (220.92 KB , 640x800 , Card Miyafuji familiar.jpg )
Earlier from the thread; https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B8I-1WP5wX0COG81Ykd0MnhhdE0&usp=sharing&tid=0B8I-1WP5wX0CaEp2aGRZanpUcjA
But it requires google signing so don't know if it's still available.

Thanks for that site compilation as well anon.

Gosh, another really cute Miyafuji card that had gone unnoticed. This is getting out of hand.

Really liking Sanya's uniform, what with the Russian aesthetic. And Lucchini has pants now and shimapan turned nicely to shimatop.
>> No. 11177 ID: c0f42e
File 147018232016.jpg - (257.18 KB , 640x800 , mb_card (27).jpg )
Spent 4000 points trying to get this. Nooope, just got a whole bunch of worthless A rank cards instead.
>> No. 11191 ID: f9ea7d
File 147031887245.png - (929.70 KB , 640x800 , 060.png )
Just when you thought underwater witches were over.
>> No. 11193 ID: 989c29
I have a strong feeling Mio might have the best matsuri related card. Hnngh.

The seasonal cards just keep on rolling a lot by now, I love it. And holy what, dat Miyamaid. This is going to be the most belly service set ever.
>> No. 11237 ID: 989c29
File 147087581210.jpg - (275.35 KB , 640x800 , Card Summer Matsuri Eila and Perrine.jpg )
Thank you summer, at least something good can come out of you.
So cute and silly.
>> No. 11238 ID: 704fa3
File 147087594661.jpg - (234.44 KB , 640x800 , mb_card (29).jpg )
>> No. 11239 ID: 399815
I knew it was inevitable.
>> No. 11240 ID: 5e2e64
Yes, I too wish to make worn out pirate jokes in how I wish to be a part of lewd situations with that witch.
>> No. 11244 ID: 989c29
File 147090826564.jpg - (284.62 KB , 640x800 , Card Summer Matsuri Lynne and Lucchini.jpg )
>> No. 11268 ID: 704fa3

But that wasn't a pirate joke.
>> No. 11273 ID: 4799f6
File 147114780315.jpg - (777.99 KB , 1536x1991 , image.jpg )
I have all Witches Couples in app game!
>> No. 11274 ID: 4799f6
Excuse, do you have that card but clean, just the image without the S+?
>> No. 11276 ID: 989c29
Congrats, but what does that mean in-game?
And sorry, I do not have. But you should follow this guide for getting it without S+ if you have the card; >>11022
>> No. 11277 ID: 4799f6
I don't have the card but how can I get it without S+?
>> No. 11278 ID: 989c29
You're out of luck then, unless someone else who has the card does the thing and posts it without the rank shit visible.
>> No. 11279 ID: 4799f6
The other
In app game that means when I won all couples I can use couple cards to get more attack power
>> No. 11297 ID: 989c29
File 147146558096.jpg - (148.11 KB , 640x800 , Card Sanya birthday.jpg )
Looks like Eila got herself somehow inside a birthday present.
>> No. 11298 ID: 989c29
File 147146570676.jpg - (151.20 KB , 640x800 , Card Miyafuji birthday.jpg )
Someone call the ambulance, please.
>> No. 11336 ID: ce07af
File 147208218834.jpg - (227.16 KB , 640x800 , mb_card (32).jpg )
>> No. 11349 ID: 3001e5
File 147230215141.png - (911.35 KB , 640x800 , 03_2016081821262338c.png )
Rule Britannia!
>> No. 11350 ID: 989c29
File 147245051216.png - (0.98 MB , 970x1488 , Lynne pirate problems - ikasan.png )
>Rule Britannia!

More like rule Piratenia!
One job.
>> No. 11353 ID: 3001e5
Maybe she's a privateer like Francis Drake.
>> No. 11360 ID: 989c29
File 147264488427.jpg - (140.59 KB , 640x800 , Card Sanya lacrosse.jpg )
>> No. 11361 ID: 989c29
File 147264510342.jpg - (151.02 KB , 640x800 , Card Eila and Miyafuji lacrosse.jpg )
Sweaty lacrosse playing witches!
And skirts again.
Gosh, this is absolutely too cute and fashionable.
Miyafuji looks like she didn't even bother to dress up sportily but just went with casual countryside clothes.
>> No. 11362 ID: 2fd7e2
File 147269910545.jpg - (3.29 MB , 1920x3200 , Archivo 31-8-16 9 4452 p_m_.jpg )
Hello! I got all cards about couple Witches in app game.
These are from Lucchini
>> No. 11376 ID: 989c29
File 147281170751.jpg - (136.53 KB , 640x800 , Card Minna tennis.jpg )
Oiiii, this isn't fair. This isn't fair at all!..
Why does Minna and Perrine get to play the best sport in tennis outfits but Eilanya and Mamefuji damn lacrosse?
S-surely this sport theme covers both tennis and lacrosse for all?

Also that's a proper upskirt shot with an actual skirt. The structure of time is changing.
>> No. 11377 ID: 989c29
File 147281203792.jpg - (133.49 KB , 640x800 , Card Perrine tennis.jpg )
Perrine being elegantly perfect as always in all white with a ponytail, ready to win any duel.
I bet she'd love to team up with Mio in four play.
>> No. 11378 ID: f9ea7d
File 147281322921.jpg - (240.29 KB , 640x800 , 05.jpg )

Perrine and Minna seem to be pairing of the week.
>> No. 11379 ID: f9ea7d
File 14728132614.jpg - (238.00 KB , 640x800 , 06_20160831192354f4a.jpg )
>> No. 11380 ID: 989c29
File 147281369928.jpg - (154.56 KB , 640x800 , Card Perrine and Minna mermaid.jpg )
Oddly enough yeah.
I like how the pirate ship is on the background visible for the other theme.
However now I'm slightly worried that the mermaid/pirate theme is just a one in general together, seeing what witches have been released for now.
Well hopefully I'm wrong, I still want to see everyone as mermaids and pirates/navy combatants alike.
>> No. 11381 ID: f9ea7d

Yoshika was a mermaid earlier.

>> No. 11382 ID: 989c29
Uh yes?
And she hasn't been a pirate yet, nor Mio or Lynne for example have been mermaids, making me wonder if this is some universal 'Caribbean ocean theme' instead of two separate ones.
>> No. 11390 ID: f9ea7d
File 147307612060.jpg - (199.17 KB , 640x800 , 03_201609051811183ef.jpg )
More sporty witches.

I consistently enjoy Erica soccer pics, even though I don't watch it. She always looks full of energy and playful.
>> No. 11391 ID: f9ea7d
File 147307624418.jpg - (211.16 KB , 640x800 , 04_20160905181117c49.jpg )
Meanwhile Lucchini is looking much more competitive-minded.

Witches in big baggy shorts is funny.
>> No. 11392 ID: 989c29

Pants, it keeps happening.
Also for Italy it's pretty much national sport, so of course Lucchini would be determined.
Kinda odd timing for the theme, Olympics are already over. Actually a bit bummed that they didn't go with anything Olympics related theme earlier.
>> No. 11394 ID: 23b1e4
And World Cup is still two years left..
>> No. 11402 ID: b0a660
File 147333612662.jpg - (158.47 KB , 720x899 , Cr0hYvZUAAAUyZw.jpg )
baseball witches!!!!!!!!!!!

trude looks so cool!
lyn's perfect as a catcher!
>> No. 11403 ID: 989c29
Now who stole Lynne's skirt or pants? Meanwhile Trude gets a nice sporty skirt to play and run with in.
Sometimes the fashion simply manages to boggle me still how it works.

Also this sport theme is such a tease when they do it like this. I want to see all the witches playing tennis above all, but now I want to see football, baseball and lacrosse as well, instead they seem to go with the condensed focus of different sports in one set sadly.
>> No. 11405 ID: a6b0fd
I'm going on a bet here. Shirley may get a football, basketball, or baseball theme. More likely basketball.
>> No. 11406 ID: 989c29
You'd probably win that bet since the only ones now left without a sports theme are Shirley and Mio.
So yeah, I can see the two of them playing basketball together highly, given this theme works and releases in pairs.
>> No. 11409 ID: a6b0fd
Plus Chuck Yeager played basketball and football so that's a big possibility.
>> No. 11437 ID: 989c29
File 14739522929.jpg - (144.60 KB , 640x800 , Card Mio and Shirley golf.jpg )
Fucking GOLF!?..
Color me disappointed a bit, it makes sense though since golf is a old sport and the other related sports have been as well in the cards. Still funny contrast with how modern the clothing is.
Also nice Mio tummy.
>> No. 11438 ID: 989c29
File 147395254852.jpg - (155.09 KB , 640x800 , Card Shirley Caribbean.jpg )
Yarr, all the booty pants shall be Shirley's and her Polly parrot's.
Feels a bit ooc but it sure is funny.
Shirley's crew seems to have some sort of one-leg thigh high thing going on with the costumes seeing how Erica was same.
Caribbean thigh high pants pirates.
>> No. 11454 ID: f9ea7d

I expected cheerleaders, Golf is much more funny though. Mio's got the upper hand with her magic eye.
>> No. 11455 ID: a6b0fd
I knew she was going to be a pirate, but I wouldn't have guessed she'd be the Captain. I guess her rank has double meaning. I wouldn't exactly say it's ooc since she is mischievous like Luchinni. Though not as bad.
>> No. 11456 ID: a6b0fd
Shirley looks pretty frustrated.
>> No. 11496 ID: 989c29
File 147427759883.jpg - (325.43 KB , 1280x720 , SW Blitz.jpg )
New versions and a PV released at TGS for the mobage.


Looks like we might be getting Marseille cards in the future from now on, as well Junko, Amelie and Fernandia ones.
>> No. 11498 ID: 537c92
Hopefully they do this for the original version too. I stayed with that one because I had way too many S+ cards, and I thought the UI was way better.
>> No. 11503 ID: f9ea7d
File 147446105937.jpg - (255.81 KB , 640x800 , 09_20160921193614984.jpg )
Commodore Trude looking just a teensy bit more professional than Erica.
>> No. 11504 ID: 989c29

Heh, it makes sense that the cards are telling a story. Trude wants his white stolen pants back from the villainous Shirley.
>> No. 11506 ID: be1a71
Wait, ANOTHER version or just an update to the current webgame? I already moved to the new game, I don't want to move again.
>> No. 11508 ID: 989c29
I have no idea, just saying what the machine translated tweet said. It's probably just a big update.
>> No. 11510 ID: 989c29
File 147464600538.jpg - (108.43 KB , 640x800 , Card Minna moonlight.jpg )
Oh dear..
Are we now going to get a lingerie set of cards dubbed as ''moonlight night'' theme or something?
This better be reserved only to the adult witches!..
>> No. 11512 ID: 1eee58
Ohhh boy
>> No. 11517 ID: 120e5c
Beauty, they name is Minna Dietlinde Wilcke
>> No. 11527 ID: e93d8f
Logged into the original version today and saw something about a S+ Hikari card. Couldn't actually find out how to get it though, maybe it was just a preview.
>> No. 11529 ID: 989c29
File 14749373325.jpg - (153.19 KB , 946x589 , Card Hikari promo.jpg )
Probably so, since I saw only pictures like this in feed but not a single proper card upload for now.
>> No. 11533 ID: e93d8f

I was digging around in the news section and I found references to a "Special costume" in the "large set gacha". The translation is so Engrish'ed though that I can't tell if you get the card and outfit if you do a roll, of if you need to roll a S+ card or what. And I don't really see anything obvious in the "large set gacha" page. I could just drop 1k on it and see what happens but I was trying to save my points.

>> No. 11547 ID: 989c29
File 147524500733.jpg - (184.48 KB , 640x800 , Card Miyafuji Lucchini and Shirley the wizard of O.jpg )
Aaah, these theeemes.. We Wizard of Oz now.
>> No. 11548 ID: 989c29
File 147524526219.jpg - (148.59 KB , 950x590 , Card Eila and Erica theatre.jpg )
And what is this going to be? Theatre theme?
Erica sure is showing her flexibility off.
Also forgot to mention that Miyafuji lion looks ridiculously cute.
>> No. 11555 ID: be1a71
File 147529277070.png - (772.40 KB , 640x800 , Eila dance attire dmm_card.png )
>> No. 11575 ID: f9ea7d
File 147538663756.jpg - (210.98 KB , 640x800 , 201609301907249e5.jpg )
I honestly didn't expect this level of flexibility.

Not that i'm complaining.
>> No. 11576 ID: be1a71
File 147539957434.png - (932.11 KB , 640x800 , Perrine dmm_card.png )
>> No. 11577 ID: be1a71
File 147539968914.png - (902.91 KB , 640x800 , Trude Rabbit dmm_card.png )
>> No. 11625 ID: 989c29
File 147572403057.jpg - (268.44 KB , 640x800 , Card Lynne and Erica Halloween.jpg )
Witch witches are so lovely and best.
Dat Lynne.
>> No. 11650 ID: be1a71
File 147579787913.png - (796.72 KB , 640x800 , Ballerina Lucchini dmm_card.png )
More Lucchini butt.
>> No. 11675 ID: be1a71

Pretty big update, apparently.
>> No. 11703 ID: 989c29
File 147636548448.jpg - (158.16 KB , 640x800 , Card Minna Halloween.jpg )
Arabian nights Halloween eh?
Very lovel-..
>> No. 11704 ID: 989c29
File 147636555081.jpg - (166.61 KB , 640x800 , Card Eila Halloween.jpg )

Dat belly..
>> No. 11712 ID: 989c29
File 14764515622.jpg - (223.39 KB , 640x800 , Card Lynne theatre.jpg )
>> No. 11713 ID: 989c29
File 147645158562.jpg - (205.18 KB , 640x800 , Card Mio theatre.jpg )
>> No. 11714 ID: 989c29
File 147645166851.jpg - (149.32 KB , 640x800 , Card Mio and Lynne theatre.jpg )
Just oh my god, this card is absolutely amazing.
And all this belly service lately..
>> No. 11737 ID: 989c29
File 147708516413.jpg - (133.24 KB , 640x800 , Card Miyafuji theatre.jpg )
Finally I can die to heart failure.
>> No. 11779 ID: f9ea7d
File 147756938912.png - (881.36 KB , 640x800 , 002_20161027181930be9.png )
First anniversary! What a wonderful picture.
>> No. 11781 ID: 3f695a
The resolution for the card doesn't do justice enough.
Perrine and Lynne's hard fixated eyes on the cake worry me a bit but it sure is a nice warm picture.
I can hear Mio's ''Ha ha ha!'' in my mind.
>> No. 11796 ID: d41f28
File 147784372625.png - (236.75 KB , 640x800 , dmm_card (2).png )
>> No. 11797 ID: d41f28
File 14778438102.png - (268.75 KB , 640x800 , dmm_card (1).png )
>> No. 11798 ID: d41f28
File 147784391623.png - (255.65 KB , 640x800 , dmm_card.png )
>> No. 11801 ID: 3f695a
File 14779320467.jpg - (224.22 KB , 640x800 , Card Lynne circus.jpg )
Lots of new cards, now with circus theme!
>> No. 11802 ID: 3f695a
File 147793209153.jpg - (140.52 KB , 640x800 , Card Gertrud circus.jpg )
>> No. 11803 ID: 3f695a
File 147793214277.jpg - (148.20 KB , 640x800 , Card Marseille circus.jpg )
Looks like Marseille is getting into events as well.
>> No. 11804 ID: 3f695a
File 147793219399.jpg - (283.92 KB , 640x800 , Card Lynne Trude and Marseille circus.jpg )
>> No. 11805 ID: 3f695a
File 147793223237.jpg - (265.49 KB , 640x800 , Card Sanya and Perrine theatre.jpg )
>> No. 11827 ID: 3f695a
File 147818628853.jpg - (237.77 KB , 640x800 , Card Lucchini circus.jpg )
More circus themed cards!
This set sure is coming out fast.
>> No. 11828 ID: 3f695a
File 147818640851.jpg - (216.03 KB , 640x800 , Card Erica circus.jpg )
Cute Erica riding a cute elephant.
>> No. 11829 ID: 3f695a
File 147818644717.jpg - (260.70 KB , 640x800 , Card Perrine circus.jpg )
Perrine looks fabulous.
>> No. 11863 ID: 3f695a
File 147837078955.jpg - (145.01 KB , 640x800 , Card Minna circus.jpg )
Well if it isn't the beautiful circus master Minna herself.
>> No. 11864 ID: 3f695a
File 147837085229.jpg - (151.72 KB , 640x800 , Card Miyafuji circus.jpg )
>> No. 11868 ID: 5ae5bd
These are great.


Dammit Miyafuji. Stop doing that to me.
>> No. 11878 ID: 450c96
Do you have any more CG rips?
The Sanya CG without pantyhose would make my week.
>> No. 11894 ID: 3771ef
File 147878350428.jpg - (254.40 KB , 640x800 , Card Charlote circus.jpg )
>> No. 11895 ID: 3771ef
File 147878588282.jpg - (235.43 KB , 640x800 , Card Sanya circus.jpg )
Can't wait for Eila's circus card.
>> No. 11900 ID: 01e3a7
File 147885911152.jpg - (240.26 KB , 640x800 , Card Minna theatre.jpg )
Theatre Minna dancing.~
>> No. 11938 ID: be1a71
File 147947263982.png - (837.06 KB , 640x800 , Circus Eila dmm_card.png )
>> No. 11939 ID: 3f5230
File 147948016825.jpg - (158.67 KB , 640x800 , Card Trude theatre.jpg )
Aaaaaa Eilaaaaaa!..

Post the rest while at it silly.
Now only Shirley needs the theatre card to complete the set.
>> No. 11940 ID: 3f5230
File 147948028883.jpg - (148.05 KB , 640x800 , Card Mio circus.jpg )
And braided Mio with highest leg service concludes the circus set.
How fabulously beautiful.
>> No. 11950 ID: 89b4c5
File 147985348172.jpg - (138.97 KB , 640x800 , Card Marseille neuroi explosion.jpg )
>> No. 11951 ID: 89b4c5
File 147985356575.jpg - (146.35 KB , 640x800 , Card Marseille theatre.jpg )
Marseille's very flexible, just like Erica in her card.
>> No. 11952 ID: 89b4c5
File 147985379818.jpg - (143.44 KB , 640x800 , Card Shirley theatre.jpg )
Shirley doesn't lose either when it comes down to it.
Very nice dress and long black gloves suit her perfectly, and with that she concludes the theatre set.

Wonder what's next, besides the obvious Christmas cards soon.
>> No. 11962 ID: 450c96
File 148017440868.png - (137.38 KB , 261x847 , 5b837fda54bc27ec067f013555980594.png )
>> No. 11963 ID: 450c96
File 148017445796.png - (267.32 KB , 437x926 , c573feb387933e15704c9ea045708830.png )
>> No. 11965 ID: 4d25be
File 148027138846.jpg - (131.90 KB , 640x800 , Card Lynne maid.jpg )
Victorian Maid Lynne.
Would watch.
>> No. 12025 ID: bf6e62
File 148130923511.jpg - (182.16 KB , 640x800 , 201612091922305a2.jpg )
Don't bully the Perrine.
>> No. 12052 ID: 450c96
File 148157861439.png - (157.82 KB , 1024x1024 , 8c89bfa69b1d25550ba1a16540f4788b.png )
>> No. 12062 ID: 450c96
File 148174443224.png - (216.85 KB , 640x800 , b44466e58f086eef98db4bf550e4ebed.png )
>> No. 12137 ID: 73f52e
Does anyone have the 2016 Christmas cards? Also, why has this thread gone dead?
>> No. 12162 ID: 15e0a9
File 148308535462.png - (776.89 KB , 640x800 , 20161229191409bbc.png )
Cozy rare pair winter witches.

In part 2, Erica steals the potatoes.
>> No. 12272 ID: da6ebb

There's a wiki for this game, apparently, so enjoy.
>> No. 12273 ID: da3bb9
Don't mind me, just testing Helma's moonrune linking skills.

>> No. 12280 ID: da6ebb
File 148586632559.png - (929.87 KB , 640x800 , Eila Sanya bunny girls dmm_card.png )
God bless
>> No. 12512 ID: 29a7f2
File 14935748171.jpg - (311.09 KB , 640x800 , 20170430182800f87.jpg )
>> No. 12513 ID: f92b76
Idol Witches so far:

Sasha: Takane.
Nipa: Miku.
Eila: Anju/Maki.
Shizuka: Kotori.
Rossmann: Anzu.
Georgette: Momoka.
Kunika: Haruka.
Neumann: Azusa.
>> No. 12514 ID: f30eb9
>Rossmann: Anzu.
That's at least seven different kinds of hilarious.
>> No. 12515 ID: 3f5e11
File 149361531160.png - (417.12 KB , 627x1003 , 52623325_p0.png )

>>Rossmann: Anzu.

What did he mean by this?
>> No. 12516 ID: 29a7f2
Rossmann and Anzu are both voiced by Hiromi Igarashi
>> No. 12518 ID: 3f5e11

Oh, I see. That does make much more sense then.
>> No. 12707 ID: 8b9cbd
File 149904195595.png - (1.14 MB , 640x800 , y_card.png )
>> No. 12709 ID: ed7b3a
Does anyone have Sanya's 1st kimono card & Eila's 2nd kimono card..? (solo version)
>> No. 12712 ID: 120a7e
File 149912122969.jpg - (311.00 KB , 640x800 , mb card 55.jpg )

Sanya's in the Sanya thread, but you probably don't want to scroll through 1100 images. Although all 1100 are of Sanya, so it wouldn't be time wasted.

In the interests of posting Sanya in more threads and thereby making the world a better, comfier place, here ya go.
>> No. 12714 ID: d9e18b
File 149914460092.jpg - (297.12 KB , 640x800 , mb card 57.jpg )
And the other.
>> No. 12716 ID: f926a3
And also Eila's bakery card..
>> No. 12719 ID: ab1581
File 149946579717.jpg - (166.41 KB , 1176x1284 , 47356864t89e5.jpg )

This archive should have every card released so far.

>> No. 12763 ID: 38c5b9
File 150080669232.jpg - (277.72 KB , 640x800 , gree_card.jpg )
I have almost 20k of those crystal of thoughts things saved up over the last 6 months for Sanya's birthday. I hope they put some really good cards in that gacha when the day comes.
>> No. 13144 ID: ecd7dd
Why doesn't Minna have a cheerleading or medieval/ fantasy card? She's not the only one that's missing either. There's a few people missing from different card sets. Is there a reason for this or is there a card out there and I just can't find it.
>> No. 13145 ID: d89500
The cheerleader and fantasy sets haven't yet finished, that's why. It takes over a month or so for each set to finish once they start as they don't release all the cards instantly and they're the newest sets.
Those and the Halloween one that started recently as well.
>> No. 13146 ID: ecd7dd
Well the fantasy ones have been out for around 3 months or so I'm sure.
>> No. 13147 ID: d85d7e
Well, I did say 'takes over a month'. I checked my saved images and both Lynne and Minna are left in fantasy set and yeah it started around summer.
Things just take time.
>> No. 13177 ID: f6a10d
File 150968524384.jpg - (363.18 KB , 880x1200 , Untitled.jpg )
I made a post on /c/ but I might as well mention it here too, I bought the artbooks with card art from the game.

Nothing really fascinating to share, just big versions of card art, which are nice to look at in person so I am happy I bought them.
Each book also came with a code, I believe for a special card with the cover art. I know there's at least one anon who is into the game, I can post the codes if someone wants them.
>> No. 13178 ID: 4ee60f
Such a shame that game is so bad. If only it was something at least as okay as Azur Lane.
>> No. 13179 ID: a01f6e
The game is not bad.
>> No. 13180 ID: a01f6e
Did you try to play it to say that ithe game is bad?
>> No. 13182 ID: 4ee60f
Watching gameplay videos is enough to tell it's incredibly mediocre even compared to other mobage.
>> No. 13183 ID: a01f6e
Your opinion doesn't count if you only watched videos instead of playing the game
>> No. 13190 ID: 204681
Does the PR girls & Amelie have their own cards..
>> No. 13191 ID: 6045eb
PR girls?
But no, only 501st, Marseille and Junko have cards regularly.
>> No. 13192 ID: 779608
Pantaloni Rossi..

I hope this mobage didn't get folded as Million Live & Aqua Ritmo were and having a SIF All Star-esque sequel..
>> No. 13260 ID: fde470
Is this just me or we have yet to see Mio & Sanya's second bride cards..?
>> No. 13432 ID: 5b839f
Apparently this is getting shut down on Feb 28th.

>> No. 13433 ID: 7e6335
Or they'll focused to 502nd from Feb28 onwards..(Georgette cards when..!?)
>> No. 13467 ID: 9b09f0
File 151467764224.png - (0.96 MB , 640x800 , cards.png )
No it's definitely shutting down. They're even talking about no refunds.
>> No. 13469 ID: 6d0498
That's sucks..

No 502nd, Heidi, Rai-chan, Shizuka, Amelie, & Pantaloni Rossi's cards..

What a missed opportunity..(SIF has Muse, Aqours, & PDP and YuYuYui has all Heroes from NoWaYu to YuYuYu)
>> No. 13714 ID: f5a932
>> No. 13717 ID: e0f111
Google trans was gibberishy as usual.
>> No. 13721 ID: b555c4
What happened? Did the game died?
>> No. 13722 ID: e0f111
>> No. 13723 ID: cfedbc
Aye, it shut down week ago as anon said here >>13432
>> No. 13727 ID: 4ee60f
I have some hope they will now make a new one similar to AGA.
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