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File 144412291879.jpg - (170.93 KB , 613x1000 , not_a_boy.jpg )
8321 No. 8321 ID: 2bf5bf
Let's get a drawfag thread going. Make a request and I'll see what I can muster up. Be as specific as you'd like, but keep in mind I'm slow as shit.
Other drawfags are welcome to join in anytime.
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>> No. 14777 ID: 444854

That's a post from 3 years ago, but thanks.
>> No. 14778 ID: e9c5fc
That's nice kid, and that suddenly makes it okay... because? lol...

I'll end my remarks by saying that art is art. Shouldn't matter what people make as long as the artist is happy, and if other people enjoy seeing it (and yes, people enjoy types art that others may not like). But anyone who enjoys shitting on what other people enjoy is just an example of an unlikable person! :) But hey don't get mad at me, I'm merely just calling it out that's all! I would have said this 3 years ago too if I had seen it, all the same to me.

And now back to enjoying art! ^__^
>> No. 14779 ID: d9804a
>But anyone who enjoys shitting on what other people enjoy is just an example of an unlikable person!

This is someone who once threatened to kill himself over the usual stupid comments in an /a/ witches thread. Eagle's posts are best treated like something that fell out of the back of a garbage truck.

I hope you'll feel inspired to do some more PG-rated Sanya work in the future.
>> No. 14781 ID: 14c622
I'm not some kid. And I'm not the guy that posted that. I'm the admin.

You're right to be mad about that post and you're free to defend yourself, I'm just sick of this place being talked shit about.

>But anyone who enjoys shitting on what other people enjoy is just an example of an unlikable person!

>Reminds me why this place is trash, lel

If you think Helma is so shit, why don't you tell me how to improve it. What can I even do? Anyone's free to post whatever they want here, and I've only banned 2 people in 8 years. If you don't like it, make it a better place. I'm being serious here.

This place isn't some secret club circle jerk. Hell, I don't even post here. Post what you want here. Bring your friends, I don't care. I've tried my best to keep this place drama free, I don't advertise the site on 4chan (or anywhere else), I don't ban people on a whim, I don't have a bunch of friends trashing the place. After 8 years it's still ready and waiting. Not as a replacement for existing boards and discords, but just as another place to enjoy the subject.

But I don't want to turn this into some retarded thread derailing drama, so I'll leave it at that. Unless you want to discuss some sort of solution in private. And I apologize if this post seems a bit over the top, but I've been handling a lot of stupid irl shit lately, and my patience is razor thin right now.
>> No. 14782 ID: b35eee
I admit I wouldn't know how to discuss this in private since I don't use these types of boards often, but maybe that would be a better choice if we did so since I do care very much about Witches fandom, including here...

I was upset about stumbling across this when I was simply looking at great art (and this thread really has great stuff), but in retrospect I could have chosen better words regardless... or tried my best to ignore it (which is hard with anger issues lol). All that being said I apologize for derailing things.
>> No. 14783 ID: b35eee
File 156872874713.png - (2.64 MB , 1920x1080 , 159.png )
Regarding my violent content, just to clear things up... I do love Witches very very dearly, I really care about them. Yes it is also fetish stuff... that part is true, but it is not out of hate which I'd like to specify. I love creating beautiful/cute artwork too, its just that my violent/sexual content got more views lmfao... kinda sad actually.

As for more Sanya pics, I'd love to! But I actually haven't drawn in a very long time.. I think about 2 years now? Part of it is due to depression, but the other reason is because I've spent like the last year and a half creating my own MMD model from scratch. I had seen someone else post an MMD edit earlier in this thread so I assume its okay if I posted my content too? I may as well share something to make up for my earlier posts, haha...

Related image is a recent pic I made using my own model, and as for downloading it you can get it from here (it requires a Nico account, sorry): https://3d.nicovideo.jp/works/td60809

I plan to create more MMD Witches too, simply because no one else really bothered to make highly detailed Witches models before... :< One day I had decided to take it upon myself to do so, and I guess its worked out so far!
>> No. 14784 ID: f472c3
Really nice ninnin Sadako. Kinda funny with the timing and how recently all sorts of ninjas have been on a huge uprise in various things.
A Wakizashi in her open hand would've been a nice touch, or few shurikens in-between the fingers but not really a required one. Almost feel like asking for a certain type of ninja myself but I'll refrain now.

Is it really talking shit behind your back seeing this is a public place though, just like twitter or any other place and critiquing artist's creations.
And I don't see myself exactly shitting on you from back then either in it. Albeit it's really weird to bring up such old stuff.
Simply stating I don't like gore involved with witches and if that's what you like, then free will and all, really even if it's a shame to me what with your core art having a decent foundation which is a praise mind you back then and now.
I did call gore trash, which it is to me, not you nor your likes directly. You do you man like anyone else when it comes to art.
And the MMD model of Mio is pretty good.
>> No. 14785 ID: feba92

Yeah, I'm sorry too for going a bit overboard, and I understand why you were mad (since the same thing happened to me). I'm just on edge lately.

>All that being said I apologize for derailing things.

To be fair, I derailed it significantly more.

Anyhow, if you do have some ideas on how to make this place better, send me an email at helmauswastaken@outlook.com
>> No. 14787 ID: feba92
File 156874960453.png - (486.54 KB , 1458x1080 , s11111.png )

I've seen your model before and I think it looks really nice. I tried "kit-bashing" my own higher quality Sakamoto a couple years ago, but yours looks a heck of a lot better!
>> No. 14788 ID: a30c39
I understood how you might feel since Ive also been going through very rough times myself for many reasons... one reason actually has to do with this model, I love what Ive done but it also kinda fucked me up in a way due to pushing myself too far (long story). Anyway, if I think of something more to say, maybe I'll contact you!

Tbh thats a pretty good attempt for what it is! Sadly when using parts from other models, it can be very challenging to get it to look just right... it was one of the reasons I decided from the start to do everything by myself, and so I didnt have to owe other authors credit lol! It was a huge pain and I had to learn everything as I went, it was the first time ive ever done this too... but it was definitely worth it, especially to see all the kind words from people who comment on it! Thank you! :)
>> No. 14789 ID: 5f941d
Hey drawfriend would you mind drawing sadako in some well fit modern clothes.
I've been looking at humid modern witches and there's no sadako version.
>> No. 14792 ID: 46788a
One last update regarding the convo, just wanted to quickly mention I had decided to send an email like you mentioned! :3
>> No. 14824 ID: e53efc
File 157242223422.png - (424.98 KB , 788x924 , Ryza.png )
Hey drawfriend if you want could you draw Raisa dressed as Ryza from the new atelier game?
Pic for reference.
Maybe a clothing swap or something if you have time.
>> No. 14847 ID: c46b73
File 157431633086.jpg - (34.58 KB , 375x502 , Eila with tonttus on hand - hashi o7.jpg )
It's almost that time of the year again with the advent calendar.
This time I was wondering if there happens to be anyone here who wants to take part in it, feel free to send me your drawn picture to seagle@airmail.cc
Only rules are that it features witch and festive mood and have it sent at least before 14th December. And no need to worry about skill levels.
>> No. 14878 ID: 84073c
File 157615938540.jpg - (211.04 KB , 574x800 , Raisa_Ryza.jpg )
I'll try and get it coloured up soon.

The holidays are taking up so much of my spare time but I'll see if I can squeeze in a quick doodle for you before the end of Saturday!
>> No. 14881 ID: 3f55be
Drawfriend so GOOD
>> No. 14885 ID: 5baff3
By all means do, doesn't need to be anything grand, there's still few days left.
>> No. 14957 ID: 26682d
Hey, I hope you're still here drawfriend. I was wondering about what you did to get so good with drawing and how long it took you. I would like to get better with drawing but my stuff looks like trash right now.
And as others have said, you should open up a Pixiv or Twitter.
>> No. 14961 ID: 90ed24
I'm still here. Been drawing "seriously" for about 10 years now, shamed as I am to admit it. Put in a modicum of effort and motivation and anyone could reach my level in a fraction of the time, so don't let that discourage you. Hell, I honestly think I plateaued a few years ago and haven't bothered to improve since.
I'm always excited to help new artists get their feet on the ground so I'll write up a longer post in a day or two when I find the time. I'm self-taught, but I've studied a few books to learn the basics. I'll name-drop a bunch later.
How long have you been drawing for? Don't worry about your drawings looking like shit right off the bat, it gets said a lot but everyone starts off the same. I should see if I can find some of my early drawings to show how I started.
I'll answer any questions you have, and if there's anything in specific you want to know more about just ask.

And if you take requests, I'd like Lynette in a sundress. Thank you.
>> No. 14962 ID: be090d
>Put in a modicum of effort and motivation and anyone could reach my level in a fraction of the time, so don't let that discourage you. Hell, I honestly think I plateaued a few years ago and haven't bothered to improve since.
I think you're vastly underrating your skills. You're probably one of the most talented drawfags out there.
>I'm always excited to help new artists get their feet on the ground so I'll write up a longer post in a day or two when I find the time. I'm self-taught, but I've studied a few books to learn the basics. I'll name-drop a bunch later.
Yeah, I would like that. It would be good to know everything you have done to get to where you are.
>How long have you been drawing for?
Not very long, just a few stuff here and there since last Winter.
>And if you take requests, I'd like Lynette in a sundress.
Yeah sure, I can try though it might end up terrible. It will be on pencil and paper though (I'm assuming that you have been using a tablet). Also, my delivery speed might be slow because I have some applications due soon and university is about to get hectic.
>> No. 14964 ID: 90ed24
Pencil and paper is what practically everybody, including myself, starts off with, so don't worry on that front. Don't bother with a tablet until you're good and invested in the hobby as drawing digitally has its own, separate learning curve.
Loomis gets mentioned a lot for beginners but he's truly a great starting point. "Figure Drawing for All It's Worth" starts off with learning and memorizing the proper proportions and the book really helps familiarize yourself with the basics. "Drawing the Head and Hands," also by Loomis, is great as well, and considering how faces are a huge focal point in anime/manga it's pretty invaluable.
One book that I can't recommend enough is "Figure Drawing Design and Invention" by Michael Hampton, as it brilliantly shows how to build the human body using shapes and blocks. Read in conjunction with Loomis and it makes a sturdy foundation.
Also check out:
Bert Dodson - Keys to Drawing
Burne Hogarth - Drawing Dynamic Hands
Burne Hogarth - Dynamic Figure Drawing
George B Bridgman - Bridgman's Complete Guide To Drawing From Life
Glenn Vilppu - The Vilppu Drawing Manual
I could go into detail about them but there's no need as the all serve the same purpose; they're all great for studying the fundamentals to varying degrees and building up your artistic strength.
>> No. 14965 ID: 90ed24
Also, a few more notes:

1. A lot of people say in order to draw anime you need to know how to draw people realistically first. While drawing from real life and books will certainly improve your skills far quicker than drawing nonstop anime, don't go thinking that you can't draw anime until you're good. Draw what you "need" to draw, but don't forego drawing what you "want" to draw. A few years back I felt I should be focusing on the fundamentals and set aside anime entirely. I found I lacked both the motivation and determination to work on my fundamentals and wound up wasting several months not doing any drawing at all. If you don't draw, you can't improve.

3. Tracing isn't evil, it's a great way to understand how other artists have built their characters. Obviously, don't try and pass the work off as your own, it's purely for studies.

3. Improving isn't just about drawing every day. It's about noticing your mistakes, understanding what's wrong with your work and then striving to correct it. You'll find times where you draw something you think looks great, and then the next day or even a few hours later you'll look at it with fresh eyes and think it looks ghastly. Use this moment to analyze why it looks like shit and aim to do better.

4. Don't burn yourself out. At the end of the day, drawing is meant to be fun. If you're doodling aimlessly or can't get a certain aspect of your drawing to look right, take a breather. Read a book, go for a walk, watch a show or a movie. Come back to it later with a clean slate of mind.

That's all I can think of for now. Keep at it and have fun is all I can really say. If you ever end up drawing some of the witches, make sure to post it here as I'd love to see your progress. Other than that, I'll always be here for help or critique.
Now, I myself haven't been getting any of my recent work to look right, so if anyone wants to hit me up with some new requests I'd love to try them out to break free of this rut.
>> No. 14966 ID: 521238
File 158066476415.jpg - (156.82 KB , 670x1024 , Hanna_Scan_1.jpg )
Thanks for the advice! I just downloaded a couple of stuff from /ic/ as my foundation so far lol. I'll make sure to check out Loomis and Hampton. If there is any other advice you can think of please share.

As for your earlier request, I'll try to do it as soon as possible but university is getting pretty crazy right now.

>Now, I myself haven't been getting any of my recent work to look right, so if anyone wants to hit me up with some new requests I'd love to try them out to break free of this rut.
Kindly requesting Hanna Rudel blushing/getting flustered over receiving a present for Valentine's Day, please (I was going to do a variation of this for your request).
>> No. 14967 ID: bfc658
File 158071364560.jpg - (535.70 KB , 2470x2402 , brave519.jpg )
my Gundula
>> No. 14968 ID: 90ed24
Very good!
I'd love to see more of your work.
>> No. 14970 ID: d590a7
File 158114582320.jpg - (1.20 MB , 3065x2150 , brave483.jpg )
>> No. 14975 ID: d3e58e
File 158151789276.jpg - (167.81 KB , 548x800 , Hanna_Rudel.jpg )
Still working out a better composition, but this is what I got so far. Hoping to have it done before Valentine's.
>I was going to do a variation of this for your request
Do it. Blushing witches soothes the heart.

Awesome, keep up the good work anon. And keep posting your work here when you can. I can give you some requests if you're ever in need of something to draw.
>> No. 14976 ID: be090d
File 158157661887.jpg - (1.32 MB , 2448x3264 , IMG_20200213_003552042_HDR_2.jpg )
A very good job! It's very nice to see someone like Rudel blushing given her scar and usual demeanor. Anyways, here's your request. Sorry, it took so long, I just finished up my first round of tests. Also, I have just begun to look into Loomis. I'll make sure to dedicate more time into it when I'm free.

Looks like there are more than two people in this thread. Excellent job to you too. I swear this looks very familiar.
>> No. 14981 ID: d2031e
File 158186317840.jpg - (277.06 KB , 685x1000 , Hanna_Rudel_valentines.jpg )
Better late than never, I suppose. Hopefully Hanna isn't too pissed at a belated gift.

Fantastic! I really like her negligee. Keep practicing, anon. The path to becoming a great artist is only as long as you make it out to be. Though it may not seem like it, I'm always here, so if you ever have questions or are looking for critique, fire away.
That said, I'm always open to critique on my own work, so don't be afraid of pointing out anything that looks odd.
>> No. 14983 ID: 0be85c
A very excellent job anon! Beautiful as always. I'll make sure to keep on practicing and going over the fundamentals. Hopefully, I'll be somewhat capable by Winter so I can draw better for /a/'s Secret Santa and maybe even contribute to Helma's Christmas Calendar.
As for critique, I don't really see anything odd. Anyways, if you need me for anything I'll also be here but I'm more active on /c/'s SW thread. Thanks for everything you've done so far, I really appreciate it.
>> No. 14984 ID: 2e919e
I'm so happy we have more drawfriends!
Everyone is wonderful!
>> No. 14987 ID: 4d4289
Hi everyone. First time in this thread.

A question: anyone here or elsewhere who can draw Neuroi? It's for a fanfic I'm writing.
>> No. 14994 ID: 678d93
Never drew Neuroi before, but I wouldn't mind giving it a shot. What did you have in mind?
>> No. 14995 ID: d9e046

Sorry for the late reply

One that looks like a Avro Vulcan and one that looks like a C-130 Hercules.

Links for reference:



My e-mail address: esguerrangeliv@gmail.com. Can we please have further discussions there?
>> No. 15001 ID: b58127
File 158294092644.png - (3.98 MB , 2560x1440 , Perrine birthday bridge 2017.png )
Bridge 2017.
>> No. 15002 ID: b58127
File 15829409463.jpg - (930.98 KB , 2560x1440 , Perrine birthday bridge 2018.jpg )
Bridge 2018.
>> No. 15003 ID: b58127
File 15829409648.png - (3.93 MB , 2560x1440 , Perrine birthday bridge 2019.png )
Bridge 2019.
>> No. 15004 ID: b58127
File 158294104531.jpg - (1.51 MB , 2560x1440 , Perrine birthday bridge 2020.jpg )
Don't mind me, just posting the bridges here seeing I hadn't before, save for the first two.
And bridge 2020.
>> No. 15006 ID: cf25ed
Thanks for all your efforts, Eagle. I've always loved these.
>> No. 15009 ID: 5ed177
File 158363720625.jpg - (3.00 MB , 4032x3024 , IMG_20200307_131443119.jpg )
Just going to post this. In addition to looking over the fundamentals, I've also been practicing drawing anime to mix things up a little. In particular, I've been copying your style (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery) and I definitely feel like I understand how to draw eyes and hair better. Here's an example of one of my little studies. I think what I drew ended up being Helma with Rudel's bandaid. I think I'll be sticking with this style of eyes, for now, I know it's a lot better than my previous blank eyes.

Anyways, thanks again for your help drawfriend, I still have a long way to go but I'll make sure to keep on practicing.

Pretty good stuff, I look forward to this year's Christmas Calendar. Thanks for all your efforts.
>> No. 15011 ID: 5ed177
File 158363773973.jpg - (2.33 MB , 2448x3264 , IMG_20200301_140320996_HDR.jpg )
That's weird... the thumbnail shows the incorrect orientation but if you click it, it shows the correct orientation. Here's another picture attempt. Also, I forgot to ask but do you draw your poses from imagination? Thanks.
>> No. 15013 ID: a61c76
Some programs have a setting to include orientation in the .jpg. I'm not sure, but I think the lossless jpg rotation function in Irfanview also resets the orientation setting.
>> No. 15015 ID: 01e69b
File 158377315438.jpg - (2.97 MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_20200307_131443119.jpg )
Just tried it, it works. Thanks, anon.
>> No. 15016 ID: 9852ae
File 158401727799.jpg - (245.45 KB , 1000x792 , Neuroi_Avro_Vulcan.jpg )
Here's the Avro Vulcan. It's nice to draw something different for a change. Let me know if there are any modifications you want done.
I can definitely say I feel flattered! It already looks like you're improving. I may start redlining your work in the future to help you out some more, if you're cool with it.
Regardless, keep up the good work.
>> No. 15017 ID: 4013ad

Guy from >>14987 and >>14995

Thanks again. What about the Neuroi based on a C-130?
>> No. 15018 ID: 9852ae
Haven't started it yet, gonna get on it ASAP.
>> No. 15019 ID: 514f91
Pretty good Neuroi, I didn't know that Loomis and such would translate over to that. And feel free to redline my stuff but I think you've done more than enough to help me. Anyways, I'll continue practicing/studying as hard as I can. It's a nice new hobby and I should hopefully be decent in 2-3 years.
>> No. 15020 ID: 4013ad

Thanks again for this.
>> No. 15030 ID: 9b800e
File 158566161688.jpg - (517.04 KB , 1740x1000 , Neuroi_C-130_Hercules.jpg )
And, finally, here's the Hercules.
Hopefully everyone's doing well and staying safe from the virus. Times may seem rough but just remember we have more witch anime goodness in the future to look forward to.
With the extra free time I have I'm considering starting a project to keep me busy. I've attempted making doujinshi before, maybe I'll take another crack at it. We'll see.
I'm still taking requests though, so feel free to drop some on me. If the other artists are still here, I have some requests of my own:
- Beurling smoking by herself out in the snow
- Krupinski reaching out to pinch an unsuspecting witch's bum (perhaps Rossman's?)
- Perrine looking dismayed and distraught at her torn pantyhose
>> No. 15031 ID: c06429
Good job on the Neuroi, I'm loving the amount of effort that was put into the hexagons. That must have been so hard perspective wise. Of course, the overall drawing does very much look like the intended plane as well. As for your doujinshi project, that sounds interesting. If you ever finish it, I'm sure it will be good.

Anyways, I'm still here (the anon that just started drawing) and I think I'll attempt the first suggestion. It may take a while though since I have another round of tests next week.
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