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File 144412291879.jpg - (170.93 KB , 613x1000 , not_a_boy.jpg )
8321 No. 8321 ID: 2bf5bf
Let's get a drawfag thread going. Make a request and I'll see what I can muster up. Be as specific as you'd like, but keep in mind I'm slow as shit.
Other drawfags are welcome to join in anytime.
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>> No. 11260 ID: 989c29
File 147100571124.jpg - (308.21 KB , 684x374 , Oh my god!.jpg )
It's alright, because well, that is just.. perfect. You can imagine me saying 'Oh mai gaawd!' in the most Joseph voice ever.
My mind was hoping for Makoto in her black hose flying but this is great nonetheless, makes for a good setup with Akane as you did.
Thanks for the smiles. Chinatsu just needs time to learn witchy things first before she can fly with striker units too.
>> No. 11261 ID: 2c2a92
File 147100914279.jpg - (212.28 KB , 899x1000 , shamefur_dispray.jpg )
Forgetting such an integral piece of equipment should be a bannable offense. I will accept any form of punishment.
Here's the non-heretical version.
>> No. 11262 ID: 989c29
Your punishment is obviously drawing Chinatsu-chan in the near future as well.
Domo arigatou.
>> No. 11263 ID: 8c1d67

>> No. 11265 ID: b0a660
drawfriend da goat!
>> No. 11341 ID: 2c2a92
File 147217693291.jpg - (181.39 KB , 609x1000 , prinzessin_qipao.jpg )
>> No. 11342 ID: b0a660
so goooooooooooooooooood

you the real mvp drawfriend thanks a ton
>> No. 11343 ID: a6b0fd
Draw Shirley trying to seduce the viewer in a bunnysuit friend
>> No. 11344 ID: fde2b2
Very cute, I love her thighs.
>> No. 11345 ID: a6b0fd
Or this one. You know how in bed people try out things? Show Shirley's reaction to the viewer wanting to do it to her and letting them grope her.
This all just sounded a bit weird when I typed this, I honestly didn't know how to put it into words without it coming out strange. I think Shirley would be experimentive in bed.
>> No. 11351 ID: 989c29
That's greaat. Witches in beautiful cheongsams is just the absolute best.
I'm not sure how much you got backlog left on different requests but if possible could you do a smug witch in a cheongsam perhaps?
>> No. 11352 ID: a6b0fd
*tie her up and grope her
The viewer has been in a relationship with her for a while.
>> No. 11354 ID: 2c2a92
I think EMT's request is next and there's two more before yours. I-I'll try and be quick!

>The viewer has been in a relationship with her for a while
If only. ;_;
>> No. 11355 ID: a6b0fd
So you'll do them?
>> No. 11357 ID: 2c2a92
Of course.
>> No. 11358 ID: a6b0fd
Thank you my dude
>> No. 11417 ID: a6b0fd
If he sees this, update us on how's it going. You're also doing the two I asked for right? Just clearing that up.
>> No. 11418 ID: f9ea7d

You're acting really pushy m8. Bit disrespectful.
>> No. 11419 ID: a6b0fd
Sorry, I try not to be. I was just really anxious and bored when I posted it. I'll let him take his time.
>> No. 11420 ID: a6b0fd
I was just wondering how it was going so far. Not trying to be pushy.
>> No. 11421 ID: 2c2a92
Don't worry, nobody's being disrespectful. I'm just a slow ass is all, and well-deserving of a kick in the behind.
Plus I've been devoting most of my spare time to other things recently. But I'm going to put these requests on the top of my priority list starting now.
>> No. 11422 ID: a6b0fd
If it's alright with you.
>> No. 11476 ID: 2c2a92
File 147417228263.jpg - (127.03 KB , 434x1000 , shirley_bunnysuit.jpg )
Coming up on a year since this thread was made. Damn, time flies.

Hopefully this is seductive enough.

And to you, EMT, I'm sorry. I kind of had something but I only began to notice the major issues partway through doing the lineart and by then I just couldn't bring myself to go back and fix everything. And that's part of the reason why I have this to say:

Lately I've felt like my art hasn't been improving at all, and I don't just mean in the past year but for a few years now. I've been meaning to clear my schedule and devote myself to improving but I either get distracted or end up procrastinating and pushing my study days into the next week.
That's why, after I finish whatever requests are left, I'm going to take a hiatus. I'll still be here on Helma and whatever witch threads that pop up on /a/ (especially when Brave Witches gets going) but unless someone else takes up the mantle of resident drawfag here (no application necessary! Please join!) there will probably be a lot less deliveries in the coming months (not that there was many to begin with).
Requests can still be made--I find drawing the witches as strangely cathartic so I doubt I'll be able to keep myself away from them for too long--but my hope is that the more I focus on improving the sooner I can return, and with hopefully better artwork.
So as gloomy as all that pseudo-professional bullshit sounds, I'll still be here, I'll still be drawing, I just want to get better is all.

And then maybe I'll be able to make that Keiko daki I've always wanted.
>> No. 11477 ID: a6b0fd
Thank you my dude. I can't wait to see the other one where I ask her the question. Have any ideas or you're going to keep it a surprise?
>> No. 11478 ID: a6b0fd
There's nothing wrong with your line art, it's great!
>> No. 11479 ID: 2c2a92
I'll keep it a surprise for the time being.
And it's not so much the line art that's the issue, it's the underlying sketch. A lot of mistakes that I make I don't notice until it's too late: screwed up proportions, misaligned eyes, poses in which spines bend in ways spines were not meant to bend, etc. Most of the time I catch these before publishing the work but it would be nice to never make those mistakes in the first place.
And really, it's just my art's general quality that I'm aiming to improve. I'm far from Humikane's or em's level, among many others.
>> No. 11480 ID: a6b0fd
Ohhhh, I see what you mean.
>> No. 11481 ID: a6b0fd
Can you atleast tell me if you think she'd do it though?
>> No. 11482 ID: a6b0fd
Like, letting me tie her up if we were in a relationship, yknow, bedroom fun.
>> No. 11483 ID: 2c2a92
All in due time.
And I don't mean to sound like an ass but there's no need for three posts when one will suffice. Take time to think about what you want to say before posting.
Considering how slow Helma is I only ever check for new posts every couple of hours anyways.
>> No. 11484 ID: 764a7d
Nice picture drawfriend!

And hey if you feel your art ain't up to snuff and you want to get better that's all fine and dandy man. I've loved every single one of the pics you've drawn so far but if you want to get on humi or em's level then by all means more power to you.
>> No. 11486 ID: a6b0fd
It's cool, no offense taken. I wish you the best on your art.
>> No. 11487 ID: 3001e5
Lovely picture drawfriend.

Please, do whatever you feel is right for yourself. You owe us nothing.

I can kind of relate to your emotions, as I feel the same towards the model kits I build.
>> No. 11489 ID: f9ea7d

Don't worry about my request, drawfriend, I was kind of just thinking out loud when I posted it anyways. I said I wouldn't ask for anything else this year, remember? I appreciate the effort though!

I wish you luck in your efforts, but I hope you'll still come around to discuss the witches fairly often. I think there are a few drawfriends that have seemingly stopped showing up and I can't help but feel like we kind of annoyed them too much, me included, and that makes me feel terrible. The last thing any of us want to see is Helma & Co. bleeding users.

We're all mighty appreciative of what you do, even if we can get too 'eager' sometimes.
>> No. 11490 ID: 3001e5
File 147421787855.jpg - (166.15 KB , 450x600 , f7l4o1_500.jpg )

I'm the Minnafag by the way, so if you haven't started the confession one yet, I wouldn't mind at all if you drop it completely.
>> No. 11491 ID: 989c29
You are your own worst enemy as they say. No one but you are the one to feel your art needs improving when everyone is content enough with it.
It's pretty much autism what you're describing there and as someone with two devout artfags as friends and myself as a former one I can relate to you. But you do what you feel is best.
Saying about levels is a bit silly when you're to form your own style that will become your very own and something you feel content with. Em doesn't strike as someone who will change drastically his style at this point, is he at Fumi's level? No and yes, he has distinct style to his that is very nice and Fumi has unique to his that fits him the best. Both are great and different and will be. Yours is great.
That's just some of my thoughts.
>> No. 11493 ID: a6b0fd
Exactly! Drawfriend has his own style as well, and I gotta say it's one of my favorites.
>> No. 11557 ID: 2c2a92
File 147529915090.jpg - (600.47 KB , 748x2000 , sorry_kurt.jpg )
It's done.
Had fun in the stream today as well. Looking forward to the rest!
>> No. 11558 ID: 73c5c1
Absolutely amazing, anon!

I love the different stages, the first one still is the best in my opinion.
>> No. 11560 ID: 764a7d

Great work drawfriend!
>> No. 11561 ID: 26489e
Love it. Great work! Minna looks cute.
>> No. 11562 ID: 989c29
File 147534157648.jpg - (87.10 KB , 500x415 , Minna puppy eh.jpg )
That's veri naisu.
>> No. 11696 ID: 2c2a92
File 14763357285.jpg - (146.61 KB , 557x1000 , shirley_tied_censored.jpg )
Uncensored: http://imgur.com/a/jZCYJ
And that's it. Starting now I'm going on hiatus to practice and get better.
Like I said, I'll still be here, and I'll still most likely be drawing witches every now and again, but starting now I'm going to try and place all my focus on improving. Hopefully at some point I'll find a good balance of studying and drawing weeb stuff.
Wish me luck, Helmanons.
>> No. 11700 ID: 764a7d
Goddamn drawfriend very nice.
My friend is going to be salty since he wanted heidi lewds but didnt want to be the first to request them

Enjoy your break! Come back soon!
>> No. 11701 ID: 989c29
File 147635722730.jpg - (90.80 KB , 669x544 , Boobies for everyone.jpg )
That's leeewd, but nice as always!
I'm going to be sad during your hiatus here. You're good already, but I guess the whole improving thing is knocking the back of your head. I really oughta pick up the pen again and learn to draw properly instead of painting but instead I started my Nihon studies week ago..
But yes, I'll wish the best of luck to you in your studies and improving.
>> No. 11705 ID: 75df7f
Love it. Great work! Good luck on your hiatus with practicing your art. I wish you the best of luck.
>> No. 11720 ID: 989c29
File 147680569539.jpg - (11.27 KB , 500x500 , Eila seiza - kinakomoti.jpg )
How to draw Eila.
Kinakomoti style.

>> No. 14363 ID: a9dbab
File 154931532779.png - (455.40 KB , 733x825 , Miyafuji - i am kowai.png )
Sometimes I wonder how our former resident drawfag does these days and where he might be, I really miss that feller a lot and his cute art.
Got this little Miyafuji drawn for my birthday today so I thought sharing it here.
>> No. 14365 ID: 5fe334
Happy belated birthday mate, that's a cute Yoshika.
I'm still here, not so much a drawfag recently but still very much a resident of little ol' Helma. Hard to believe it's been over two friggin' years since I last delivered in this thread.
Unfortunately I haven't drawn for a long while. Had life come up and bite me in the ass and I've been in a funk the past year. Slowly getting out of it though and I should be back soon once I get my shit together.
Can't say I made good on my promise to get better though, so don't expect much of an improvement.
>> No. 14367 ID: e0d22a
Thanks mang.
Am I glad to hear you're still around and kicking though even if not drawing, and yeah it's like couple of years have flown by despite still thinking it was like yesterday when you last posted.
As much I'm happy to hear someone's getting back on rails even if slowly, to me each good step feels like negated by a bigger one always lately.
Nah, like plenty of times said in the past your style was fine as it were even if you like to be self-critical about it which is fine for improving over time.
The only thing I'm expecting is a drawing of any kind from you at some point.
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