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File 144412291879.jpg - (170.93 KB , 613x1000 , not_a_boy.jpg )
8321 No. 8321 ID: 2bf5bf
Let's get a drawfag thread going. Make a request and I'll see what I can muster up. Be as specific as you'd like, but keep in mind I'm slow as shit.
Other drawfags are welcome to join in anytime.
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>> No. 15009 ID: 5ed177
File 158363720625.jpg - (3.00 MB , 4032x3024 , IMG_20200307_131443119.jpg )
Just going to post this. In addition to looking over the fundamentals, I've also been practicing drawing anime to mix things up a little. In particular, I've been copying your style (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery) and I definitely feel like I understand how to draw eyes and hair better. Here's an example of one of my little studies. I think what I drew ended up being Helma with Rudel's bandaid. I think I'll be sticking with this style of eyes, for now, I know it's a lot better than my previous blank eyes.

Anyways, thanks again for your help drawfriend, I still have a long way to go but I'll make sure to keep on practicing.

Pretty good stuff, I look forward to this year's Christmas Calendar. Thanks for all your efforts.
>> No. 15011 ID: 5ed177
File 158363773973.jpg - (2.33 MB , 2448x3264 , IMG_20200301_140320996_HDR.jpg )
That's weird... the thumbnail shows the incorrect orientation but if you click it, it shows the correct orientation. Here's another picture attempt. Also, I forgot to ask but do you draw your poses from imagination? Thanks.
>> No. 15013 ID: a61c76
Some programs have a setting to include orientation in the .jpg. I'm not sure, but I think the lossless jpg rotation function in Irfanview also resets the orientation setting.
>> No. 15015 ID: 01e69b
File 158377315438.jpg - (2.97 MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_20200307_131443119.jpg )
Just tried it, it works. Thanks, anon.
>> No. 15016 ID: 9852ae
File 158401727799.jpg - (245.45 KB , 1000x792 , Neuroi_Avro_Vulcan.jpg )
Here's the Avro Vulcan. It's nice to draw something different for a change. Let me know if there are any modifications you want done.
I can definitely say I feel flattered! It already looks like you're improving. I may start redlining your work in the future to help you out some more, if you're cool with it.
Regardless, keep up the good work.
>> No. 15017 ID: 4013ad

Guy from >>14987 and >>14995

Thanks again. What about the Neuroi based on a C-130?
>> No. 15018 ID: 9852ae
Haven't started it yet, gonna get on it ASAP.
>> No. 15019 ID: 514f91
Pretty good Neuroi, I didn't know that Loomis and such would translate over to that. And feel free to redline my stuff but I think you've done more than enough to help me. Anyways, I'll continue practicing/studying as hard as I can. It's a nice new hobby and I should hopefully be decent in 2-3 years.
>> No. 15020 ID: 4013ad

Thanks again for this.
>> No. 15030 ID: 9b800e
File 158566161688.jpg - (517.04 KB , 1740x1000 , Neuroi_C-130_Hercules.jpg )
And, finally, here's the Hercules.
Hopefully everyone's doing well and staying safe from the virus. Times may seem rough but just remember we have more witch anime goodness in the future to look forward to.
With the extra free time I have I'm considering starting a project to keep me busy. I've attempted making doujinshi before, maybe I'll take another crack at it. We'll see.
I'm still taking requests though, so feel free to drop some on me. If the other artists are still here, I have some requests of my own:
- Beurling smoking by herself out in the snow
- Krupinski reaching out to pinch an unsuspecting witch's bum (perhaps Rossman's?)
- Perrine looking dismayed and distraught at her torn pantyhose
>> No. 15031 ID: c06429
Good job on the Neuroi, I'm loving the amount of effort that was put into the hexagons. That must have been so hard perspective wise. Of course, the overall drawing does very much look like the intended plane as well. As for your doujinshi project, that sounds interesting. If you ever finish it, I'm sure it will be good.

Anyways, I'm still here (the anon that just started drawing) and I think I'll attempt the first suggestion. It may take a while though since I have another round of tests next week.
>> No. 15040 ID: abd3dd
I know part of drawfagging is being anonymous, but seeing as Helma's closing soon, I'd (and others too, probably) really appreciate it if there was some way to keep following you.
A Twitter or Pixiv would be great, I think
>> No. 15041 ID: ef9634
File 158591431433.jpg - (270.51 KB , 960x1200 , 142794485996.jpg )
Hey drawfriend, Helma will be shutting down soon and would like to kindly request if you could perhaps draw Helma giving a farewell/goodbye to the website and the Admin and post it in the sticky. It would probably have to be done by at least the 10th so the Admin could see it. I'll do a variation of this as well, though I wish I could have been better before this happened.

Anyways, I'll continue with your request and I'll try my best to post it here before the closure. If that doesn't work, I'll just post it in /c/. If you ever need me for anything, my email is secretsantaanon2018@gmail.com; I would gladly continue drawing your requests to the best of my abilities. Of course, I'll also always be in /c/ if you need me for whatever reason.

Anyways, thanks for being Helma's resident drawfriend. I still really appreciate you fulfilling my earlier request this year and I'm sure the other anons appreciate your dozens of deliveries in the past. Also, thanks again for giving me your advice, I made sure to save that and every single delivery you made so I can continue studying your work. I'm sure if I follow your advice and practice consistently, I'll definitely get better.
>> No. 15042 ID: ac266a
It feels a little improper with Helma shutting down, but I have a request. I'm gonna piggyback off that other guy's Neuroi requests.
You play much Ace Combat? I'd like to see the Fenrir as a Neuroi. If you're not familiar with it, the wiki has several pictures of it.
>> No. 15046 ID: f19fc3

Thanks so much for this.

Given I have your e-mail and you got mine, I hope we can talk so more there on the World Witches franchise.

Until then and thanks again for helping me.
>> No. 15050 ID: 07d2e4
Yeah, I should probably get on that. I was thinking if I get this doujinshi done, I'd make a pixiv account and post it there as well as Sadpanda. I've just never been overly fond of social media, imageboards aside.

Definitely going to draw a farewell picture for Helma. I'll try and pop up more in /c/, and of course I'll be in /a/ for the witch threads when the various anime start rolling out. Keep drawing, anon.

I probably won't get it done before the closure, but I'll definitely give it a try. Don't know where I'll post it, though.

No problem anon, good luck with your project.
>> No. 15060 ID: febd0d
Just wondering, but can I requested nude filter here..?
>> No. 15063 ID: 30f739
File 158611012580.jpg - (2.70 MB , 2857x3631 , IMG_20200405_125430508.jpg )
I hope you're not far into my farewell request because it will not be needed anymore seeing as this site will continue on.

I finished mine though and I was planning on doing a redraw but, of course, that won't be needed anymore. Here's what my farewell picture would have looked like if anyone was curious.

Anyways, I'll work on your request ASAP.
>> No. 15068 ID: b8b2bc
Thanks for the art!
>> No. 15069 ID: 54f186
Thanks! I would call it more "chicken scratch" but I appreciate it haha. I need to keep on practicing and then I'll eventually be good.
>> No. 15070 ID: 7de3fa
I'm ecstatic that a farewell drawing won't be needed, but I've already got a start so I may alter it and finish it up regardless. It's the least I can do for this site.
So long as any NSFW pictures are uploaded off-site to something like imgur, I don't see any issue with requesting.
>> No. 15072 ID: 37647b
File 158627821790.jpg - (456.28 KB , 932x3012 , 50206A_1562870087168.jpg )
Or in my case, I will keep that as my personal collections or uploading that to Gelbooru or chan.sankaku.. (If I even bother to upload that) XD

To compensate a lack of Georgette's nudity in the anime, can you make her naked..? (Including the back side)

FYI, hukugouzainahibi was uploaded the nude filtered dakimakuras on his Twitter, but it's censored by a police lines..
>> No. 15073 ID: a61c76
We do have a /nsfw/ board you know.
>> No. 15074 ID: 446957
I know that, but it's been inactive for a year.. And my initial plan is requesting the nude filter here, then it would be shared there..
>> No. 15080 ID: 042cb1
File 158734269322.jpg - (1.64 MB , 2448x3264 , IMG_20200419_191450155_HDR.jpg )
Sorry for taking so long with your request drawfriend, but here's a rough rendition of Miss Beurling smoking. I'll most likely redraw it to reduce the chicken scratch and just to test out new eyes as I feel like the eyes are the most difficult thing for me.

Anyways, if you have any more requests feel free to ask and I shall try to do it to the best of my abilities. Anyways, my school year is about to end with my upcoming finals so I should definitely have more free time to improve very soon.
>> No. 15084 ID: 2edc69
File 158756004519.jpg - (128.99 KB , 496x1000 , Helma_nonfarewell.jpg )
Still working away on that Helma drawing, pic related is what I have so far. Ended up changing the entire picture due to the change in plans. Helma's looking a lot happier too, and for good reason.
Looking good, anon. Don't worry too much about chickenscratching, everyone does it at the start and it'll go away eventually. Just focus on long, confident strokes.
The only other critique I can make is her eyes seems a little lopsided and the the top of her hair looks a little squarish; I'd round out that edge on her left. Keep at it!
Could you post the other side of that daki? I've been looking around but all the pics I found were pretty low quality. Yours looks upscaled as well but I can't find anything better.
>> No. 15085 ID: bce704
File 158757066757.jpg - (411.12 KB , 932x3012 , 50206B_1562870031685.jpg )
>> No. 15088 ID: b5875b
File 158775712245.jpg - (1.49 MB , 2448x3264 , IMG_20200424_083317888.jpg )
Very cute Helma drawing! It's always nice to see the cutest Witch. Anyways, I found some time to redraw the Beurling request and I tried to do longer lines as you said. I believe there is less chicken scratch than before.I'm also pretty sure that the eyes are fixed (I can't believe I didn't see that in the first attempt).

Overall, I'm not even sure if this drawing looks like Beurling at a first glance but with more practice, I'm sure that I can improve on faces and such. I also really need to work on clothes as well.
>> No. 15090 ID: 03eb65
File 158811543728.jpg - (201.50 KB , 513x1000 , Helma_nonfarewell_fin.jpg )
And done.

Your lines are looking a lot less chickensratchy, well done.
>> No. 15092 ID: 84378f
Very cute!
>> No. 15094 ID: 60a321
Just about one of the best Helmas ever drawn.
>> No. 15095 ID: b8b2bc
Good stuff!
>> No. 15096 ID: 42bcd7
Well, here's my effort, sloppy as it is.
>> No. 15097 ID: 01e350
Not bad at all, only lack of nipples & pussy line. Otherwise it's good
>> No. 15098 ID: 3f55be
Very good and cute Helma. Her thighs are cute!
Djose chan....
>> No. 15109 ID: c3ef44
Good work drawfriend. Helma is looking very cute. Anyways, my finals are over now so I have a lot more time to dedicate towards drawing. I'll probably re-draw your Beurling request once I make some good progress since it's an abomination and I feel guilty about it.
>> No. 15111 ID: 607bb1
File 158895776348.jpg - (220.96 KB , 1128x1980 , 1364262761020_1562869171566.jpg )
Could you remove Jose's babydoll & pantsu..?

FYI, if you noticed closely, we could barely see her nipples' silhouette.. (Her babydoll is the transparent one)
>> No. 15115 ID: f32773
File 158934787023.png - (4.47 MB , 1904x2284 , Gesture Fail.png )
Back again for a debauched shitpost. I was practicing gesture drawings with random poses on the internet and I thought this pose looked somewhat familiar... Very scary stuff.
>> No. 15117 ID: 410f76
File 158999957116.jpg - (1.36 MB , 2311x2975 , Bunny.jpg )
Back again for something more serious. Lately, I've just been looking at references and trying to apply what I've learned (Loomis heads and such) by deconstructing some works.

I think I'm okayish at copying/drawing stuff by just looking at references but gun to my head, I cannot draw from imagination though. I will need to practice more figure drawing and then I can ascend and actually make OC.
>> No. 15118 ID: 410f76
File 158999986745.jpg - (250.92 KB , 1464x2048 , monokuro_graf-1125730245389144064-20190507_065300-.jpg )
And here's the original reference that I used.
More of her work can be viewed here: https://twitter.com/monokuro_graf
>> No. 15120 ID: 7e29d0
Not sure why I lived under the assumption I replied before but well, thank you for your kind words. Makes me legit happy that there are some who enjoy looking at them.
What a cute Helmah. Not so sure about your reservations but seeing it's beach time soon again, you might guess my thoughts already but I'd love to see this year's rendition of Miyafuji in her usual frilly bikini.
As for ideas, I'd say her playing volleyball, doing a spike or something dynamic would look neat (and harder to draw).
I'm in the same boat as you pretty much, being adept at mimicking and using reference but to create from nothing is super hard. Well you're on good path I think, there's after all million ways to improve one's self through youtube videos to various books to become good.
>> No. 15121 ID: b4cdd9
File 159019597821.jpg - (1.68 MB , 2446x3055 , Helma.jpg )
If you would like to share, I'd like to see some of your drawings. Anyways, here's a copy/study of Helma since she's a cutie. I kind of got lazy on the bottom half though since practicing heads is my main focus right now.

>Well you're on good path I think, there's after all million ways to improve one's self through youtube videos to various books to become good.
Yeah, I think I've improved to some degree after my first drawing, I've been going through the books recommended by the drawfriend and watching YouTube videos.
>> No. 15122 ID: 77bb12
Cute Helma-chang!
>> No. 15135 ID: f8db71
File 159142895084.jpg - (177.83 KB , 750x400 , Preddy.jpg )
Can anyone draw Geena doing this pose that George Preddy did?
>> No. 15137 ID: f6c2d1
File 159150929622.jpg - (3.14 MB , 4032x3024 , Preddy Pose.jpg )
Cripes a'mighty.... this is legitimately the best I could do buddy. Feel free to just re-request this in /a/'s drawthread to see what others can do for you or wait to see if anyone else here can do it again.

Of course, feel free to critique anything too, I know for sure that my line quality and my hands need to improve.
>> No. 15138 ID: f6c2d1
File 15915096637.jpg - (3.10 MB , 3024x4032 , Preddy Pose v2.jpg )
That's weird, the image flipped. Let me try one more time. If not, just click on the image to see it in the correct orientation.
>> No. 15139 ID: 6ee208
Weird how just changing the orientation the filesize changed so much. You didn't change anything else right? What software are you using?
>> No. 15140 ID: ac27e7
Cheers mate
>> No. 15141 ID: ac27e7
anyone else can do the Geena image all are welcome
>> No. 15142 ID: f6c2d1
I didn't change anything else. All I did to change the orientation was I just used IfranView's JPG's lossless rotation software.
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