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File 144412291879.jpg - (170.93 KB , 613x1000 , not_a_boy.jpg )
8321 No. 8321 ID: 2bf5bf
Let's get a drawfag thread going. Make a request and I'll see what I can muster up. Be as specific as you'd like, but keep in mind I'm slow as shit.
Other drawfags are welcome to join in anytime.
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>> No. 8322 ID: a678df
File 144413068559.png - (310.94 KB , 576x741 , Spoiler Picture.png )
If you will take a really odd request, I wanted to know if you could put Eila in this outfit. I want to surprise a friend. If not, regular Eila will suffice.
>> No. 8323 ID: 2bf5bf
File 144415127344.jpg - (379.42 KB , 857x1000 , Eila.jpg )
I still have quite a bit left to go but I figured I might as well let you know I'm working on it.
Plenty of things still look a bit wonky but I'll fix them later tonight.
>> No. 8324 ID: e7171d
Not OR, but that's looking really nice.
>> No. 8327 ID: 6fc306
Could you please draw a picture of Wittgenstein in a dirndl embarrassed?
Something like the one trude wore would be nice.
>> No. 8330 ID: 291708
File 144418567350.jpg - (1.72 MB , 1600x1200 , Strike Pleiades.jpg )
I like this.
It feels selfish to request more of a witch you're already doing, so I'll be content with this and hold my request.
>> No. 8331 ID: a678df
File 144420987519.jpg - (192.76 KB , 709x624 , ceb1298d7fdedd0ce077d4a942c3e570.jpg )
>> No. 8334 ID: f5a932
Anything cute of Erica would be nice. I can't think of anything specific at the moment. A surprise would be fun. Thank you.
>> No. 8338 ID: 7a1cab
If this becomes big enough, some of you might consider making a booru for tagging etc.
>> No. 8343 ID: 2bf5bf
File 144438522031.jpg - (88.05 KB , 505x1000 , Prinzessin.jpg )
Sorry, been a while since I've had time to draw.

Here's what I got so far.

Still working on this one. Have the line art done but colouring's never been my strong suit.

Don't worry about whatever the request is. I don't mind drawing several Eila requests in a row if that's what anons want. I just like to draw witches.
>> No. 8344 ID: 6fc306
You the real MVP man
>> No. 8345 ID: a678df
>> No. 8347 ID: 3001e5
Please do an embarrassed Minna in a bunny suit, I'd appreciate it very much.
>> No. 8348 ID: 63ce4b
I'd like a smiling, confident and happy-looking Heidi in a sundress and hat, looking at the viewer with a small but very meaningful smile, please.
>> No. 8352 ID: f5a932
File 144461535683.jpg - (95.64 KB , 850x638 , 1438446669463.jpg )

Oh, kinda late here but, assuming you don't have an idea of your own (or haven't started yet), something that would be nice would be Erica wearing one of those wool military sweaters (maybe one that's a bit too big) and looking cozy. Pic for reference.
>> No. 8367 ID: f5a932
File 144528236670.jpg - (172.64 KB , 705x1000 , 1444962330239.jpg )

Thank you for the delivery, anon.
>> No. 8373 ID: 6fc306
She looks super cozy.

Makes me just wanna bundle up too.
>> No. 8375 ID: 4909df
File 144539353664.jpg - (127.07 KB , 381x800 , 1404189239440.jpg )
Here's Raisa a drawfag on /a/ drew for me a while ago.

Can you guess whose outfit that is? I only described it to the artist without naming the character or providing references, yet he still got it very close!
It's Kirika Yuumura from Noir
>> No. 8382 ID: 2bf5bf
File 144552553865.jpg - (158.35 KB , 500x1000 , Minna_bunnysuit.jpg )
Had a hard time getting my drawing hand to work over the past week. Better late than never, I suppose.

No problem, EMT.

Hell, I drew that over a year ago. I don't feel like I've improved all that much.
>> No. 8383 ID: a678df
File 14455320421.png - (362.23 KB , 611x619 , 1431620370889.png )
It looks better than q lot of stuff I've seen. But, if you feel compelled, I'm sure you'll get better with practice.
>> No. 8386 ID: 6fc306
You're arts pretty good man, normally big eyes bug me out but you make 'em look super qt
>> No. 8387 ID: 4909df
>Hell, I drew that over a year ago. I don't feel like I've improved all that much.
Oh. To be honest, I thought it was by a different artist. Now I feel stupid. Your style is indeed still very similar, but I think your lineart has improved - much better use of varying thickness.

Your style was much better than average to begin with, so there isn't much room for improvement! But if you ever start experimenting with coloring or shading styles other than linear hatching, be sure to post here. I'd love to see that.
>> No. 8392 ID: 4664d1

Wow anon, that looks really good.
>> No. 8397 ID: 680f40
File 144563285487.jpg - (209.66 KB , 995x1200 , april-001_1404.jpg )
Some great work in here, anon. If you're up for another request, would you try putting Sanya into this pose? I'm not worried about the headphones or the couch/wall. She could be sitting on Eila's bed or even the floor. Whatever works.
>> No. 8398 ID: 197df5
Oh I didn't mind waiting for it.

Amazing how you got her character, thanks a lot.
>> No. 8400 ID: 6fc306
anon how do you feel about drawing vehicles

specifically motorcycles
>> No. 8401 ID: c2ac55
File 144564662618.jpg - (1.15 MB , 1415x2000 , 240a53e71b7442ff3c9cc315b44508de.jpg )
Nao cosplaying Kino drawn in OP's style would be really cute.
>> No. 8415 ID: f82ec9
Hello! Could you please draw a picture with Yoshika kissing Perrine and Hanna kissing Trude?
>> No. 8457 ID: 2bf5bf
Seems I can really only get around to drawing on my weekends. Hope you guys don't mind waiting a week for requests.

Silly Helma won't let me post images. Anyways, I'm still roughing it out. Should have the line art done tomorrow.

I'm up for anything. I really should take the time to draw things other than cute girls sometimes.
>> No. 8459 ID: 6fc306
could you please draw Wittgenstein in a tight fitting suit riding a motorcycle.

preferably from behind but a side view is fine too.
>> No. 8461 ID: 852f03
File 144615161412.jpg - (126.86 KB , 680x680 , 140928125499.jpg )
>Silly Helma won't let me post images.

It appears to be working fine for me and others. Maybe it's something on your end?
>> No. 8465 ID: 2bf5bf
File 14462174435.jpg - (224.25 KB , 562x1000 , Heidi_sundress.jpg )
Yeah, I think something's up with one of my add-ons.

>> No. 8466 ID: a678df
I hate to be a bother, but I was wondering how this was doing. >>8323
>> No. 8469 ID: 2bf5bf
Sorry to tell you this, but I sort of dropped it. I took too long to try and get it to look right and I ended up losing motivation partway through.
I'm sorry ;_;
>> No. 8470 ID: a678df
Do you at least have the line art? If not, thanks for the sketch. You at least got that far and that's already way kinder than most people have been with my requests.
>> No. 8471 ID: 4664d1

Thank you so much, anon!
>> No. 8485 ID: 291708
>> No. 8508 ID: 2bf5bf
File 144683592826.jpg - (197.78 KB , 744x1000 , Eila_new.jpg )
I tried touching some stuff up, but this is as far as I got with it. For some reason, I just couldn't seem to finish it. I felt like I wanted to redraw it all completely, but I don't know.
Sorry again.
>> No. 8509 ID: 2bf5bf
File 144683604181.jpg - (148.61 KB , 1000x531 , Sanya.jpg )
Wasn't sure if you wanted the notepad & pencil in it as well, so I did two different roughs. Let me know which one you like more, and if there is anything else you'd like changed/added.
>> No. 8510 ID: 0207c0
File 144684543727.jpg - (82.03 KB , 1000x1000 , 769854675rtyfughj.jpg )

Wow, that's awesome!

I think the picture works better with the pencil/notepad - it adds a little action and leaves us wondering what it is that she's writing or drawing that's pleasing her.

Would you also please take her out of cat mode (no ears/tail) and give her a modest smile? The one thing that drives me bonkers about most of the Sanya fan art out there is how she often looks either worried or just unhappy.

I'm really looking forward to seeing the final version. Thank you so much for doing these for us!
>> No. 8512 ID: d70db6
Thank you! This is more than enough.
>> No. 8549 ID: 2bf5bf
File 144770593070.jpg - (199.75 KB , 684x1000 , Naoe.jpg )
It's a little plain but here you go.
>> No. 8554 ID: 2410dd
It's great. Thank you, I will treasure it.
>> No. 8556 ID: 425f68
File 144780127047.png - (1.23 MB , 1117x627 , im-okay-with-this.png )
OP's got skills.
>> No. 8620 ID: 2bf5bf
File 144842963413.jpg - (122.98 KB , 399x800 , Georgette.jpg )
I've been trying but I haven't been able to nail down any poses for this. Help me out here, are you looking for cute kisses, passionate kisses or lewd kisses?
Also, did you want all four in the same picture or separate images for the couples?

Have a Georgette while you wait.
>> No. 8621 ID: 9a3acd
Georgette a cuuuuuuute!
>> No. 8623 ID: f5a932

I think i've said it before, but you're very good at dynamic posing and capturing a witch's personality.
>> No. 8624 ID: 2bf5bf
Thanks. Dynamic poses are one of the main things I like to aim for but all too often the girls end up in positions where spines simply have no business bending the way they do.
Although sometimes finding the right pose takes me days. I guess I need to do some more figure drawing.

And learn how to colour. Incidentally, if anyone knows of any good tutorials on the stuff, let me know. I'd like to properly finish up some of these requests one day soon.
>> No. 8625 ID: f5a932

Well, i'm sure the most of us are fine and dandy with just your lineart - your art is very clean and seems finished even without color. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't strive to improve yourself. Maybe try practicing with less complicated subjects, like inanimate objects and the like? I don't know much about that sort of thing. I never graduated MS paint pixel art.
>> No. 8685 ID: d5ff6e
File 144909572922.jpg - (147.40 KB , 1155x842 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Had a weird dream about this long time ago and I've imagined occasionally what it would look like, besides in the dream.
So I'd love to see Sanya wearing that peculiarly fashionable swastika emblem purple bikini.
I'm not sure on any specific poses but I remember being, well Sanya a bit puzzled by the look of the bikini and the swastika on it.
>> No. 8688 ID: 2bf5bf
File 144916327011.jpg - (194.32 KB , 755x800 , prinzessin_motorcycle.jpg )
Here's a WIP to prove I'm still alive. I'm finding it harder and harder to find time to draw nowadays.
Anyways the bike is pretty fun to draw so far. I'll probably expand the canvas a little more but for now this is all I want to show.

>Having a dream about the witches
>Having a dream about BEING one of the witches
You must be truly blessed.
>> No. 8690 ID: 822348
take your time man, you're keeping the love alive and that's all that matters
>> No. 8774 ID: 2bf5bf
File 145019637645.jpg - (222.40 KB , 840x1000 , prinzessin_bike.jpg )
>> No. 8776 ID: 822348
File 145022086499.png - (2.08 MB , 1920x1080 , oEiGFGr.png )
real nice man! solid and voluptious!

could you please draw a picture of shirley in pic related outfit? there's no fanart of her in it for some reason. and could you please make it really tight on her since she's 14 in pic related?

you're really awesome dude!
>> No. 8836 ID: d5ff6e
Y.. Yeah, I was so happy later on. Sadly since then I haven't gotten any dreams like so again..
Also that looks great. But, the legs seem a bit twiggy compared to the hip and butt area. But that's just me probably.
>> No. 8853 ID: ff99d1

Eagle, you fucking shit, stop namefagging. It was unbearable enough at 4chan, but doing it here? Fuck off.
>> No. 8854 ID: c3efec
>> No. 8855 ID: 9d9ed0
Some people aren't so civilized..
>> No. 8892 ID: 2bf5bf
File 145097179544.jpg - (223.15 KB , 895x1624 , sanya_swimsuit.jpg )
>> No. 8893 ID: 7c72ef

Those hips, my god. I thought Sanya was Orussian, not Omexican. xD
>> No. 8894 ID: eeb371

Nice work drawfag!
>> No. 8895 ID: d5ff6e
T-this.. is perfect!
I like the side ties you added, they fit Sanya after all so well and the swastika is just about right.
Couldn't ask for better gifts this Christmas. Thank you a lot!~
I might color it later myself with my inadequate skills or ask a friend do it, we'll see.
>> No. 8931 ID: 4f8135
Do you have a name that you like to go by? How would you feel about these getting uploaded to danbooru? They certainly exceed the quality standard.
>> No. 8934 ID: ff99d1
Hey OP, could you draw Erica in a babydoll, lying on a bed, looking at the viewer with lusty eyes and gesturing with a "come hither" pose?
>> No. 8936 ID: f5a932
File 145137850112.jpg - (124.88 KB , 584x800 , Erica_Hartmann_full_1084726.jpg )

Quality idea.
>> No. 8938 ID: 2bf5bf
Go ahead and upload them wherever you like. As for my name, I'll stick with being anonymous for the moment.

Now you're talking. Gonna try and catch up with these requests this weekend.
>> No. 8940 ID: f5a932

I'm not one to hijack a request, but a babydoll is the perfect opportunity for belly.
>> No. 9001 ID: 2bf5bf
File 145175695970.jpg - (130.45 KB , 569x1000 , Shirley.jpg )
Sadly I didn't notice the second part of your request until much later on so I missed out on a chance to draw her embarrassed and/or uncomfortable in her tight-fitting suit.
>> No. 9002 ID: 2bf5bf
File 145175763695.jpg - (206.32 KB , 800x1000 , Erica01.jpg )
I didn't like the way the hand turned out on this one so here's another version that I did: http://imgur.com/s4xD8Qe

If anyone has any more requests and doesn't mind waiting a while for a delivery, please post them. Doesn't matter if you've already requested or it's a witch I've already drawn, everyone's welcome.
>> No. 9003 ID: eeb371

Nah this is completely fine, really good even. Love the rack and hips. 10/10

Could you draw kuroda and wittgenstein in naked aprons with kuroda pinching wittgenstein's butt?
>> No. 9004 ID: 2bf5bf
Sure, I'll see what I can do.
>> No. 9007 ID: f5a932

Wonderful, anon. I think I prefer the hotlinked one but just as a personal preference.

Something about it seems a little off-model for Erica though. I think it's the cheeks or the mouth.
>> No. 9010 ID: ff99d1

This is really good, drawfriend! Enough to make people fall in-love with her all over again.
>> No. 9054 ID: 2bf5bf
File 145226722713.jpg - (192.79 KB , 667x800 , prinzessin_kunika.jpg )
Posting what I've got so far. Let me know if there are any issues.

I think it's both, and there's a few other things that I want to go over as well. I'll try and work more on it in the coming week.
>> No. 9056 ID: 2a600b
I like their expressions.
>> No. 9058 ID: eeb371
Honestly heini could be a little angrier but otherwise it's great

Keep up the fantastic work!
>> No. 9061 ID: 3001e5
Great as usual, drawfriend!

Now, if you don't mind, I'd love to see Minna Rambo-style, looking like a real hardcore operator, with camouflaged face and such.
>> No. 9197 ID: d5ff6e
Requesting Eila and Nipa both wearing the Suomus sweater and smiling widely with a slight blush whilst holding hands together.
I know it's kinda plain but my shitty birthday is coming up exactly in a week and I've been in a mood for cute happy times of witches.
>> No. 9235 ID: 2bf5bf
File 145457923970.jpg - (189.43 KB , 1000x936 , Eila_&_Nipa.jpg )
Been in a slump recently, sorry it's been so long.
Happy birthday, Eagle.
>> No. 9236 ID: a678df
File 145458068139.jpg - (469.81 KB , 724x1024 , 1445801059642.jpg )
I know this doesn't belong here, but happy birthday.
>> No. 9237 ID: f5a932

Good to see you around. Helma is a very slow place anyways.

Now, I know there's been a lot of Erica in this thread already, but I have to ask. Can you please draw Erica as Cupid, for Valentine's Day? The angel parallel is just too strong. If not her, maybe another witch, like Helma?
>> No. 9241 ID: 2bf5bf
I'm somewhat grateful that it's slow. Nice and relaxing.
And I can do Erica as Cupid no problem. I'll try my best to it done before the 14th.
>> No. 9242 ID: 725ccc
File 145458417710.png - (350.23 KB , 1164x742 , preview.png )

Didn't think anyone was going to take up your request so I decided to try my hand at it even though I'm not that great of an artist. Worked all night last night on it although I kind of ran out of time and had to cut some corners (dem hands) but I hope you still enjoy it.

Also it's kind of animated:
>> No. 9243 ID: f5a932
File 145458453477.jpg - (46.81 KB , 300x300 , 1364934617877.jpg )

Thanks, anon.


>> No. 9244 ID: eeb371
Hey drawfriend, could you please do heini and marian in ayane and kasumi's outfits from doa respectively with them both glaring at each other
>> No. 9245 ID: d5ff6e
File 145462034794.jpg - (43.38 KB , 512x384 , Eila blush.jpg )
I come to helma and I'm greeted with something I wasn't really expecting at all..
Today I've been spoiled to so many times I feel like a child again.~

It's exactly what I wished for, plain and simple. I adore the Suomus sweaters so much.
Thank you drawfag!~

Thanks anon.~

Oh my witchful deities.. This is delightful! I love the atmosphere you got going and the art itself, it's charming (even with the derphands).~ That blinking green aurora borealis is great, haha.
If I may inquire, how did you do this piece exactly? And no worries, I'm enjoying this thoroughly, you oughta make more so here!

Thank you to all again, you've made a day no one over the adult age wishes for anymore (probably) and made it fantastic enough to forget for a while.
I love this tightly knitted small community.
>> No. 9246 ID: 97f075
File 145462171074.jpg - (192.76 KB , 709x624 , 144420987519.jpg )
>>Also it's kind of animated:

That's a touchdown. Crowd goes wild! ^_^

Happy b-day, Eagle!
>> No. 9249 ID: 725ccc
File 145463671799.gif - (18.31 KB , 357x514 , EN.gif )
>If I may inquire, how did you do this piece exactly? And no worries, I'm enjoying this thoroughly, you oughta make more so here!

Normally I just use mspaint but this time I did most of it in photoshop. The blinking eyes were done with jasc animation shop + mspaint, and the flash was animated with an ancient version Swishmax (the same version that I've been using since 2004, hah).

Originally I was going to hand make the backgrounds, but I just didn't have the time/skill so I slapped together some old backgrounds I had laying around from my sprite ripping days. The animated star bgs are just from google.

>And no worries, I'm enjoying this thoroughly, you oughta make more so here!

I actually have a couple other flashes/pictures, but I usually don't show them off:
>> No. 9254 ID: d5ff6e
Belated thanks.~

>Over decade old program.
Interesting stuff there, as long it works. The outcome was nonetheless nice!
>That flash.
>> No. 9358 ID: 2bf5bf
File 145547339217.jpg - (95.48 KB , 600x720 , erica_cupid.jpg )
Rushed it a bit, sorry.
Happy Valentine's day everyone.
>> No. 9359 ID: eeb371
looks really good drawfriend!

love the little heart on her panties
>> No. 9362 ID: d5ff6e
Happy Val. and all that to you as well.~
Halo headpiece variant would be nice touch to see there.
>> No. 9363 ID: f5a932

Looks wonderful, anon. I love the pose. She's super cute. Thank you, again.

You really should team up with a colorfriend!
>> No. 9371 ID: d5ff6e
File 145556774130.png - (1.02 MB , 2142x2853 , Miyafuji x Anzu Valentine's Day 2016.png )
Guess I could post this here as well.
A friend of mine did this wonderful piece. Color may or may not come later.
>> No. 9376 ID: 2bf5bf
A colourfriend is something I should definitely look into. I do hope to eventually be able to colour things on my own regularly but I seem to find the act intimidating, mainly due to my own lack of practice.
Regardless, if there's anyone that wants to take a crack at colouring some of the stuff here I'd be more than happy.

That's great! Does he visit here at all?
>> No. 9386 ID: d5ff6e
Unfortunately not.
>> No. 9515 ID: d5ff6e
File 145670213374.png - (1.84 MB , 2560x1440 , Perrine bday 2016 day.png )
Not sure if this counts really as drawfaggotry but I made for this year again some bridge related fun times for Perrine's birthday.
Posting here if someone wants to criticize or whatever about them instead of the b-day sticky.
>> No. 9516 ID: d5ff6e
File 145670215613.png - (1.88 MB , 2560x1440 , Perrine bday 2016 night.png )
>> No. 9540 ID: 2bf5bf
These are great. I remember you posting similar work a while back on /a/. Is this in a game or did you model it yourself?

As for me, I've been drawing other stuff recently but I'll find my way back to the witches eventually. I'm sorry to those waiting on me.
>> No. 9542 ID: 4005f3
It looks like custom models in one of the Men of War game.
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