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File 144503965582.png - (612.90 KB , 632x818 , helmadisaster.png )
8355 No. 8355 ID: a53a72
We're back!

Sorry about that error everyone. For the first time, I neglected to make a test post after applying a board update due to running out of time.

Apparently there was a missing semicolon in one of the files which was causing the error. I fixed the problem myself as soon as I found out about it. Had no idea there was a problem since I never post and the board is so slow in the first place.

I apologise - It won't happen again.
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>> No. 8356 ID: e7171d
File 144503978133.jpg - (65.13 KB , 553x450 , 10454659_p40.jpg )
It's good to be back.
>> No. 8357 ID: c03d99
File 14450444389.png - (2.36 MB , 1920x1080 , [philosophy-raws][strike witches][07][BDRIP][Hi10P.png )
Welcome back and thank you, Admin. >^_^<

Is there an email or something where we can nudge you when the board loses its pantsu like this? Both this and the last time it happened about a week goes by and it feels kinda nutty that there's no way to message anyone about it...
>> No. 8359 ID: f5a932
Board outage to celebrate Helma's birthday. For shame.
>> No. 8360 ID: 216975
Dev here. Apologies, I was to blame for not testing it thoroughly before handing it over to HelmaAdmin.

For future issue reports, please use the link below.

Example issue reported:

I will be notified about it, and hopefully work on it as soon as possible. I'm working out a suitable place to smack this link somewhere on Helma, so please be patient.
>> No. 8361 ID: a53a72
I've added a "support" section to the links area above the posting box. The github, and a new administrative email that I set up are there.

If something breaks - send an email to:
>> No. 8362 ID: c03d99
File 14450885706.jpg - (65.04 KB , 700x394 , sanya-yay.jpg )

Thank you both. We will fill your inboxes with bananas at the next sign of trouble. -_^
>> No. 8366 ID: 4909df
How about removing the long dead dropbox link while you're at it?
>> No. 8379 ID: c6efb0

Just replaced it with the pastebin txt that's hosted here.
>> No. 8380 ID: 4909df
File 144547475563.jpg - (4.93 KB , 139x112 , thumbsup.jpg )
Good job!
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