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File 144591561075.jpg - (331.23 KB , 858x1200 , 42349054_p0_master1200.jpg )
8422 No. 8422 ID: e7171d
Feel free to post your own translations or request someone else's.
Typesetting is welcome too.

Now then, "Shall we begin our story?"
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>> No. 13522 ID: bc11f9
File 151597492268.jpg - (189.10 KB , 573x800 , 19172572_p1.jpg )
502nd JFW Base - Mess Hall

Pardon me.

Come in!

Barkeep, let's start off with some tasty water.

Yes, right away.

If it isn't the Squadron Leader.

I didn't expect to see you here.
[by Krupinski]May I?

[by Rall]I don't mind.
You know even I have to take a breather from time to time.

Oh, my apologies.

Did something happen?

Nothing worth mentioning.

Haha, by all means, I'd love to hear it.

It's your favorite topic - the budget.

Stop right there!
Squadron Leader!
>> No. 13523 ID: bc11f9
File 15159750892.jpg - (221.23 KB , 573x800 , 19172572_p2.jpg )
We aren't done talking!
Nipa is waiting for us, so let's...

It ain't my fault!




As energetic as ever, huh, Nao-chan?


What's got you so worked up?

Why not tell us a bit about it?

The Fake Countess! And the Squadron Leader!!

That jerk Nipa got in my way,
So we crashed!

Even so!
You shouldn't be breaking your striker during practice!

Like I care!

You've piqued my interest, youngster.
Here, have a drink.

Come over here.

Stop it you two!
And why are you calling her "youngster"!
>> No. 13524 ID: bc11f9
File 151597530652.jpg - (213.37 KB , 573x800 , 19172572_p3.jpg )
Here, drink some of this plain old water, it'll help you calm down.

Thank you.
It's as if no one understands how hard I work around here...

You said this was just water... But it's really "tasty water" isn't it!

That's right. Good, isn't it?

There's no fooling an Orussian's tongue, is there?


Shimohara, food?


Oh my.

This is no laughing matter!!

Your joke's gone far enough you two!

Look who's here.

Flight Sergeant Rossman...!

I'm not saying you can't drink, but you should know to take it in moderation.

But once you open this up, you have to drink it all...

If you try and cork it, it tastes awful. I couldn't drink it.
>> No. 13525 ID: bc11f9
File 151597545389.jpg - (210.75 KB , 573x800 , 19172572_p4.jpg )
How about we drink it together, Flight Sergeant?

I, um...

Wow! That's really nice alcohol! It must be from the Squadron Leader's own collection...!

[side of bubble]No...
I-I shouldn't really... What with my health issues and all...

※Awakened Rossman-sensei


I see, that's too bad.
Your ears are sticking out.

What about you, Shimohara?

[by Kanno]Shimoharaaaa

I don't really drink...
And anyway, I have to mind the restaurant.

[by Krupinski]C'mere Nao-chan

This is the mess hall, isn't it?
[side of bubble]What do you mean "restaurant"?
[outside bubble]What? Am I the one acting weird?

I guess we're out of luck.
Looks like we'll have to finish off this bottle ourselves, Countess.

Shimohara-san! I'm done preparing tonight's dinner!

Huh... What is it...?
Did I do something wrong?
>> No. 13526 ID: bc11f9
File 15159756523.jpg - (204.79 KB , 573x800 , 19172572_p5.jpg )
I wanna see Georgette's cool side!

What is this!
What's going on?!





[side of page]Aleksandra's Promise
Absolutely no drinking!

I'm not really sure what's going on, but...
B-Bottoms up!!!


So strong...
>> No. 13527 ID: bc11f9
File 151597579927.jpg - (212.57 KB , 573x800 , 19172572_p6.jpg )
Um... I think... I'll go back to my room...

Do you need some water?

I don't think my stomach can handle any more...

I didn't hear you say
"Thanks for the drink"!!!


[side of page]Aleksandra's Promise
Didn't I tell you not to do it!!

Here, drink up!




So hot...
But the floor is nice an cold...

Looks like there's still a bit left.

[bottom of page]Even Pilot Officer Lemare became a victim...
>> No. 13531 ID: bc11f9
File 151597800772.jpg - (207.05 KB , 573x800 , 19172572_p7.jpg )
Pilot Officer Lemare!!!!
Kanno-san, please let go of me!

Big sis!
Biiig siiiis!

\Get ahold of yourself, Ensign Kanno!

F-Flight Sergeant Rossman!
Please say something!

Big sis...


Ah, delicious...

I'm already too late!!

No more...

I'm sorry, Captain. It looks like our little prank went a little too far.

It must be because...
>> No. 13532 ID: bc11f9
File 151597810055.jpg - (203.80 KB , 573x800 , 19172572_p8.jpg )
We're drunk...

Don't waste your words!
You're not drunk at all!
[outside bubble]Where are you even looking!!

Come on, it's important to take a break once in awhile, isn't it?

Don't subject everyone else to your idea of "taking a break"!!!

This isn't a laughing matter!
What's so funny!?

Come on, you should have some too.


I'm sure no one's coming today.
The only ones who ever bother us are those uncouth fellows...

The Neuroi!
Don't say it in such a weird way!
>> No. 13533 ID: bc11f9
File 151597818974.jpg - (193.23 KB , 573x800 , 19172572_p9.jpg )
Wait... Aren't we on stand-by right now?

You drank some earlier, didn't you?
Now, let's drink together.

I was told it was "water"...!
...So, that shouldn't count...

Did you hear that, Countess?
It looks like she doesn't want to partake in one of my precious aperitifs.


Fufufu... What a hopeless cub...

Don't say that!
It was really delicious!

In that case it's fine, isn't it?

Really, I can't!

Come on, you want some, don't you Aleksandra?


What's it matter if it's one drink or two?
Come on!

I can't...

>> No. 13534 ID: bc11f9
File 151597864396.jpg - (197.66 KB , 573x800 , 19172572_p10.jpg )

I can't drink this...
If I do, I'll play right into their hands...

Don't bully...

Don't bully my big sis!!!!!!

...That's far enough,
Ensign Kanno.

※The sound of alcohol fading away

I don't mind a high-spirited youngster once in awhile,
But I think you've overdone it.

This is your fault in the first place.
>> No. 13535 ID: bc11f9
File 151597871764.jpg - (197.55 KB , 573x800 , 19172572_p11.jpg )
Let me treat you again some time.

Are we still doing this?

Sorry about all the commotion, sweetcheeks.

For your troubles.



The two of you coming in here...
And doing whatever you please...!

Now what're we going to do about this!!!

The Neuroi attacked 30 minutes later.

I knew you weren't drunk.

Quickly, let's go!


>> No. 13536 ID: bc11f9
File 151597878517.jpg - (39.53 KB , 573x800 , 19172572_p12.jpg )
Nipa-san! Over there! Seiza!

The End
>> No. 13538 ID: 38508d
That was incredibly entertaining. Drunk witches are best witches.
Thanks for the translation, anon! Maybe one day when I'm not so bloody lazy I'll typeset it.
>> No. 13542 ID: 79873f
Thank you so much! Of all the fanworks over the years I think I still enjoy this one the most. It's both genuinely comedic but captures their personalities very well.

I'll try to typeset this without the use of waifu2x but legibility may have to supercede fidelity.
>> No. 13579 ID: c1c67a
File 151700926353.png - (254.60 KB , 917x1280 , 01.png )
Well, this was fun.
>> No. 13580 ID: c1c67a
File 151700931154.png - (297.69 KB , 917x1280 , 02.png )
>> No. 13581 ID: c1c67a
File 151700939429.png - (268.38 KB , 917x1280 , 03.png )
>> No. 13582 ID: c1c67a
File 151701136055.png - (286.11 KB , 917x1280 , 04.png )
>> No. 13583 ID: c1c67a
File 151701157729.png - (303.98 KB , 916x1280 , 05.png )
>> No. 13584 ID: c1c67a
File 151701161054.png - (250.76 KB , 916x1280 , 06.png )
>> No. 13585 ID: c1c67a
File 151701172947.png - (254.30 KB , 916x1280 , 07.png )
>> No. 13586 ID: c1c67a
File 151701182942.png - (240.06 KB , 916x1280 , 08.png )
>> No. 13587 ID: c1c67a
File 151701187158.png - (229.05 KB , 916x1280 , 09.png )
>> No. 13588 ID: c1c67a
File 151701204230.png - (283.96 KB , 916x1280 , 10.png )
>> No. 13589 ID: c1c67a
File 151701209068.png - (247.36 KB , 916x1280 , 11.png )
>> No. 13590 ID: c1c67a
File 151701237737.png - (37.04 KB , 916x1280 , 12.png )
Hope you enjoyed as much as I did!

>> No. 13591 ID: bc11f9
That was a treat, great work on the editing and typesetting as always.
>> No. 13691 ID: 397979
File 15183809987.jpg - (280.94 KB , 722x1021 , 01.jpg )
And Beurling's birthday!
>> No. 13692 ID: 397979
File 151838104714.jpg - (366.58 KB , 722x1021 , 03.jpg )
Page 2:
>> No. 13693 ID: 397979
File 151838108389.jpg - (404.80 KB , 722x1021 , 04.jpg )
>> No. 13694 ID: 397979
File 151838124098.jpg - (404.73 KB , 722x1021 , 05.jpg )
The [Aho]nen pun is a tough one, but I really don't like translators notes. But if anyone wants a TL note version I'm happy to do one.

ZIP: http://www.mediafire.com/file/mrlrc7d3jmx3r4q/507%20-%20Beurling%27s%20Birthday.zip
>> No. 13715 ID: 087808
File 151982675079.jpg - (2.13 MB , 4084x5934 , send help.jpg )
So, ugh, I have the first volume of Noble Witches ranobe here and really wanna translate it as it is so much fun, but there are two problems:

1. My English is kind of meh when it comes to something more difficult than shitposting, which can be fixed by an editor;
2. I'm really bad at making myself do something on a daily basis without some motivation, which can also be fixed by an editor, as working with someone is on a whole different level of responsibility compared to starting a long-term project alone.

The second one is really annoying as I've been struggling with this translation for almost two years already, and I've only finished one chapter (in my mother tongue), which is roughly 70 pages or 1/4 of the volume. So yeah, that's why I'm asking for help if anyone is interested.
You can send me your contact details at oddobooru@gmail.com
>> No. 13832 ID: c2ad9a
File 15231848238.jpg - (41.51 KB , 375x375 , noble_375.jpg )
I started translating the light novel for Noble Witches: 506 JFW on my site. Please read if you're interested.


If anyone wants to translate with me, feel free to friend me on Discord.
Discord: flowingcloud#2601
Discord server link: https://discord.gg/FEnfhsT

I also want to translate the manga for this, so hopefully if anyone has any skills relating to TS, cleaning, etc. please also contact me on Discord.
>> No. 13866 ID: 0b295c
this may or may not be help to you, but here is volume 1-6 of the LNs in PDF format https://t.s-ul.eu/BOsSw9lZ.7z
>> No. 13884 ID: d8e366

I really hope you keep working on this, because you are doing God's work with this.

As a fellow translator (Spanish), I wish you good luck.
>> No. 13886 ID: 00d784
I believe your link is wrong, but ganbatte.
>> No. 13916 ID: c2ad9a
Volume 1 Chapter 1 is out!
>> No. 13922 ID: 429c9c
thank you so much for translating!
good to see that kuroda has more depth than being genki shoujo
>> No. 13923 ID: 9da8a9
Thanks for the translation!
>> No. 13926 ID: 0651b3

I never thought I would see Noble Witches being translated.

Thank you. Thank you so much.
>> No. 13928 ID: b7daca
Another thank you! Alive and well.
>> No. 13934 ID: bc11f9
File 153093491515.jpg - (217.67 KB , 631x916 , Juutilainen_Sisters.jpg )
From https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=31008474
>> No. 13935 ID: bc11f9
File 15309374437.jpg - (115.43 KB , 308x891 , Juutilainen_Sisters2.jpg )
>> No. 13936 ID: bc11f9
File 153093745518.jpg - (115.28 KB , 309x896 , Juutilainen_Sisters3.jpg )
>> No. 13937 ID: f5a932
These make it seem like Aurora's fault that Eila isn't so innocent anymore.
>> No. 13938 ID: 3001e5
Cease Eila bullying at once!
>> No. 14563 ID: 7afd4f
File 156175069622.jpg - (152.31 KB , 914x1231 , File54 Kurt.jpg )
My apologies for restarting this thread.

Found Kurt Flachfeld's entry in the Official Fanbook. Anyone know what the stuff after the "の" in the first sentence mean?
>> No. 14564 ID: 882cb0
Minna's late childhood friend
>> No. 14566 ID: b53f06

Romanization please?
>> No. 14753 ID: 68d056
So this is a parody of the Itchy Tasty scene from Resident Evil, but with witches at the end. Is it the same writing as what's in the game or did the artist play around with that?
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