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File 144591561075.jpg - (331.23 KB , 858x1200 , 42349054_p0_master1200.jpg )
8422 No. 8422 ID: e7171d
Feel free to post your own translations or request someone else's.
Typesetting is welcome too.

Now then, "Shall we begin our story?"
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>> No. 8423 ID: e7171d
File 14459160082.jpg - (452.71 KB , 1200x1681 , eilalili01.jpg )
I'm gonna start by posting the Eila & Little Liliya translation I did awhile back for /a/ (with better raws).
>> No. 8424 ID: e7171d
File 144591608628.jpg - (88.37 KB , 1200x1739 , eilalili04.jpg )
>> No. 8425 ID: e7171d
File 144591691848.jpg - (395.21 KB , 1200x1753 , eilalili05.jpg )
[At a certain time, in a certain town]
[There lived a lone young lad]

Damn. Looks like this is all I got today, too.

Is everyone in this town blind?

Do they even realize who I am?
I have to get out there more. Find a good job.
>> No. 8426 ID: e7171d
File 144591739214.jpg - (390.68 KB , 1200x1739 , eilalili06.jpg )
What's with this pipsqueak...

Hey you, you shouldn't just stand there,
If you aren't paying attention you could get hit by a bicycle.

Hey mister,
Your zipper!


Did you know that
It's open?

What? No way!
Ah! It really is!
>> No. 8427 ID: e7171d
File 14459180292.jpg - (329.69 KB , 1200x1743 , eilalili07.jpg )
Ahh... Man, today is not my day.
And to top it all off my fly was open the whole time.

Hey, pipsqueak.
Thanks for looking out for me.

It's Sanya!


Sanya's name! It's Sanya V. Litvyak!

Oh, I'm Eila. Well, I guess that's it for introductions.


I know! Do you want to try some candy?


Yeah, since you went through the trouble of helping me out, it's the least I could do.

>> No. 8428 ID: e7171d
File 144591894857.jpg - (323.62 KB , 1200x1739 , eilalili08.jpg )
This candy is pretty popular in my homeland, Suomus. It's reallllllly delicious.
Hm? What's wrong? Having second thoughts?

Sanya promised her papa and mama,
That she wouldn't take candy from strangers.


So I can't accept your candy.

Ah, that's fine, makes no difference to me
(And here I thought it was the perfect chance to spread the word of salmiakki...)

But it's good that you listen to your parents. You're pretty admirable.

Yeah! Sanya's admirable!

My nanny always said I was a good girl!

Really? Well, you do have to be careful around people you don't know.


Especially around strange... men...


Strange... men...

Ah, wait a minute! Look at me, I'm—!
>> No. 8429 ID: e7171d
File 144591920347.jpg - (341.39 KB , 1200x1739 , eilalili09.jpg )

What a pain.

Hey, Sanya
Looky here.

I'm a girl.

>> No. 8430 ID: e7171d
File 144591945433.jpg - (296.68 KB , 1200x1739 , eilalili10.jpg )
Eila turned into a girl!

No, that's not... I've always been a girl.

Well, whatever.
Be careful not to fall over again.

It's time for me to be moving on.

Take care!

[As usual, I'm not really good around children.]

(Anyway, back to looking for a new job...)

>> No. 8431 ID: e7171d
File 144591972311.jpg - (352.43 KB , 1200x1739 , eilalili11.jpg )
No good.
I can't find anything...
Maybe it's about time I left this town...

It has been pretty good though...

Maybe I spoke too soon...
Anyway, right now, my search has turned up a whole bunch of nothing.

[Hey hey hey]
[Is someone following me?]
>> No. 8432 ID: e7171d
File 144591983989.jpg - (314.18 KB , 1200x1739 , eilalili12.jpg )
What do you want?


Can't you see I'm busy?


What's up?
>> No. 8433 ID: e7171d
File 144592015452.jpg - (380.33 KB , 1200x1739 , eilalili13.jpg )
Play with me!

{Take care!}


Come on~! Let's play!


Why me? What about your other friends?
{Someone closer to your own age!}


I don't get to leave my house a lot.
So I don't really have any friends here.

Hey, um...
>> No. 8434 ID: e7171d
File 144592063689.jpg - (335.17 KB , 1200x1739 , eilalili14.jpg )
And Eila!
You're cool!


D-did you just say
I'm cool?


Your hair is really silky!

Ah, it's... well...

And you're really slender!

You don't really have to say...

And when I grow up I want to be just like you!

Huh!? You'd go that far!?

[What is this kid saying?]
[I mean, it's no secret I'm cool, but this is the first time I've been complimented so much!]
[A plan! I need a plan!]

This kid may be a little annoying, but...

I've got nothing!

Heh... Heheheheh
>> No. 8435 ID: e7171d
File 144592094958.jpg - (318.35 KB , 1200x1739 , eilalili15.jpg )
[I came to this town a few months ago]

And during this time, no one has had the ability to notice my cool-ness.
I was just your average migrant worker from the countryside.

[But finally]
[At last, a person has come to understand my charm]

Well, she's only a kid, but...



[This kid...]
[This unexpectedly well-dressed little lady...]
[Wants to be influenced by me...]
>> No. 8436 ID: e7171d
File 144592131296.jpg - (348.87 KB , 1200x1739 , eilalili16.jpg )


If you are willing to go as far as you say then I will lead you!


Yes, however...

From this point onward,
You must call me Master Eila!

Master Eila!?

Of course! Didn't you want to become like me?

As such, you are going to be my disciple!

>> No. 8437 ID: e7171d
File 144592176593.jpg - (304.18 KB , 1200x1737 , eilalili17.jpg )
Disciple... Disciple...

(Crap, did I go a little overboard there?)
Ah, sorry, if you don't like it...

Awesome! It sounds cool!

[I don't think she knows what it means!]

Master Eila! Master Eila!

(Well, whatever...)
Oh, that's the spirit!

[And that's how]

{Master Eila!}

{Ha ha ha}

[The slightly-off pair of Eila and Sanya's]

[Strange teacher-student relationship began]

Listen up Sanya! Your master's word is absolute, alright?

Eila! Give me a piggyback ride!

Did you hear what I just said!?
{And you already dropped the "Master"!?}
>> No. 8438 ID: e7171d
File 14459219769.jpg - (286.31 KB , 1200x1688 , eilalili20.jpg )
Sorry if the formatting was hard to follow, I kinda went on and off with the different bracket styles and spacing for different things.

Either way, that's all I really have for now.
I hope you enjoyed it!
>> No. 8458 ID: a678df
File 144614144797.jpg - (201.49 KB , 646x800 , 1445792337783.jpg )
Thank you
>> No. 8463 ID: 7e4b66
File 144618462630.png - (418.62 KB , 1024x768 , Konachan_com - 48649 animal_ears bra cleavage glas.png )
HI! Do you can help me please with this pic?
Thank you (^.^)/
>> No. 8526 ID: aaadc9
File 144718528917.png - (363.49 KB , 350x498 , cover.png )
Can anybody translate this, or is there a translation somewhere? I need it for... reasons.


Also wanna know if that's supposed to be Hijikata.
>> No. 8530 ID: e7171d
Oh, sorry I didn't catch this last week.

Miyafuji-sensei's Oppai Lecture Course
First Pair - Lynette Bishop

Here! Right here!

See this excess flesh overwhelm and create a feeling of slipping out from underneath her bra
As expected of Director Takamura, he really knows his stuff!
With this, I'm sure you're all more than capable of understanding Lynne-chan's lewd charm

This stuff is pretty important, huh, Sensei?

501st Joint Fighter Wing Oppai Master
Yoshika Miyafuji-sensei


Yes, that's Hijikata.
>> No. 8531 ID: d5bf6b
Thanks for the explanation of Miyafuji-sensei (^.^)/
>> No. 8585 ID: 193208
File 144814526132.jpg - (142.38 KB , 800x845 , 1447650340508.jpg )
Gonna need a translation for this
>> No. 8592 ID: 94427b
File 14482533234.png - (292.77 KB , 800x845 , Shimada's_RPG.png )
Here you go. Feel free to check for any errors.
>> No. 8596 ID: a6b0fd
Many thanks
>> No. 8636 ID: a6b0fd
File 144858501545.jpg - (39.86 KB , 252x377 , 2943.jpg )
>> No. 8637 ID: a6b0fd
File 144858507178.jpg - (1.56 MB , 2492x3457 , 49113315_p3.jpg )
>> No. 8638 ID: a6b0fd
Those two need translations ^
>> No. 8639 ID: a6b0fd
File 144858519039.jpg - (492.49 KB , 860x1214 , 51672261_p1.jpg )
Gonna need these pages translated
>> No. 8640 ID: a6b0fd
File 144858523720.jpg - (500.07 KB , 860x1214 , 51672261_p2.jpg )
>> No. 8641 ID: a6b0fd
File 144858530434.jpg - (523.62 KB , 860x1214 , 51672261_p3.jpg )
>> No. 8642 ID: a6b0fd
File 144858534012.jpg - (509.48 KB , 860x1214 , 51672261_p4.jpg )
>> No. 8643 ID: a6b0fd
File 144858539469.jpg - (441.58 KB , 860x1214 , 51672261_p0.jpg )
>> No. 9057 ID: 2a600b
I put Karlsland Syndrome 4 (Rall and Rossman) up on the NSFW board. Let me know how I did.


Hope cross-board-posting works the same way as 4chan.
>> No. 9175 ID: 4240ef
I may have lined up a translator on exhentai for "Suki Suki ♥ Witches 16". (It's two stories.) I can do typesetting, but if anyone is interested in editing and feedback let me know.

If I get the translated script, I will put it up online for review. I will separately do a clean copy of the pages for feedback too. Once both are finalized the typeset will be done.
>> No. 9176 ID: f5a932

That would be absolutely wonderful, anon. I've always hoped at least one of Sandwich's doujins would be translated. Would be nice if we got some more scanned as well.

Seriously looking forward to it.
>> No. 9179 ID: fd55dc
I translated "Brave!" this weekend.

>> No. 9180 ID: d5ff6e
Otsukare-sama deshita! ヽ(・∀・)ノ

This is top notch translating, some good font editing too.
Wonder why some few gave so low scores.
>> No. 9189 ID: c2ac55
Thank you for your excellent work!

Always nice to see more as-special's stories translated.
>> No. 9195 ID: 4240ef
Update for Suki Suki ♥ Witches 16!

I received a translation and created a very rough typeset PDF for review. Here is the PDF:

http://www.mediafire.com/view/331tg5z757358a3/suki_suki_witches_16.pdf (8.1 MB)

I made some changes in the PDF from the script; here is the script on Google Docs where you can comment and suggest changes:


Once the script has been edited a few times I will take the higher quality raws and typeset them. Regarding FX: should I try to "write over" them, or just use margin notes? I don't want to spend a lot of time erasing existing FX using photoshop.
>> No. 9219 ID: d5ff6e
I've always preferred margin notes myself.
Go what feels best but that's my opinion.
>> No. 9250 ID: e4e699
I'll do that for the awkward SFX, then.

I'm doing editing of the translation now. I've changed Heidemarie and Gertrude's dialogue to be more formal and to not use contractions. But I will leave them in for Erica. I will have Mio, Perrine, Lynette and Shizuka be more formal than Yoshika.

Should Erica use "Trude" instead of "Gertrude"? I think it is more friendly.

I'm going away for the weekend so I won't be able to typeset until later next week, so I expect it to be done around Valentine's. I'll post it to the e-hentai gallery afterwards.
>> No. 9253 ID: f5a932

Erica would almost definitely say "Trude", yes. I'm not sure i've ever actually seen her translated as saying "Gertrud".
>> No. 9255 ID: d5ff6e
Yeah, definitely Trude.
>> No. 9325 ID: e4e699
File 145544432816.jpg - (183.65 KB , 530x750 , 00.jpg )
Okey dokey blokeys, here is the first typeset of Suki Suki ♥ Witches 16.

If there are any mistakes, now is the time to let me know. I'll upload the full-res version to a gallery and to a file share after it has been finalized.
>> No. 9326 ID: e4e699
File 145544439637.png - (218.87 KB , 525x750 , 02.png )
(Skipping 01 because it is a blank colour page.)
>> No. 9327 ID: e4e699
File 145544441295.png - (150.55 KB , 521x750 , 03.png )
>> No. 9328 ID: e4e699
File 145544442576.png - (166.75 KB , 525x750 , 04.png )
>> No. 9329 ID: e4e699
File 145544443928.png - (161.54 KB , 528x750 , 05.png )
>> No. 9330 ID: e4e699
File 145544445260.png - (176.04 KB , 529x750 , 06.png )
>> No. 9331 ID: e4e699
File 145544446447.png - (158.71 KB , 534x759 , 07.png )
>> No. 9332 ID: e4e699
File 145544447518.png - (152.15 KB , 526x750 , 08.png )
>> No. 9333 ID: e4e699
File 145544449472.png - (158.41 KB , 524x750 , 09.png )
>> No. 9334 ID: e4e699
File 145544450544.png - (136.01 KB , 527x750 , 10.png )
>> No. 9335 ID: e4e699
File 145544453185.png - (155.52 KB , 524x750 , 11.png )
>> No. 9336 ID: e4e699
File 145544454732.png - (117.27 KB , 525x750 , 12.png )
>> No. 9337 ID: e4e699
File 145544456336.png - (182.48 KB , 526x750 , 13.png )
>> No. 9338 ID: e4e699
File 14554445768.png - (20.53 KB , 536x757 , 14.png )
>> No. 9339 ID: e4e699
File 145544458937.png - (21.22 KB , 525x750 , 15.png )
>> No. 9340 ID: e4e699
File 145544459954.png - (189.49 KB , 523x750 , 16.png )
>> No. 9341 ID: e4e699
File 145544461154.png - (170.39 KB , 526x750 , 17.png )
>> No. 9342 ID: e4e699
File 145544462222.png - (171.87 KB , 524x750 , 18.png )
>> No. 9343 ID: e4e699
File 145544463268.png - (180.74 KB , 524x750 , 19.png )
>> No. 9344 ID: e4e699
File 145544464211.png - (156.06 KB , 526x750 , 20.png )
>> No. 9345 ID: e4e699
File 145544465397.png - (157.26 KB , 523x750 , 21.png )
>> No. 9346 ID: e4e699
File 145544466693.png - (125.18 KB , 529x750 , 22.png )
>> No. 9347 ID: e4e699
File 145544467872.png - (156.62 KB , 523x750 , 23.png )
>> No. 9348 ID: e4e699
File 145544468882.png - (224.45 KB , 524x750 , 24.png )
>> No. 9349 ID: e4e699
File 145544469817.png - (199.76 KB , 527x750 , 25.png )
>> No. 9350 ID: e4e699
File 145544470824.png - (229.04 KB , 524x750 , 26.png )
>> No. 9351 ID: e4e699
File 145544471778.png - (203.03 KB , 524x758 , 27.png )
>> No. 9352 ID: e4e699
File 145544473086.png - (166.37 KB , 515x750 , 28.png )
>> No. 9353 ID: e4e699
File 145544474315.png - (99.62 KB , 531x757 , 29.png )
>> No. 9354 ID: e4e699
Page 30 is a blue-green page that is empty aside from the group's name.
>> No. 9366 ID: d5ff6e
Got around reading now this. Didn't really catch any errors when casually reading through.
Heidi is such a good girl.. and festival story was funny. Miyafuji has the right mindset about napes, hehe.
Thanks you very much anon.
>> No. 9429 ID: e4e699
Here's the download for Suki Suki ♥ Witches 16. It's 4x the resolution of the previews above and has some minor tweaks to the text size.


And on ex, if you prefer that for some reason:

>> No. 10466 ID: 2a86d4
File 146420188070.png - (1.13 MB , 960x1280 , sumous01.png )
Hi everyone,

I'm an old school SW fan and have begun typesetting in earnest as a hobby. Was directed to Helma by Eagle. So we have moonspeakers here who take requests, right? In the mean time I'll post my last couple works.
>> No. 10467 ID: 2a86d4
File 146420190366.png - (1.05 MB , 1200x813 , sumous02.png )
And #2.
>> No. 10473 ID: 2a86d4
File 146423073515.jpg - (691.10 KB , 722x1021 , 01.jpg )
I might as well go ahead and ask. This is only partly translated on Danbooru:


I'm a big fan of Beurling and the 507th and would like to typeset this one. I'll post it here as well.

As advanced thanks I'll typeset Eila and Little Lilya.
>> No. 10474 ID: 2a86d4
File 146423076918.jpg - (803.12 KB , 722x1021 , 02.jpg )
>> No. 10475 ID: 2a86d4
File 146423079260.jpg - (838.02 KB , 722x1021 , 03.jpg )
>> No. 10476 ID: 2a86d4
File 14642308117.jpg - (876.67 KB , 722x1021 , 04.jpg )
>> No. 10477 ID: 2a86d4
File 146423085123.jpg - (961.64 KB , 722x1021 , 05.jpg )
>> No. 10487 ID: 989c29
Looks like our rune speakers are a bit mia sadly. Would love to know what's being said as well, Beurling deserves some love too.
Ganbare with the Eila and Liliya one.
>> No. 10570 ID: 4732a6
Good job with those two. What font is that you use for most of the dialogue?

I'll post my translation of >>10473 and I'll leave the cleaning/typesetting to you if that's alright.
>> No. 10571 ID: 4732a6

>Panel 1
Hey Katherine!
Be a little more careful!

I got it!
I'm always careful!

Lieutenant Tomoko...
I- I can't reach...

So heavy...

C- Come on everyone, we're almost there!

>Panel 4
It's rare for Tomoko to invite me out for drinks...

>Panel 5
Hurry! She'll be here any second!

Didn't I just say to be carefu- Aah!

>Panel 6
>> No. 10572 ID: 4732a6
>Panel 1
...so that's how it is.

>Panel 2
We all made a cake for your birthday, but...

>Panel 3
Haruka, how is it that the person who was saying 'be careful' and all was the one who ended up falling?

Ironic, isn't it?
But, if it had been anyone else, it would've been inexcusable...

By the way, Katherine, did you know in Fuso we have this thing called Seppuku...

>Panel 4
Alright! I get it!
Bring on the Seppuku!
I already said I'm sorry!

>Panel 5
This was supposed to raise our morale, you guys!

But, you looked like you were having fun, Lt. Tomoko.

>Panel 6
Elma! That's unnecessary!


>> No. 10573 ID: 4732a6
>Panel 1
Hey! All of you!

What on Earth is going on here?

>Panel 2
Ah, it's Lieutenant Aho-nincompoop [or feel free to use 'Ahoyanen' and add the Danbooru T/L note]

It's Ahonen!

And what's this?
Having a party and not even thinking of inviting our[Suomus'] regular[professional/standing] army?

>Panel 3
I genuinely forgot.

You damn foreigner!

>Panel 4
...Hmph, no matter.

I see your taste in seedy-looking venues hasn't changed a bit.

>Panel 5
And what is this!?
You don't even have a cake!
Goodness, you really are a squadron of misfits, aren't you?

Girls[younger sisters/imoutos], show these children what a real party looks like.

Yes, Sister[ma'am/oneesama]!
>> No. 10574 ID: 4732a6
>Panel 1
Now then,
Let the party begin!

>Panel 3
It's great, isn't it, Beurling?

>Panel 4

What's this party for anyway?

>> No. 10592 ID: 989c29
Danke for doing this.
>> No. 10717 ID: 4732a6
Translated Sugoi Dekkai Yawarakai (Great, Big, and Soft) a Shirley doujin by Seura Isago.

>> No. 10764 ID: db6d5b
>> No. 10789 ID: 989c29
File 146639913417.png - (175.87 KB , 410x1230 , Eilas body.png )
Can someone translate this 4-koma?
>> No. 10792 ID: 3001e5
File 146642108495.png - (818.29 KB , 600x2300 , 88ad7b39e386bc67d60a208c8839bb35.png )
Could someone translate this or does anyone have an explanation for Federica, Grete and Rosalie?

Minna obviously suffers from a broken heart and Gundula from her back but what about the others?
>> No. 10793 ID: 4732a6
File 146646114091.png - (185.43 KB , 410x1230 , FinnSummer.png )
>> No. 10794 ID: 4732a6
File 14664611797.png - (784.89 KB , 600x2300 , CO_is_suffering.png )
>> No. 10807 ID: 989c29
File 146658130624.png - (183.25 KB , 410x1230 , Eilas body1.png )
Oh man, thanks a lot for these. Does Minna really say her 'stomach' instead of heart?
Can you do this as well?
>> No. 11319 ID: 4732a6
File 147180043851.png - (189.90 KB , 410x1230 , Touch.png )
New translation: "Would You Like to... Study Together?" A straight shota doujin between Julius and Lynette.


Sorry it's a bit late.
>> No. 11320 ID: b0a660
>ss with lyn and julius
>the kuronyan one and not based mozu

oh well. good work man!
>> No. 11321 ID: 4732a6
I can only find the Korean translation of the mozu one, not sure if there are raws for it.
>> No. 11322 ID: 989c29
File 147180653852.jpg - (434.53 KB , 495x1607 , noes.jpg )
Better late than never. Thanks.
While at it then, can ya tl this?
>> No. 11410 ID: 8c1d67

Don't worry. A little softness is sexy.
>> No. 11571 ID: 4732a6
File 147537565785.jpg - (23.89 KB , 235x338 , gay.jpg )
New As-Special translation, "Greatest!" ft. Shizuka. First half is NSFW, second half is a SFW story.

>> No. 11578 ID: c4b563
Excellent work, thank you! As-special is probably my favorite witch doujinshi artist.
>> No. 11608 ID: 989c29
Somehow managed to miss this post, thanks a ton translator-kun as always for your efforts.
Are you going to tl this pic though? >>11322
>> No. 11815 ID: 4655f4
File 147805978042.jpg - (104.79 KB , 758x568 , mamenipa.jpg )
Translated Karlsland Syndrome 3, the one with all the Suomi, by Uron Rei.
Here's to an Aurora cameo in Brave Witches.

>> No. 11816 ID: 3001e5
File 147806658665.jpg - (39.28 KB , 400x400 , katajainen.jpg )
Thanks a lot mate, really appreciate it!

>you will never make out with Nipa
>> No. 11817 ID: 3f695a
File 147808372144.jpg - (443.34 KB , 716x716 , Aurora praises Nipa.jpg )
Kiitos for doing this, hope you tackle the untranslated official works at some point if possible like the Aurora no Majo chapters 7-9, which still sadly are only in Nihonese.
>> No. 11819 ID: 4655f4
I was actually planning to do them eventually, though I'd prefer for someone else to do the cleaning/typesetting for them - preferably the anon who did the others, wherever he may be.
>> No. 11822 ID: 356e65
The raws supposedly only go up to 9 chapters, but the paste was not updated since forever. I checked around and websites say that they have 14 chapters.
Are the raws available anywhere?
>> No. 11823 ID: 4655f4
I know there are complete Chinese scans, but I don't think we have complete Japanese scans.
>> No. 11824 ID: 356e65
Do you know where to get the Chinese scans? I could get my Chinese speaking friends to help out.

Was this every properly typesetted? If not, I might get to it.
>> No. 11825 ID: 4655f4
Not a huge fan of JPN>CHI>ENG translations, but the Chinese scans are here.
Since the full volumes are out now however, I think it'd be cool if we could get someone to scan those instead - they're uncensored apparently.

As for Eila & Little Liliya, I think 2-3 different people have begun to typeset it, but no one ever finished it, so feel free to have a go at it. I can even do a quick sfx translation of it if you want to add those in.
>> No. 11826 ID: 4655f4
Oh, just found volume 1 on my hard drive, forgot it got scanned from >>7350 like 2 years ago. Link still works too.
>> No. 11874 ID: 079078
I could read some simple moonrunes, so I prefer to keep sfx the way they are.

I've never done typesetting before, and I'm pretty much only smacking text to where they belong. Here's the tl-ed, resized to 1200px version.

And here's the cleaned version. I left them at the native reso I found in sadpanda. So if anyone could do better, please do.

Phew, this whole experience really made me appreciate tl team's work.
>> No. 12445 ID: 3f5e11
File 149088126559.jpg - (137.21 KB , 1200x900 , C8K2v7MUAAA17Q3.jpg )
I came across this post on twitter, regarding the new visual guide.


Does the text actually imply that Chris was killed, or am I misunderstanding?
>> No. 12446 ID: e7171d
>A super ace of the Karlsland Armed Forces. Although she typically acts in a calm and levelheaded manner, at times she becomes so impulsive that she even loses track of her surroundings. Since the fall of her home, Karlsland, there have been times where her seriousness has become stubornness. To that end, she was typically very stern towards new Witches. However, since Miyafuji, who reminded Barkhorn of her late sister Chris, joined she has been watching over her warmly.
It straight up says that Chris is dead. I guess we're retconning stuff now.
>> No. 12447 ID: b2388d
Then SW anime would be retconned..?

At least Asami Sanada could voicing a witch..
>> No. 12448 ID: 3f5e11

That would be a retcon then.

Nah, someone fucked up. This was written by some intern who never watched the show glancing over the details and not realizing Chris woke up later. There's no way that's deliberate.
>> No. 12449 ID: 775009
I wonder if that visual guide would be recalled..xD

BTW, can someone translate >>12384..?
>> No. 12450 ID: 6f7e53
Must be a mistake, nothing to suggest anywhere else, even in her behaviour that chris would be dead, there wouldn't be any survivors if that were true.
>> No. 12451 ID: 3a1dcb
Wow nice! $380 well spent! Wish I didn't see this since my lack of Moon knowledge just had me enjoy that booklet as an extra.
>> No. 12453 ID: 6dfc96
File 14910836709.jpg - (1.49 MB , 2136x2985 , 01.jpg )
Sup /sw/

There was a request to get Infinity Drive's non-h doujin translated. Which I've done:
But you know

So I asked where else to share it and got this place.

tl;dr version - I translated some stuff and want to share it.

Oh, that's not the first Strike Witches doujin I've done. And certainly not the last one.
>> No. 12454 ID: 121a1c
File 149108509664.png - (118.53 KB , 520x500 , Nipa expression 1 - msgtkurage.png )
Thanks again for great translation and item choice. Super fun Suomus chapter.
Can't wait to see the day when all of Infinity Drive SW doujins have been translated.
>> No. 12455 ID: 6dfc96
The problem with that is that Infinity Drive's doujins are paper scans with generally low quality.
For example I want to do this >>8526 but the quality is rather poor than average.
>> No. 12457 ID: 43a29c
I didn't expect to see this translated. Thanks.
>> No. 12460 ID: 3f5e11
File 14911933808.png - (2.41 MB , 1920x1080 , 145186931683.png )

Thank you, anon. We all sincerely appreciate the effort.
>> No. 12461 ID: ab080b

Ahem. If you are going to link to e-hentai, at least use the proper link. Exh(aka panda) is a silly secret club.

>> No. 12462 ID: 3118e6
Anyone with half a brain can get past the panda, it's not really a secret club
>> No. 12463 ID: 6dfc96
>there are still people that can't beat the sad panda
But okay, if applicable, I'll use the e-hentai links.
>> No. 12465 ID: cffa82
File 14912844218.png - (626.96 KB , 1000x1000 , __sanya_v_litvyak_strike_witches_and_world_witches.png )
This is great! Thanks a lot, anon.
>> No. 12466 ID: 39cbbe
File 149132138072.jpg - (37.15 KB , 576x400 , Trude reading to Chris - fumikane.jpg )

Chris Barkhorn has been resuscitated and the mistake acknowledged as a error.
Now Trude can sigh from relief.
>> No. 12467 ID: 29a7f2
How they managed to fuck up a vital part of Trudy's character arc still baffles me, but it's good thing that it's been acknowledged as a mistake
>> No. 12490 ID: a74a0d
File 149218552942.jpg - (38.13 KB , 282x400 , strike-witches.jpg )
I recently translated the entirety of Erica Hartmann 1941 for a friend (using a physical copy of the manga). The t/l is lacking significant polish but it's passable, if I posted it here would anyone want to source raws and typeset it? Here's a sample: https://pastebin.com/6URhSWk9

I'd be fine without being credited
>> No. 12491 ID: 3f5e11
File 149220615555.png - (1.78 MB , 1181x1772 , 58014239_p0.png )

That would be wonderful, anon! Please do post it! Erica's birthday is less than a week away and even if we could get one or two chapters typeset from the scans on karlsland.net/sw/ that would be just amazing.

I'll get on finding someone to scan the whole thing, we can keep talking here if you want.

>> No. 12492 ID: a74a0d
Well, guess I'll post it then!
docx: www.mediafire.com/file/1t5tmvvr9j5msik/EricaHartmann1941.docx

Feel free to reupload it somewhere and/or make edits. The Japanese lines should be at least 99% accurate. I hope someone is able to turn it into something presentable! It was a fun little manga.
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