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File 144901129971.jpg - (4.63 MB , 2232x7268 , b64e1133c195c502cfd6c4c1447655df.jpg )
8673 No. 8673 ID: 18b582
Why's the Not Safe For Witches board locked?
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>> No. 8674 ID: 315174
It is? Was wondering why there hasn't been a post there for a while.

I'll fix it in a second.
>> No. 8675 ID: 1ff473
Thanks you're a life saver
>> No. 8676 ID: 315174
Unlocked now. Guess I forgot to re-open it after the "incident" ended.
>> No. 8677 ID: 2115e2
File 144902074465.jpg - (30.59 KB , 600x338 , wait-wat.jpg )
>Not Safe For Witches

Wait, what? We have a smut board?
>> No. 8678 ID: 315174

Yeah, its been there since day 1. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of it but it helps keep the main boards clean I suppose.

>> No. 8680 ID: aaadc9
Piggybacking this thread to mention the 'next' button seems to have been broken for a while as well.
>> No. 8687 ID: ff4372
File 144915902240.gif - (88.96 KB , 400x373 , potatoes.gif )
How is it broken? Remember to report it to the dev at GitHub.
>> No. 8692 ID: 315174

Works for me.
>> No. 8696 ID: aaadc9

For the past few weeks, hitting the next button gives me a 404 error. I visit Helma almost exclusively on iOS devices. Maybe that has something to do with it?
>> No. 8701 ID: 0e4eaf
Don't have an iOS to test though. Do the individual page links work well?
If so, I need to keep in mind to design the next/prev buttons the same way.
>> No. 8712 ID: 8c6569
The page links work fine. And I checked the ''next ' button on my Win10 machine today. Worked fine, so I guess it's a problem with iOS. Doesn't bother me too much though. still appreciate all the hard work you put in to the site!
>> No. 8851 ID: f5a932
Let's try to breath some life into that board. Think of it as lewd general.

>> No. 8856 ID: 4a5206
File 145061718961.jpg - (206.61 KB , 725x722 , ermagerd.jpg )

Calling some of the content on that board lewd would be like calling Perrine slightly moody. :D
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