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File 144962961979.jpg - (35.60 KB , 374x544 , file-7_1.jpg )
8732 No. 8732 ID: a6b0fd
I saw Shirley in another costume similar to this one by a different artist. I've never seen that costume in official art. Is it just a costume for the character shared by different artists or is this from actual official art? Link pls if it's official.
>> No. 8733 ID: f5a932
So much Shirleyposting.

Doubt it's official. Looks like a Senran Kagura character or something, with the scarf and all.
>> No. 8734 ID: e7171d
A piece null did back in September has the same outfit. Went searching for more info but I couldn't find anything.
>> No. 8735 ID: a6b0fd
Like the poster about me said, Null did the same type of outfit. I looked up the anime you were talking about an the only similarities I saw were the knives and the scarf. Nothing similar to the outfit.
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