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File 145044134094.jpg - (20.29 KB , 322x228 , 20151218_2.jpg )
8815 No. 8815 ID: 8c0e65

Further details about the upcoming February event are given, like the actresses attending (list subject to change) and the venue. Not to mention some explicit confirmation that the PV for the Brave Witches anime will indeed be shown there. A special card for the mobage will also be given to the attendees of the event.

On an interesting note, who the heck is this Witch?
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>> No. 10633 ID: 478d9d

Now waiting for the swimsuit/nude/babydoll version..xD
>> No. 10661 ID: bf84c4
File 14654233915.jpg - (62.73 KB , 1200x675 , CkAHm9eUoAA-H3j.jpg )
That Nipa and Takami!
>> No. 10662 ID: bf84c4
File 146542342083.jpg - (70.21 KB , 1200x675 , CkAHm-rVEAAiV0S.jpg )
>> No. 10663 ID: 5e2e64
File 146543825229.png - (425.61 KB , 661x623 , 1393068846065.png )
I've been under a rock and only just saw this. Excited but I seriously hope what was shown is just for the PV. Mainly regarding the fight bits. You'd think they'd put some more dynamic shots in but everyone was just locked in an animation in a static frame. I just hope it's not representative because Silver Link did pretty ok with the OVAs. Not as good as I felt AIC+ with S2 and the movie, but much above passable.
>> No. 10667 ID: 0d0804
I wanna get in between Nipa's thighs
>> No. 10707 ID: fffecf
Keep your fingers crossed..

BTW, Georgette Punch/Kick..!! xD
>> No. 10897 ID: 4732a6
File 146742765665.jpg - (406.99 KB , 1535x2215 , 005_resize.jpg )
From this month's Nyantype.
>> No. 10905 ID: 0d0804
Sexy Crasher Trio is sexy
>> No. 10949 ID: efdc5a
File 146800761049.jpg - (135.96 KB , 640x576 , 1467949186_1_1_6693c46e165867f96aeaa64bf942bb97.jpg )

More CDs, now with some fancy new covers.
>> No. 10951 ID: 3001e5
Makes one wonder if such a huge building houses more than the witches and their whole crew.
>> No. 11039 ID: efdc5a
  I must have missed this Strike Witches trailer!
>> No. 11051 ID: f741ae

Strike Witches Movie coming to the wesssssssssst
>> No. 11055 ID: 5e2e64
Wow they took their time with that. Though taking so long you'd imagine they'd do the OVAs as well before Brave Witches. Probably only did it because of BW.
>> No. 11104 ID: efdc5a
File 14692087105.jpg - (87.84 KB , 800x1200 , 023_20160722165543fe5.jpg )
It begins.
>> No. 11105 ID: 83ce0f

So, Aleksandra, Nikka don't has figures...But Yoshika 2.0 will get one?

F**k logic...
>> No. 11106 ID: efdc5a

The series hasn't even aired mate, I'm sure everyone will get a multitude of figures over the next few years.
>> No. 11111 ID: cf1d95
File 146928522590.jpg - (86.08 KB , 500x500 , 32469830_big_p14.jpg )
>The series hasn't even aired mate
That's the problem.

Sure, it's understandable that the new anime MC would get a figure first. But in all fairness, Nipa is among the oldest and most popular characters in the franchise and many other 502nd JFW witches are equally well-established.

Which is why it's sad to see the merchandising start with the bland non-person Yoshika clone. Maybe we'll grow to like her after the anime, but right now she's a nobody. A nobody created to suit anime narrative that will in all likelihood be disappointingly similar to the previous series.
>> No. 11113 ID: 5e2e64
File 146929249526.jpg - (443.14 KB , 2000x2770 , nipano.jpg )
>getting upset over a prize figure
Wew Lad
The Sega prize figures have done a few witches outside the 501st now. I can understand where you're coming from, but if a proper line (see Alter) comes out of the 502nd series they're going to start with the MC just as they did with the 501st (which they did break out from a bit already with Hanna, Heidi, and Martina).

As they say you'll get what you want Soon™.
>> No. 11117 ID: cf1d95
File 146937628441.jpg - (32.15 KB , 300x278 , little by little.jpg )
Come on now, things around here would get boring real quickly we weren't disappointed at their brilliant move to clone Yoshika! I mean what could possibly be better than a forced MC to fit a TV anime within the same type of narrative framework as the previous seasons?

But I digress. It's not about figures; it's about the whole anime marketing strategy. They want to focus on building something new around it instead of embracing Humikane's original stuff. You know, the same thing that always happens with any and all Strike Witches media.

I wonder how Humikane feels about the whole deal. His franchises (not just SW and definitely not just this anime season) are going places woth all the different authors doing their own interpretations of them. And when it comes to a big-budget deals like TV anime, it's all about money rather than soul. Sometimes the (official) doujinshi feel more canon.
>> No. 11141 ID: 53c28a
So does this mean we're finally getting a dub?
>> No. 11142 ID: 989c29
>> No. 11146 ID: 53c28a
Holy crap that's the best news I've heard all month! I know there's not many dub fans here but I for one love the dub cast and have been anxiously waiting for the movie dub for a long time. Any news on the cast? Who will play Shizuka?
>> No. 11147 ID: 5e2e64
According to my very quick and easy DIY search it's Cristina Vee.
>> No. 11200 ID: f3e483
File 147037557237.jpg - (528.63 KB , 1000x1401 , 1470374256083.jpg )
>> No. 11201 ID: 2a0fea
this lowkey karabuchi+naoe butt

i need this as a wallscroll/poster
>> No. 11203 ID: 0d0804
I love it ^^
>> No. 11214 ID: 2a0fea
File 147069228760.jpg - (199.67 KB , 1500x1006 , CpWOoVPVYAQwRE1.jpg )
So many good witches in the 502
>> No. 11215 ID: 5e2e64
File 147069347435.png - (1.10 MB , 1500x1870 , 1439362905843.png )
B-but you're not allowed to like Not-Miyafuji!
That's really cute, and of course great butts as always.
>> No. 11219 ID: 989c29
File 14707136408.jpg - (131.51 KB , 960x960 , Sonozaki Mie with TruEri shirt.jpg )
Always fun to see seiyuus in witch gear.
>> No. 11324 ID: f9ea7d
File 147188270196.jpg - (214.39 KB , 622x800 , 35139563_p0.jpg )

Apparently there's a new alarm app, with Sanya and Eila and new voice lines.

Humikane tweeted something about an Erica version, presumably how it wouldn't work.
>> No. 11326 ID: b0a660
it would be great if in the erica version it actually has recorded lines and everything but before it goes off it sets your volume to 0
>> No. 11327 ID: 0d467e
File 147190359575.jpg - (386.32 KB , 1305x1005 , alarm 1.jpg )

>> No. 11328 ID: 0d467e
File 147190362277.jpg - (340.33 KB , 1273x1343 , alarm 2.jpg )
and two
>> No. 11329 ID: 989c29
Now I wish that I'd have a smartphone..
>> No. 11330 ID: 9cc073

>10 Dollarydoos

>> No. 11364 ID: 600ab3
October 5 with Wings of Tomorrow..
>> No. 11427 ID: f9ea7d
File 147391589771.jpg - (470.33 KB , 1000x1404 , illust2.jpg )
I don't know specifics, but there's news floating around about some sort of Brave Witches VR experience!


Maybe something to see at TGS proper? Definitely big news.
>> No. 11432 ID: 989c29
File 147394819320.jpg - (74.90 KB , 640x426 , BW VR.jpg )
More information revealed on the same link.
I still don't get it what the hell is this VR thing about from how vague the text and pictures are.
From what I gather Production I.G is involved with this and prices and release date are revealed later.
Also nice Sadako and Sasha.
>> No. 11446 ID: 989c29
File 147396196797.png - (388.87 KB , 752x1242 , BW VR experience - kodamari.png )
So, it's literally just a tech demo VR presentation where you fly mid-air behind Hikari.
Holy butts.

Oh man, I can't imagine this shit flying at E3 where booth babes were pretty much outlawed many years ago, meanwhile TGS has pantless witch cosplayers presenting products like these.
Nippon banzai.
>> No. 11457 ID: f9ea7d

Oh, those images weren't there when I posted the link.

I like the idea of poor kodapeta getting flustered as the witch actress takes off his headset.
>> No. 11458 ID: f9ea7d

It seems that 3D Nao has noticed Kodapeta-senpai, how sweet.

>> No. 11460 ID: c4b563
Reminder that these are real people, living the dream out there.

Being a huge weeaboo is suffering ;__;
>> No. 11492 ID: 989c29
File 147422144066.jpg - (266.35 KB , 1152x2048 , Nipa flying behind Hikari.jpg )
>No photoing allowed.
No wonder there were no more photos of the booth.
>> No. 11655 ID: 4732a6
I went ahead and translated the 502nd's abilities from the site. Rall's is worded really strangely, but I'd like to think it's something like the ability to 'curve' bullets.

Edytha Rossman

Gundula Rall
Deflection/Drift Shot
Makes it possible to predict her target's movements between firing and impact allowing her an accurate shot.

Aleksandra I. Pokryshkin
Photographic/Eidetic Memory
Can accurately remember anything she has seen once.

Nikka Edvardine Katajainen
Hyper-Regeneration Magic
Phenomenal self-restoration ability (can't heal others).


Kanno Naoe
Compression-Formula Super-Hard Defensive Magic Circle (Super Hard Shield)
By compressing her shield she can increase its power, doing so makes it possible to defeat Neuroi in hand-to-hand combat.

Karibuchi Takami
Magic Eye/Eyes
She is able to spot the position of a Neuroi's core from a distance, though there may be some error.

Waltrud Krupinski
Magic Boost
By releasing her magic power all at once she can achieve instantaneous hyper-acceleration, but because it puts a large burden on her unit it's rarely used.

Georgette Lemare
Healing Magic
First-aid-type healing magic (when she uses it her body temperature increases).

Shimohara Sadako
Compound Magic Eyesight
Greatly increases her field of view at long distances or at night.
>> No. 11656 ID: 989c29
>Photographic/Eidetic Memory
>Can accurately remember anything she has seen once.
That's a very.. interesting ability. Wonder how it shows up in combat. I can't really think of very useful ways for it over others abilities.

Thanks for the translation.
>> No. 11657 ID: 53a26c
Considering she's the mechanic that's the best ability to have. She could have every Striker's schematics memorized.
>> No. 11658 ID: 989c29
Yeah, it's a very neat ability, but that's outside combat.
>> No. 11661 ID: e0f111

Remembering maps is useful, I suppose.
>> No. 11662 ID: 5214bd
Can't have combat without working equipment. For battle though I bet it will also get construed into she sees a maneuver once in training she can memorize everything needed to pull it off properly. Hell I can see an episode with some training and Hikari gets disappointed when she pulls it off in one go with no effort.
>> No. 11664 ID: 989c29
File 147609622784.jpg - (24.10 KB , 600x650 , Sasha - chameleon man.jpg )
That works, if they have detailed maps of the region.

Hmm, interesting. That would make Sasha technically a top tier skillful flyer in the end if she can pull of the stuff she sees.
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