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File 145044134094.jpg - (20.29 KB , 322x228 , 20151218_2.jpg )
8815 No. 8815 ID: 8c0e65

Further details about the upcoming February event are given, like the actresses attending (list subject to change) and the venue. Not to mention some explicit confirmation that the PV for the Brave Witches anime will indeed be shown there. A special card for the mobage will also be given to the attendees of the event.

On an interesting note, who the heck is this Witch?
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>> No. 8816 ID: f5a932

It's a Fuso witch, at the very least.

Kind of a bummer that all those 501st seiyuus are there to announce their replacement.
>> No. 8817 ID: ed7039
Probably Gundula..
>> No. 8818 ID: ed7039
Well, Sadako has rabbit ears & tail while our mystery witch doesn't.
>> No. 8820 ID: f5a932

Possibly a new character. Would probably make adapting the new JFW easier.

I know everyone assumed the mysterious stranger was Sadako, but...
>> No. 8821 ID: ed7039
I'd like to see 503rd to make an appearance alongside 502nd. (with Sumipe & Jenya)
>> No. 8822 ID: d5ff6e
Didn't the early things say that what was shown after the end of OVA3 in theaters was a 'new mysterious witch silhouette' meaning it would be a new one attending 502nd since the rest of 502nd was visible?
At least that's what I seem to remember from the /a/ threads in May. I don't remember that many assuming it was Sadako, just saying she would be the protagonist if something.
>> No. 8823 ID: ed7039
Does anyone forget about the Demon Lord from Libau (Liepaja)..?

Naoe calls her "anego"
>> No. 8824 ID: 6d5218
It's Sanya.
The hair style matches and the familiar's ears appear to be that of a cat.
The fur atop the ears could just be an added design.
>> No. 8826 ID: f5a932

Why is Sanya holding a Type 99? What's the deal with the weird shoulder area of her uniform?

I don't think it's Sanya. It's probably our new MC, and the MC is always going to be a Fuso witch.
>> No. 8827 ID: c3efec
File 145046121922.jpg - (62.74 KB , 368x719 , Nishizawa_Yoshiko.jpg )
A slightly stylized Nishizawa? Transferred to reform the break witches?
>> No. 8828 ID: e7171d
File 14504621772.jpg - (186.59 KB , 600x833 , 1390645209734.jpg )
If she gets transferred I don't think she'll be the one doing the reforming.
>> No. 8829 ID: 3001e5
File 145046378584.jpg - (40.68 KB , 432x600 , 477770.jpg )
Why is the love so dead on 4chan? Where have all the witchfriends gone?

>> No. 8830 ID: f5a932

Whoever has generally been making the threads always makes them at really inconvenient times for me, i try to make sure and bump them as much as possible when i'm awake and around (that's a hint if you ever want to make a thread). Wish others would as well. That one guy who made a billion threads a week never actually bumped his own.

Don't worry anon. I'll make sure we at least get a Christmas/Lucchini thread as is customary.
>> No. 8831 ID: 34524b
I'm not certain you can say she's holding a type99. Unless I'm missing something.
>> No. 8832 ID: f5a932

The outline to me looks like the handguard and drum magazine (bottom right of the silhouette) on the Type 99 cannon Fuso witches use.

I should have specified cannon, given that there are quite a few type 99s.
>> No. 8833 ID: d5ff6e
File 14504748905.jpg - (33.28 KB , 593x228 , 145044134094.jpg )
Here? Or at least I hope so..
Many probably just gave up on caring till the new season starts since there's nothing left to do or discuss about we haven't been doing for years already on a fast board like /a/.

I'm still sort of confused by this part. Also the circular part around the shoulder is.. really high? For the iron sight, unless it isn't one.
>> No. 8835 ID: 4a5206
File 145047773149.png - (616.62 KB , 1288x912 , 2d755795-ef38-48d9-c8ef-7a8725fc1524.png )
Here it is blown up. Looks like she's got some kind of a backpack on with a horizontal cylinder thing on the top.
>> No. 8837 ID: f5a932

Thing up top is probably a scarf fluttering in the wind.

Nishizawa is looking like a pretty decent guess.
>> No. 8838 ID: d5ff6e
The ears don't seem to really match up with Nishizawa's.
Silhouette has really thin ears and small independent fluff parts in the tips unlike Nishi's.
>> No. 8847 ID: 34524b
To me it seems like this is a character that is on the ground, the background some sort of stylized forest and gusting snow. Usually when there's an action-shot with the witch holding they're weapon, they are usually in their respective element, be it land or air.

Could it be that she's a tank witch?
>> No. 8848 ID: 34524b
I made a separate reply for what I'm about to say because I don't really have any justification for believing this, but since this is 502 and part of that unit's "lore" is that they are aided by Aurora's troupe, I sort of think that the mystery witch could be Häyhä.

I'm probably wrong, but regardless who she is, I still think the perspective of the background could suggest that she's a tank witch.
>> No. 8852 ID: 94427b
File 145058764229.jpg - (195.83 KB , 750x1188 , 1111.jpg )
Is it finally Häyhä's time to shine?
>> No. 9263 ID: 205ac8
Well the event in question is today (or tommorow, if you live in the western hemisphere)

Will keep tabs if something major is announced.
>> No. 9265 ID: d5ff6e
File 145477720867.png - (212.06 KB , 431x653 , Eila mischievous.png )
Wasn't it 7th? I doubt they're holding it in the Saturday-Sunday midnight if so.

Who here excited for the possible PV tomorrow?
>> No. 9268 ID: 1d5593
Looks like Nipa and Erica's VAs got sick, so they won't be there for the event.
>> No. 9269 ID: 2410dd
Sorry. For the past few years, I was one of the most active anons keeping the /a/ love threads alive through inconvenient times (for US/EU TZ posters, ie. the majority), but got tired of the namefags some months ago. Now they're here. I'm so sorry. ;_;
>> No. 9272 ID: 0974c3
So were there any big updates from today? The other thread died right when thr event was finishing.
>> No. 9273 ID: d5ff6e
I'll shamelessly paste here what anon said in the thread for all to see.

- It's a 502nd focus
- Primary Setting is St. Petersburg
- The mysterious unknown witch is a Fuso Witch Hikari Karibuchi, sister of 508th squad's Takami Karibuchi. She wears dark blue fuso navy clothes. She is apparently a witch full of guts, self-confidence, and physical fitness.
- More Military Focus compared to the previous series
- Set in between S1 and S2.
And people are saying the PV looked cool.

Also warning not to take all said yet for granted.
>> No. 9274 ID: 3ed45a
File 145486351218.jpg - (69.12 KB , 727x735 , hikari.jpg )
Artist's rendition of the new characters from memory.
>> No. 9275 ID: 05c565
Another Witch from Fuso? WHAT THE HELL?

Why only Fuso? Why not a witch from Orussia? the story is in Orussia and we still ONLY GOT TWO orussians witches.
>> No. 9276 ID: f5a932

A Fuso MC is probably perceived as necessary for the Japanese audience, and making an entirely new character allows them to continue the formula (The singular MC's adventures supported by the rest of the cast) from S1 and S2 instead of having to barrel down on focusing on the already established complex 502nd relationships without any main focal point.

Basically the "newcomer" angle is a lot easier to write for. They probably wanted a younger looking character than Sadako and a less aggressive one than Nao as well.
>> No. 9277 ID: 3117d7
So Yoshika 2.0 with a hairclip.
>> No. 9279 ID: eeb371
they should've just kept sadako as the new one since she's a fuso and already has a story detailing how new she is
>> No. 9280 ID: 3ed45a
File 145488070717.jpg - (48.71 KB , 1024x565 , CanD1DgUEAAmrZG_jpg orig.jpg )
Another artist's rendition
>> No. 9281 ID: 05c565

This, and of course, the rest of 502 just will be a bunch of idiots
>> No. 9282 ID: e7e24c
And Georgette will have less screentime.. :(
>> No. 9283 ID: 588b99
No arsepull please..
>> No. 9284 ID: 588b99
I'd like to see Mizushima-sensei as the director.
>> No. 9285 ID: 5da19a
>we still ONLY GOT TWO orussians witches.
And another two from 503rd.
>> No. 9288 ID: 9d26f2
I was hoping that Sadako would be the focal character. This just means another character to take up screen time. There are plenty of unexplored witches already.
>> No. 9294 ID: b9899b
Humikane should supervised this..
>> No. 9295 ID: ebfec7
File 145505883713.jpg - (95.58 KB , 960x767 , 78659087yiu.jpg )

Such is life in an ensemble cast. Take Star Trek, for instance. The Next Generation had nine regular performers but the only one we really got to know well was Picard. Through all of the series the captain of each is the only character to appear in every episode even if the show is follows someone else. Star Trek ultimately is The Captain's Story, plus these other people sometimes. Firefly, on the other hand, did a better job of balancing the writing.

And so it was with the 501st. Nine characters, and we spend some time with each but the show centers on Yoshika. The new show will also probably focus on just one in the same pattern. It's frustrating if the main character doesn't especially interest you, but it's a reliable writing structure and they're likely to keep using it. If there's one thing Japanese entertainment loves it's recycling the same tropes over and over again. The new show might break out of that pattern and surprise us, but I wouldn't bet on it.
>> No. 9298 ID: eeb371
There are 11 501
12 with Shizuka
>> No. 9301 ID: da046d
File 145514378419.png - (3.12 MB , 1920x1080 , [philosophy-raws][strike witches][01][BDRIP][Hi10P.png )

You're right. I just counted heads quickly in the pic I attached and didn't look to see if anyone was missing.
>> No. 9304 ID: b6428e

Is it just that particular frame, or is it really that bad of an upscale?
>> No. 9307 ID: f2035f
That's what you should expect an 853x480 show to look like when you blow it up to 1920x1080

Don't download 1080p anime, comrades
>> No. 9308 ID: 495677
File 145523167430.png - (2.46 MB , 1920x1080 , [philosophy-raws][strike witches][NCOP][BDRIP][Hi1.png )

I think it's just limited to the OP. The Sanya thread is loaded with screenshots and most of them look great.

Here's the first shot of that long dolly out. Not much better looking. A slight blur and maybe they're trying to make the air seem a little humid with the slight fog. The next shot is sharper and clearer but still isn't quite in focus. After that the slight blur returns and stays. Maybe the team that put the OP together, or just that dolly shot, rushed it or just sucked at their jobs?

> #1, Yoshika, slight blur.
>> No. 9309 ID: 495677
File 145523176720.png - (2.70 MB , 1920x1080 , [philosophy-raws][strike witches][NCOP][BDRIP][Hi1.png )
> #2, better but still flawed
>> No. 9310 ID: 495677
File 145523190876.png - (2.81 MB , 1920x1080 , [philosophy-raws][strike witches][NCOP][BDRIP][Hi1.png )
> #3, most of Lynne's bewbs are AWOL and they've taken her nose with them.
>> No. 9314 ID: 495677
File 145524701815.png - (2.82 MB , 1920x1080 , 1439854530556.png )

>Perrine's thousand-yard stare xD
>> No. 9324 ID: 12fdb8

The problem here is that the MC will be a Witch that is NOT member of 502st. So, Sadako, the REAL MC of 502 just will be a secondary character
>> No. 9379 ID: 257d67
Season 3 happening by 2020?
>> No. 9390 ID: 873667
At the rate season 3 was announced, PV probably in 2018.
>> No. 9413 ID: 2f2807

So, the history afther the final of movie will be after 2018.....

sooooooooo far
>> No. 9455 ID: d5ff6e
''Blog update! : That of a "Brave Witches" PV the first series will be published on the official site from March 1''


So apparently the PV will be out by 1st March on the official site.
>> No. 9522 ID: 793b7b
The question is, will Break Witches get flanderized..?
Please don't..
>> No. 9523 ID: d5ff6e
Anyone else slightly scared of the possible shitstorm brewing tomorrow with the PV release?
Why must PV's exist, friend said the JoJo part 4 PV spoils huge ton of stuff, but averting eyes is gonna be impossible if one wants to discuss this.
At least it's anime original in the end however.

Another hope from here.
>> No. 9524 ID: 4005f3
I am a huge Jojo fan, and I can tell you that the Part IV PV doesn't spoil anything unless you understand the context.
>> No. 9525 ID: 444e56
You are underestimating the speculah power of a layman. It introduces the setting, the main cast, the stand and power of the main character, his imminent family and the ~mysterious~ things going on. Silhouette roll only is only an issue if you pay too much attention on it. But I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who has had not read the manga.

And even if you find these points controversial, you can't deny that the splash screen after the PV is ridiculous with That character being on it.
>> No. 9531 ID: f5a932
File 145678703269.png - (152.03 KB , 322x456 , 15845169804999.png )
If this is true we all look positively silly.
>> No. 9536 ID: bec18a
>> No. 9537 ID: eeb371
new witches are cuuuuuuuute
>> No. 9538 ID: d5ff6e
File 145680426697.jpg - (116.16 KB , 542x1105 , 502nd emblems.jpg )
Well that was a whole bunch of nothing but the world witches article pictures presented with the cast. Though the emblems got shown for the first time now I think. Krupi's looks friggin awesome and the music track is ballin.

Ugh, Hikari Karibuchi and her older sister Takami really look and give now sort of Miyafuji and Mio vibes.
Takami is genki, short brown haired teen in a blue sailor uniform and her onee-san squad leader looks like a mix of dependable Minna and Mio, wearing the same white officer jacket.
>> No. 9539 ID: e7171d
Looks like the offical site (http://w-witch.jp/) will be updating itself for the 502nd around the beginning of April.
>> No. 9541 ID: 3ce3a1
I hyped myself up for some images. The waiting game continues.
>> No. 9543 ID: c9d268
We need this & 501st emblems for Infinity ASAP..!
>> No. 9544 ID: c9d268
Speaking of Karibuchi sisters, are they Humi's own creation or the result of executive meddling..?
>> No. 9545 ID: f5a932
File 145681657089.jpg - (36.46 KB , 485x486 , 1.jpg )

Erica's in the PV, confirmed for MC.
>> No. 9546 ID: c9d268
Probably Usch..(she's in 507th)
>> No. 9549 ID: f5a932

It's Erica in Roßmann's WW article illustration.
>> No. 9561 ID: 0bf578
I suspech the second
>> No. 9563 ID: 743fdb

>> No. 9616 ID: 263f38
Excluding Takami since her name is appeared for a long time.

I'd like to see animated version of Naoe Punch..(Star Platinum anyone..?)
>> No. 9796 ID: 8fcb7e
File 145839448079.jpg - (432.28 KB , 1237x1600 , 1458390474198.jpg )
>> No. 9799 ID: d5ff6e
What do the runes say of our new MC?
Other than 14 years old, damn it they're gonna mature her up just like with Miyafuji aren't they?
>> No. 9800 ID: 99b88e
BTW, does Takami's real world counterpart also had a sibling..?
>> No. 9805 ID: 94427b

>The sudden apperance of humanity's enemy, the Neuroi, has caused all the nations of the world to unite in opposition. However, only girls with a special type of magic power can defeat them.
>Thanks to the efforts of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing's "Stirke Witches", Gallia was liberated, but the global threat of the Neuroi is still present. This time the battle takes place near Orussia's Petersburg Base. The 502nd Joint Fight Wing's "Brave Witches" will be busy rushing around in Eastern Europe's cold weather.

>Karibuchi Hikari
>The show's protagonist. Has an unshakably strong sense of justice. She's a hard worker with twice the strength and guts of anyone else. 14 years old. Familiar is a Fuso (Japanese) squirrel.

>Karibuchi Takami
>Hikari's sister. No matter what problems she faces she will try to keep up hope in her surroundings with her smile that will not die. 17 years old. Familair is a red-crowned crane.
>> No. 9811 ID: 91137b

So, Yoshika 2.0 will be the main character?, geez...prepare for the worst.
>> No. 9813 ID: 726e40
I hope she isn't naive like a certain someone..
>> No. 9816 ID: cea583
at least now i realized this Hikari girl has bigger boobs compared to Yoshika
>> No. 9819 ID: dfa68f
>> No. 9824 ID: 3ce3a1
They could have just said "we reskinned Yoshika". Incredibly disappointing.
>> No. 9826 ID: deaf3e
We would be more disappointed if Suzuki-sensei couldn't persuaded Humi to give Sasha P-39.

And SL using the same storyline as S2.
>> No. 9828 ID: c51413

Why a noob must be the protagonist and no one a LEGITIME 502st´s member?
>> No. 9830 ID: d5ff6e
>Check Sasha's used striker units
>MiG-60, MiG-3, P-39, La-5, MiG i-225
Gee, what an arsenal and her most used ones are the MiG-60 instead of the P-39? Oh well.
>> No. 9832 ID: 5a0975
Check her WW article, she has MiG-3 (i-225).
>> No. 9843 ID: 653a65
At least she's from Navy academy. So she should be better than Yoshika.
>> No. 9940 ID: 09d6b3
File 145949955891.jpg - (211.16 KB , 1366x768 , Clipboard01s.jpg )
Brave Witches website is now online!
>> No. 9953 ID: 68296e
File 145952996839.jpg - (46.14 KB , 471x479 , Fidget.jpg )
>The Original New Witch Donuts Teel is front and center of the website rather than any of the 502nd girls.

I have to say, this kind of dampens my hype for the series.
>> No. 9955 ID: 260f0b

Yoshika 2.0 will be the center of universe in this new season.

What a deception.
>> No. 9962 ID: 8d7937
Gallia was liberated on September 1944.

BW will be started on July 1944.

Ringing any bells..?
>> No. 9963 ID: 0cc9e0
Well, she is gonna be the protagonist.
>> No. 9969 ID: 260f0b

>> No. 9973 ID: a678df
Narva Offensive?
>> No. 9987 ID: 2410dd
File 14596243317.jpg - (114.06 KB , 480x510 , 51740264_p1.jpg )
Oh great, they upgraded Yoshika with a hairclip.

Kill me now.
>> No. 9989 ID: c5bad0
I'll be damnned if 502nd suddenly have "no talking to witches" policy for the ground crews..
>> No. 9992 ID: 2410dd
Don't think that'll happen, considering how different things are (or at least should be) for 501st and 502nd. But on the other hand, I wouldn't be surprised if they go that far in imitating the previous series' narrative structure.

If they're willing to pull a Yoshika 2.0 out of their asses, nothing will surprise me anymore.
>> No. 10010 ID: 4184c5
I hope you right.

Because that policy has bugging me since watching the first two seasons (even Sky Girls had an interactions between the girls & the crew).

BTW, does anyone know Takashi Oshibuchi..?(Takami's archetype)
>> No. 10012 ID: d5ff6e
>Estonia in anime.
Well that'd be a first even if setting wise only.

Huh, wasn't this post here previously already?
Either way wikipedia doesn't even know him and google doesn't have much either.
There's this book part though, https://goo.gl/DgbeSx
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