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File 145300661067.jpg - (116.58 KB , 810x694 , 1440069361513.jpg )
9093 No. 9093 ID: bd445e
Do non-virgin witches exist? I know it's a sensitive topic, but I'm curious
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>> No. 9094 ID: f5a932
File 145302037146.jpg - (314.85 KB , 607x1161 , Anna_Ferrara.jpg )
>> No. 9095 ID: f4f972
Yoshika's mom for example.
>> No. 9125 ID: 182875
Wilma Bishop got married to an old dude. Presumably not a virgin anymore.
>> No. 9126 ID: 72d318
Also, it's a bit naive to think that Minna didn't fool around with Kurt.
>> No. 9136 ID: 88a3db
How about Mama Bishop..?
>> No. 9137 ID: 88a3db
And Mama Hartmann.
>> No. 9138 ID: f5a932

I wonder if Mama Hartmann is scary.

She probably isn't that old by now, I bet she still has pretty blonde hair.
>> No. 9139 ID: d5ff6e
There's information about Hartmann's mother?
Just reminding that not all of their mothers are witches as are not every child of a witch, a witch.
>> No. 9140 ID: eeb371
her panties are white in the flashback
red in current time

what happened
>> No. 9141 ID: d5ff6e
She owns multiple ones. Dun dun duu.
>> No. 9142 ID: f5a932

>Track 50 - Self presentation:
>Erica Hartmann, Flying Officer from the Karlslandian air-force. My birthday is on the 19th of April, and I’m 16 years old. I’m 154cm (~5ft) tall. I’m from the southern part of Karlsland, and my father is a doctor and my mother used to be a witch. That’s why I also wanted to become a witch and fly in the sky. My sister Ursula is also a witch, serving up in Suomus, in the northern part of Europe.
>> No. 9143 ID: f5a932

I think Erich's mother was a glider pilot or something as well.
>> No. 9144 ID: d5ff6e
Oh, neat. If only the ova had shown her.
>> No. 9146 ID: a678df
I actually have his Biography from the 80s. To confirm, yes his mother was part of a gliding club. He actually tried making his own glider at the age of 8 and failed. Elisabeth was majorly interested in sport flying, and because of economic reasons had to sell the family plane and take up gliding. Erich mastered gliding and became an instructor of the Hitler Youth at the age of 14. I think a nice piece of history would be to show his/her early life in China. Imagine little Erica only knowing Chinese at Karlslandian train station. I kind of went on a rant. But, if you have a small amount of money to spend, I recommend picking up The Blond Knight of Germany. It is quite the fascinating read.
>> No. 9147 ID: f5a932

>Imagine little Erica only knowing Chinese at Karlslandian train station.

Are you saying Erich's first language was Chinese? Somehow doubt that.
>> No. 9148 ID: a678df
He was born in Germany in 1922, but he left with his family to live in China in 1925. Being a young child of 3, he knew next to nothing of the German language. When he left China, he was more fluent in Chinese than German. Though, to be fair, he never mastered the Chinese language.
>> No. 9149 ID: 941813
I wish she'd wear her medal ones once.
>> No. 9150 ID: 941813
I wish she'd wear her medal ones once.
>> No. 9169 ID: f5a932
File 145360642842.jpg - (609.91 KB , 970x1370 , 8854804.jpg )

You think a witch came up with them? Pants seem like an odd reward.
>> No. 9183 ID: 3001e5
Seems really like an odd choice to be honest.

Imagine the award ceremonies... lewd.
>> No. 9185 ID: f5a932

I'd like to imagine they stay in the display case throughout the ceremony.

They seem more like an added bonus with the Knight's Cross/Iron Cross, kind of like how you would sometimes get a ring or a minox camera.
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