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File 145848875476.jpg - (562.18 KB , 675x824 , strikewitches.jpg )
9809 No. 9809 ID: fd36a2
I've been playing a lot of Fire Emblem lately, and I was thinking that its SRPG style would be absolutely perfect for a Strike Witches fangame.

- Support conversations for units that fight together, as well as increasing bonds and eventually the ability to S-rank (pair up romantically).
- Drama from permadeath (yeah, I play with permadeath in FE and think it would be cool to see a slightly darker SW).
- Easy to weave in the "random battles that punctuate the plot" needed in an SRPG.

What think you?
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>> No. 9810 ID: d5ff6e
File 145849667786.jpg - (469.02 KB , 1170x827 , Ace Combat Witches.jpg )
For starters it would be vastly better than any of the current official witch games for sure.
But it's never really gonna happen.
I'd still rather take Ace Combat-esque 3d shooter over RPG 'move characters in squares' gameplay though.
>> No. 9814 ID: fcfc09
I always thought they could fit into the super robot wars games, though space battles might be a problem unless you just give the "it's magic" excuse.

I've had some plans laid out for a 2d RPGish game, and a 3d instance based "MMO" for a while, but since I lack any programming or artistic skills they're never going to happen.
>> No. 9815 ID: f5a932
File 145852433089.png - (66.97 KB , 480x272 , moemoe_battle2.png )
SRPGs are my favorite genre. Since it's all in the sky you couldn't really do something with very complicated terrain like Disgaea or Tactics Ogre. Just a simplified hex grid with a few affects like clouds and weather and then a heavier focus on character interaction could fit the witches well. Would work best with a 1:1 unit scale (one hex holds one witch or one neuroi). Wouldn't have to have the deepest combat systems if the character interactions and cutscenes could carry it... kind of like the anime. That would be easiest to develop as a fan game, not that anyone is likely to want to develop such a thing.

Further towards regular strategy games, you could emulate the Moe Moe Daisenrokyu games' gameplay style, a mecha musume strategy game with some similarities to SW (including a BF109 girl named エーリヒ). Generic air and land units with the witches and I guess special neuroi as "hero" characters with special abilities.
>> No. 10310 ID: afdf1b
One thing I was thinking of was a game like Wings of War, Battlefleet Gothic, etc in which facing matters and you can only turn limited degrees each turn of movement. You could also do pilot skill checks to turn additional degrees each turn, move faster, do immelman turns to reverse, etc.
>> No. 10311 ID: f5a932

Oh, yeah. Back when I was more into /tg/ stuff I used to drool over WaW models at least. There's a game on steam called Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol that from what I understand is sort of a more casual PC version of WaW. Could be easily witchified and slapped on top of a VN-style story.

Though facing isn't always as important to witches since they can fire one direction while flying the other quite easily.
>> No. 10314 ID: bb6f65
I still have the code for >>3051
I didn't take it anywhere because I wasn't sure about what to do for scenarios. I haven't played Wesnoth probably since then, so I don't know if the engine is more flexible now.
>> No. 10315 ID: 42d103

I was actually messing around with your mod about a week ago because I had nothing else to do. If I recall I had to update the code a bit to get it to work, and judging by the code of units from other - newer mods there are a lot more features in wesnoth now. I'm not too sure on the specifics though, as I've only played wesnoth like twice in the past 10 years.
>> No. 10325 ID: afdf1b
Wesnoth is such a great game. I gotta credit it for leading me to FE.

I think the SW setting/campaign best suited to Wesnoth would be Witches of Africa, with all the tank witches.

I wonder: does the Wesnoth modding system allow for variables that carry from stage to stage? Something like a support system could be implemented that way, where your choices will influence the relationships of the characters.
>> No. 10332 ID: 989c29
If the base game allows carrying on, which it did when I played it decade ago. Modding should be able to as well.
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