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File 145948511177.png - (1.29 MB , 1280x1024 , 4ad1bed08da229c21a7b832f6fe4f094.png )
9935 No. 9935 ID: d08ca2
I'm proud to announce an upcoming new site - kancolle.us! Be sure to check out the preview on the homepage!


Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome!
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>> No. 9936 ID: e7171d
File 145948665419.jpg - (284.14 KB , 800x842 , 1411151670291.jpg )
Finally it's time to move on - we gotta ditch the sky and take to the seas!
>> No. 9937 ID: f5a932
File 145948852035.jpg - (210.65 KB , 800x1119 , 49845813_p0.jpg )
Wonderful! Thanks for listening to our pleas, helmadmin. We can finally get the community we've always wanted.

Those witches are too flat chested anyways.
>> No. 9938 ID: d08ca2
File 145948946095.jpg - (0.95 MB , 1920x1080 , kancolle421421.jpg )

I'm glad you two have realised the greatness of Kancolle!

And just a little hint, there's a secret link hidden in the preview for all you boatbros out there. I hope you all find and enjoy it!
>> No. 9939 ID: a6b0fd
Well crap. I'm going to miss this community...
>> No. 9941 ID: 99cc75
File 145950863288.jpg - (413.83 KB , 805x975 , 28506688.jpg )
Ha! Ha! Time for wet witches!
>> No. 9943 ID: d5ff6e
File 145950923620.jpg - (1.70 MB , 2039x1447 , Kraut bier dirndls.jpg )
I've been waiting for this a long time now. Finally I'm free from the vile charms of witches that have kept me glued to this place so unhealthily tightly.
Thank you admin and KanColle.
>> No. 9946 ID: e18842
Any plan for Hai-furi..?
>> No. 9947 ID: 781354
Oh it's April 1st
>> No. 9952 ID: d5ff6e
File 145952388854.jpg - (564.66 KB , 1920x1080 , Japanese Kraken wants some seamen.jpg )
In sort of related ship events today, War Thunder has Golden Age of Sail ship battling now.
Too bad you don't get anything out of it reward wise.
>> No. 9971 ID: f5a932
File 145958351047.jpg - (344.13 KB , 600x800 , 45763427.jpg )
This was pretty neat and cute for such a small community, Helmadmin.

Perrine Invader is much harder than it has any right to be.
>> No. 9977 ID: d08ca2

Glad you enjoyed it! I've restored the main page, but if anyone wants to view it - or last years again here's the links:

>> No. 12452 ID: 3f5e11
File 149108275893.jpg - (89.70 KB , 806x1200 , d721a69e23932c3a5be4ce54bb757ffd.jpg )
I miss the good ol' days.
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